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Meeting: DCAT-Telecon2018.10.04
08:30:09 [alejandra]
Chair: alejandra
08:30:49 [alejandra]
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chair: alejandra
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regrets: Alasdair Gray (ongoing), Erik Mannens (ongoing), Thomas D'Haenens (ongoing), Lars Svensson (ongoing), Dave Browning
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08:42:16 [alejandra]
scribeNick: PWinstanley
08:42:17 [PWinstanley]
scribenick: PWinstanley
08:42:22 [alejandra]
topic: confirm agenda
08:42:24 [alejandra]
08:43:06 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: we need to discuss the change to daylight saving times
08:43:36 [alejandra]
08:44:06 [alejandra]
agenda confirmed
08:44:13 [alejandra]
topic: approve minutes
08:44:15 [alejandra]
08:44:46 [Makx]
08:44:48 [PWinstanley]
08:44:52 [riccardoAlbertoni]
08:44:56 [alejandra]
from two weeks ago:
08:45:12 [alejandra]
08:45:15 [riccardoAlbertoni]
08:45:34 [PWinstanley]
08:45:34 [Makx]
08:45:39 [alejandra]
resolved: minutes from two weeks ago approved
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08:46:05 [PWinstanley]
topic: open actions
08:46:07 [alejandra]
08:47:03 [AndreaPerego]
08:47:05 [alejandra]
PWinstanley: my actions still ongoing as they are new use cases on rate
08:47:10 [alejandra]
ack AndreaPerego
08:47:11 [alejandra]
08:47:44 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: 86 is ongoing
08:48:05 [PWinstanley]
... 134 is yet to be done
08:48:34 [PWinstanley]
... 205 is also still to be done
08:49:29 [alejandra]
topics: comments on public list
08:49:30 [PWinstanley]
topic: comments on the public list
08:49:34 [alejandra]
no comments at the moment
08:49:40 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: not aware that there are any
08:49:42 [alejandra]
08:49:57 [alejandra]
topic: Review meeting schedule through clock changes in October
08:49:58 [PWinstanley]
topic: schedule for end of october
08:50:04 [AndreaPerego]
s/86 is ongoing/85+86 are ongoing, as they depend on a decision from the WG about the use of properties dct:rights, dct:license, dct:accessRights/
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08:50:37 [alejandra]
08:50:42 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: in Australia times change this weekend, and in Europe it is the end of October. There will at one point be a different of 2h to the current
08:50:50 [alejandra]
08:50:53 [riccardoAlbertoni]
yes let's have a doodle..
08:50:55 [AndreaPerego]
I would support restoring the original evening time.
08:50:57 [PWinstanley]
... so shall we go back to the previous winter timetable?
08:51:04 [riccardoAlbertoni]
or restore the previous
08:51:06 [PWinstanley]
+1 to AndreaPerego
08:51:08 [Makx]
08:51:16 [riccardoAlbertoni]
08:51:22 [alejandra]
ack riccardoAlbertoni
08:52:18 [PWinstanley]
riccardoAlbertoni: we should check with the Australians to see if restoring the previous timetable suits them
08:52:52 [riccardoAlbertoni]
wednesday ..
08:52:57 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: we might just do a doodle poll
08:53:02 [Makx]
yes do doodle
08:53:23 [alejandra]
action: alejandra to do a doodle for new date (including our previous time of Wednesdays)
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08:53:31 [alejandra]
topic: Status and comments for 2nd Public Working Draft
08:53:49 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: in the plenary we discussed the status of the draft
08:53:50 [riccardoAlbertoni]
I was there.. ;)
08:54:05 [alejandra]
2nd PWD:
08:54:25 [alejandra]
08:54:28 [PWinstanley]
... there is a specific branch for the 2PWD which is a different branch but up to date with the editors draft
08:54:54 [PWinstanley]
... we have followed up on Annette's comments on needing a link to all the github open issues
08:55:26 [PWinstanley]
... and a few other changes that point to open issues, such as information equivalence of distributions
08:55:39 [PWinstanley]
...We will publish even thought there are still open issues
08:55:46 [alejandra]
08:56:07 [PWinstanley]
... We have a couple of issues on the milestone - one PR is related to a comment from Annette
08:56:20 [PWinstanley]
... there are also some editorial changes
08:56:39 [alejandra]
08:56:40 [PWinstanley]
... but I am proposing that we just keep going with the publication schedule
08:56:44 [riccardoAlbertoni]
08:56:49 [Makx]
08:56:59 [AndreaPerego]
08:57:08 [alejandra]
moving #353 and #320 to next milestone
08:57:25 [alejandra]
merge PR #440 into the 2nd PWD
08:57:28 [PWinstanley]
08:57:30 [riccardoAlbertoni]
08:57:32 [alejandra]
08:57:34 [Makx]
08:58:09 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: so we are ready for the publication and will engage with Dave Ragett to get publication started tomorrow (Friday)
08:58:24 [PWinstanley]
08:58:40 [alejandra]
comment by Karen at
08:59:00 [alejandra]
comment by Karen:
08:59:25 [alejandra]
09:00:10 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: the only addition we could make here is to point to the other doc which is work in progress
09:00:11 [Makx]
09:00:13 [riccardoAlbertoni]
09:00:14 [PWinstanley]
... agreed?
09:00:17 [PWinstanley]
09:00:21 [alejandra]
09:00:22 [AndreaPerego]
09:00:39 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: so it will be a small editorial change done by tomorrow
09:00:44 [alejandra]
topic: F2F4
09:00:49 [AndreaPerego]
09:00:55 [alejandra]
ack AndreaPerego
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09:01:35 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I was reviewing the draft and noticed some issues with the URLs pointing to other docs not working
09:01:45 [PWinstanley]
... so I will create a PR
09:01:54 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: please do asap
09:01:55 [AndreaPerego]
09:02:16 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: in this case we can point to the github
09:02:52 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: agree. there should be no 404 links in the draft
09:03:18 [alejandra]
action: AndreaPerego will do a PR to fix this broken link to the conneg-by-ap by pointing to the github version for now
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09:03:27 [alejandra]
09:04:09 [riccardoAlbertoni]
09:04:30 [alejandra]
ack riccardoAlbertoni
09:05:00 [PWinstanley]
riccardoAlbertoni: W3C has a procedure to check links and doesn't publish if there are dead links
09:05:23 [PWinstanley]
... so use the W3C tool for page validity
09:05:30 [AndreaPerego]
I'll do the check with the W3C link checker.
09:05:48 [alejandra]
09:06:03 [Makx]
go ahead
09:06:07 [alejandra]
topic: F2F4
09:06:20 [alejandra]
09:06:44 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: please propose topics so that the agenda can be prepared
09:06:47 [alejandra]
09:07:09 [alejandra]
topic: Work for next milestone
09:07:25 [alejandra]
09:08:15 [riccardoAlbertoni]
data quality #58 is already assigned to me ;)
09:08:36 [Makx]
09:08:42 [alejandra]
ack Makx
09:09:05 [PWinstanley]
makx: I'd like to look at our planning - we should be ready by the end of this year. planning is Q2 2019
09:09:12 [PWinstanley]
09:09:18 [alejandra]
ack PWinstanley
09:10:14 [alejandra]
PWinstanley: original charter closes in early 2019
09:10:26 [alejandra]
... so we should be getting things ready for final publication by Q1 2019
09:10:39 [alejandra]
Makx: so are we talking about a 3rd PWD or directly a final draft?
09:10:49 [alejandra]
PWinstanley: first day of the F2F will be discussing this
09:11:04 [alejandra]
Makx: worried about the publication within the WG and exposure outside it
09:11:13 [alejandra]
PWinstanley: accepted - we should push as much as we can
09:11:27 [alejandra]
... I've been getting significant progress with Japan
09:11:40 [alejandra]
... I'm hoping to get feedback from them
09:11:53 [alejandra]
... other engagement I've got is with someone in South Africa
09:11:58 [alejandra]
... engamenet with wider global community
09:12:05 [alejandra]
... it's something we need to be doing all the time
09:13:27 [alejandra]
09:13:38 [alejandra]
09:13:40 [AndreaPerego]
I tend to agree with Makx. I also have the impression that people are waiting for a more consolidated spec.
09:13:52 [AndreaPerego]
09:14:20 [alejandra]
ack alejandra
09:14:36 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: I agree with Makx . My main concern now is internal participation
09:14:48 [alejandra]
ack AndreaPerego
09:14:55 [PWinstanley]
... I f people are waiting for a more consolidated spec we need engagement
09:15:13 [Makx]
09:15:32 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I keep on promoting the DXWG work within JRC and don't get much feedback. Simon is doing the same.
09:16:04 [PWinstanley]
... I also try to make it clear that although the first version was addressing government data, the second is more in line with scientific data
09:16:08 [riccardoAlbertoni]
q+ to say that we need also to think about implementations
09:16:09 [alejandra]
ack Makx
09:16:11 [PWinstanley]
... I will keep on advertising
09:17:04 [AndreaPerego]
09:17:12 [PWinstanley]
Makx: that is something we need to work on at the F2F. we should drop new stuff and move quickly to a stable document, because people are probably waiting until we have a solid deliverable before they comment
09:17:24 [alejandra]
09:17:35 [PWinstanley]
... we should pick out only the requirements that are really necessary and complete the work
09:17:45 [PWinstanley]
+1 to Makx
09:18:13 [alejandra]
ack riccardoAlbertoni
09:18:13 [Zakim]
riccardoAlbertoni, you wanted to say that we need also to think about implementations
09:18:15 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: we need to have the view of WG participants to decide when to stop
09:18:45 [PWinstanley]
riccardoAlbertoni: we should see what implementations people in the group can make
09:19:00 [PWinstanley]
... implementation takes time
09:19:18 [PWinstanley]
... we cannot rely on people outside the group
09:19:22 [alejandra]
09:19:32 [alejandra]
ack AndreaPerego
09:20:05 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I can take on board some of the pieces that will be relevant for geospatial and scientific data, but i cannot deliver a full implementation
09:20:36 [alejandra]
09:20:36 [PWinstanley]
... I agree with Makx and riccardoAlbertoni - we need a final version. we need to ensure that all that is recommended is supported by implementations
09:21:07 [PWinstanley]
... we should look for things that are already implemented but described in DCAT-AP already 'out there'
09:21:30 [alejandra]
09:21:41 [PWinstanley]
... if we know that things are already implemented according to existing profiles we don't need to do more
09:21:43 [AndreaPerego]
RRSAgent, draft minutes v2
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09:21:51 [alejandra]
Specific issues
09:21:52 [alejandra]
09:22:11 [SimonCox]
regrets: SimonCox
09:22:26 [alejandra]
09:22:35 [alejandra]
The proposal by Makx is
09:22:37 [alejandra]
use dct:license to refer to licences like Creative Commons use dct:rights to refer to rights statements that are not licences, such as copyright statements use odrl:hasPolicy for linking to ODRL policies
09:23:54 [alejandra]
09:24:01 [AndreaPerego]
09:24:13 [alejandra]
ack AndreaPerego
09:25:08 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: the use of these license and access rights is something we have illustrations of
09:25:28 [PWinstanley]
... sometimes people confuse use conditions with access conditions
09:25:47 [riccardoAlbertoni]
+1 to me ( let's make this explicit as guidance in the document )
09:25:52 [alejandra]
09:25:56 [PWinstanley]
... it can be difficult to understand the different types of rights, so we need to make this clear in guidance
09:26:22 [alejandra]
09:27:00 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: this is in addition to what Makx mentions
09:27:16 [PWinstanley]
Makx: my proposal doesn't go into this detail
09:27:23 [riccardoAlbertoni]
s/ +1 to me/ +1
09:28:10 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: we are using dct:accessRights already
09:28:10 [AndreaPerego]
About dct:accessRights:
09:28:20 [riccardoAlbertoni]
s/+1 to me/+1
09:29:02 [Makx]
09:29:02 [PWinstanley]
proposed: accept Makx proposal on issue 114
09:29:06 [riccardoAlbertoni]
09:29:06 [Makx]
09:29:21 [PWinstanley]
09:29:22 [alejandra]
09:29:24 [Makx]
09:29:54 [AndreaPerego]
09:29:56 [Makx]
09:30:09 [PWinstanley]
resolved: accept Makx proposal on issue 114
09:31:04 [alejandra]
action: Makx provide PR for the text of issue 114
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09:31:54 [riccardoAlbertoni]
thanks bye!
09:31:58 [PWinstanley]
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