Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

22 Aug 2018


janina, IanPouncey, Léonie, marisa, Irfan_Ali, Chris_, Jonny_James, MichaelC


<devarshi> Hi All

<janina> scribe: irfan

Agenda Review; New member welcome; Announcements

Janina: introduction round

MC: introduction

Janina: welcome everyone!

We have bunch of amazing people from canada!

Janina: are there any items that people want to get into the agenda?

TPAC 2018 & Developer Demos https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Meetings/TPAC_2018

Janina: TPAC is 61 days away. we will have a full agenda and will be adding bit more to it over the next week.
... anything from anyone specific to TPAC?

<tink> Léonie: Janina could you send me URLs for the last two of your agenda items in the meeting time with WebPlat?

Ian: make sure that we cover css today.

Publishing Coordination Intersections

<tink> IAN: Request time to meet with the CSS WG please.

Janina: if you were not part of his conversation two weeks ado, just go and read the minutes to know more about it.

<devarshi> Is this about https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/issues/336?

Janina: Everyone of us should check the resources to check more information. we understand that there are multiple groups. Marisa is leading a key group.
... I am always looking to see if we can achieve some other goals as well. Glad to have Marisa in this group. We need to make sure to look an opportunity to add in our agenda. I have simple use case - watching movie for entertainment purpose or to study the story of the movie.
... asking Marisa to review

Marisa: We are looking for other synchronizing technologies other than we have in the group

Leonie: i mean to talking to people in w3c who are responsible for specs
... audio description community group dont support the text format in HTML5
... if we can provide use cases, we absolutely sure that existing specs cant do what we needed to do. and we have got some reasonable documented evidence that can support our use use cases.

Janina: how do you support smart navigation in math and chemistry expressions? How do you make this work across different sets of AT. this is very key part. You got to localize the navigation. If we are going to do it well, we have a never ending list like math and you can further break it down. We have biology, physics, eonomics, music and bunch of other subjects.

The question is, is there something that w3c can come up with an approach that can help this kind of work.

Janina: we want it to support education. we need an approach, may be some best practices to make sure to get it worked and this is great opportunity to get involved with W3C and work in better way.

<devarshi> Can specialized STEM concepts be natively supported in future versions of HTML?

<marisa> new accessible MathML tests: http://epubtest.org/epubs/epub30-test-0330-20180818.epub (and, all our test content: http://epubtest.org/testsuite/)

<devarshi> That needs to be supported by a11y APIs as well

janina: I will have some use cases for TPAC so that we can have some content for early discussion.
... we have lot of things targeted for TPAC.
... embedded graphics? its hard to imagine a book without charts and graphics. I want lot more content added to the list such as music notation.
... I think we are seeing some interesting stuff like braille music in W3C groups.
... we are looking an opportunity, how far we can expand than we would do 20 year ago. Audio is just a base line but there are more to add to it.
... we dont need to setup a call unless you want it specifically.
... we are going to move to css now.

CSS Update

Janina: we should provide enough time next week to discuss about the CSS. Lets do that on the 5th sep.
... we have some outstanding issues and have not made any plans to fix them so far. we should be very specific to our agenda request.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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