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Hi all!
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13:59:52 [Ramisa]
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14:06:08 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION: Axel to include links to IRC and minutes into the agenda next time
14:07:13 [AxelPollleres]
Zakim, pick a victim
14:07:13 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Bert
14:07:15 [simonstey]
14:07:22 [AxelPollleres]
chair: AxelPolleres
14:07:55 [AxelPollleres]
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14:08:26 [Bert]
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14:08:51 [Harald]
Notes from the DPVCG 1st telco held on August 7th, 16:00 Brussels Time,
14:08:54 [Bert]
Topic: roll call, scribe selection
14:09:13 [Bert]
Stefano introduces himself.
14:09:16 [AxelPollleres]
Stefano, WAAG works on a European project around Blockchain.
14:09:54 [stefano]
14:11:00 [stefano]
sorry wrong link due to slow internet
14:11:04 [Harald]
Goal: Contribute to joint aim with ideas for standardisation around data protection / privacy in the field of infomed consent.
14:11:21 [Ramisa]
14:11:22 [stefano]
the correct one is
14:11:26 [Bert]
AxelPollleres summarizes the group's goals, gives pointers.
14:11:27 [AxelPollleres]
minutes from last time
14:11:34 [Harald]
Axel: Introduction to this cal. Minutes from the last call are in the wWiki (link above).
14:11:57 [Bert]
scribenick: Bert, Harald
14:12:21 [AxelPollleres]
user page
14:12:32 [Harald]
Individual introductions: There had been a ToDo for all to introduce themselves in the Wiki. A page is automatically created for every user upon login.
14:12:35 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Please, add something about yourself on your wiki profile page.
14:13:06 [Bert]
Topic: Minutes of last time
14:13:17 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: comments on the minutes?
14:13:27 [Bert]
Eva_ULD: A question about the wiki:
14:13:50 [Bert]
... I saw new use cases. How do I make a sub-page?
14:14:15 [AxelPollleres]
group hiome page
14:14:17 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Let's talk about that at the agenda topic on use cases.
14:14:58 [AxelPollleres]
14:15:10 [Bert]
Topic: Actions
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14:16:01 [Harald]
Axel: Have action points been closed alredy?
14:16:02 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION-3: continued
14:16:02 [trackbot]
Notes added to ACTION-3 Clarify which github space we can use W3C's github space or if we need something else.
14:16:14 [harsh]
question: do we mark our assigned actions as closed by ourselves or review them in meetings before closing?
14:16:23 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: See the tracker.
14:16:27 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION-4: done
14:16:27 [trackbot]
Notes added to ACTION-4 Draft a page afor ORDL.
14:16:28 [Bert]
14:16:28 [trackbot]
action-4 -- Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel to Draft a page afor ORDL -- due 2018-08-13 -- OPEN
14:16:28 [trackbot]
14:16:42 [simonstey]
14:16:53 [AxelPollleres]
close ACTION-4
14:16:53 [trackbot]
Closed ACTION-4.
14:17:14 [AxelPollleres]
Close ACTION-5
14:17:14 [trackbot]
Closed ACTION-5.
14:18:12 [Bert]
Bert: I added som epages for action-7, but not done yet.
14:18:27 [Harald]
Action-8, Additions done by Axel, but there could be more, so not closeing the action yet.
14:18:32 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: action-8 not done yet.
14:18:49 [Bert]
Topic: fix call-details for future calls
14:18:52 [AxelPollleres]
Agenda: 1) fix call-details for future calls:
14:19:12 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: We have a WebEx reservation.
14:19:28 [Bert]
-> call-in info
14:19:41 [AxelPollleres]
we have permanent Webex which is accessible as per the link put in by Bert.
14:20:32 [AxelPollleres]
link is accessible to group members through the W3C account,
14:21:27 [Bert]
Bert: current telcon schedule is every two weeks, Can change that if we want.
14:21:32 [AxelPollleres]
Currrently set up for biweekly on Tuesdays at 16:00.
14:22:16 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Schedule seems OK.
14:22:37 [AxelPollleres]
topic: 2) discuss F2F at MyData, how can we reach out broader?
14:23:06 [Harald]
MyData-conference: No contact has been established yet.
14:23:10 [AxelPollleres]
who plans to be at Mydata?
14:23:19 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: I still have to contact the conf. org. to get a room. But who is planning to come?
14:23:48 [Bert]
Harald: I plan to come to our session, but not the whole conference.
14:24:21 [Harald]
One slot with interoperability as the main content planned.
14:24:31 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Idea is to present the group at the conf. But the conf. itself is also interesting, normally.
14:24:57 [Bert]
Harald: If there are very few people, maybe I won't come.
14:25:08 [Bert]
... What is the date, exactly?
14:25:19 [Harald]
Session: Aug 30th. 10:00-11:15
14:25:39 [AxelPollleres]
My data session is at August 30, 10:00am-11:15 Eastern Europ Time (Helsinki)
14:26:16 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: I can try to organize a meeting after that session.
14:26:17 [Harald]
Session: Thursday, Aug 30th. 10:00-11:15 (Helsinki-time!) Maybe a call can be organized a call later that day for those people unable to attend.
14:27:03 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: If not on that day, then maybe a call on Friday morning.
14:27:15 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION: Axel to organize a call later on 30th after the mydata session or on Friday morning to sync with people jooining through the conference.... will contact organizers.
14:27:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-10 - Organize a call later on 30th after the mydata session or on friday morning to sync with people jooining through the conference.... will contact organizers. [on Axel Polleres - due 2018-08-14].
14:29:05 [Bert]
topic: discuss templates for use cases/requirements and vocabularies (what is a requirement?)
14:29:17 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Any more industry links?
14:29:37 [AxelPollleres]
Eva sent around the link to industry partners, Harald advertised in a German Big Data Project.
14:29:59 [Bert]
Harald: Looked at legal experts in big data, nobody joined so far.
14:30:08 [AxelPollleres]
Axel: Can maybe reach out to industrial data spaces project and another Austrian Big Data project (DMA).
14:30:31 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION: Axel to reach out to industrial data spaces project (Germany) and another Austrian Big Data project (DMA).
14:30:40 [trackbot]
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14:30:45 [Harald]
Harald reached out to German group of Big Data experts. Will reach out to further data protection people.
14:31:29 [AxelPollleres]
topic: discuss templates for use cases/requirements and vocabularies
14:31:47 [harsh],_Requirements,_Vocabularies#Requirements
14:31:54 [AxelPollleres],_Requirements,_Vocabularies
14:31:58 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Templates have been made in our wiki.
14:32:28 [Bert]
... Some vocabularies have been created already.
14:32:52 [Bert]
... Harsh made the templates.
14:33:25 [Harald]
Comments by Eva on the templates: As for the use case add a number and title for better strcture. Maybe allow for sub-use cases.
14:33:31 [Bert]
Eva_ULD: The use cases template could be even more structured. Maybe an identifier or number, a title, a list of sub-pages/sub-categories.
14:33:43 [Bert]
... also actors and components of the use case.
14:33:55 [Harald]
Eva: Besides use case overview a section on actors may be useful. Eva may send around her suggestions to the mailing list.
14:33:56 [Bert]
... I can send my suggestions to the mailing list.
14:34:27 [simonstey] what about that template?
14:34:46 [Bert]
... The requirements template: do we need to differnetiate categories of requirements, such as legal or technical.
14:35:01 [Harald]
Eva: Should we differentiate between types of conferences (legal, functional, technical, interoperability?). Axel so far intentionally went for a slim appraoch.
14:35:21 [simonstey]
this for requirements ?
14:35:29 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: I put what we had in the workshop, but we should discuss, today, what we need exactly.
14:35:51 [Bert]
... We want to have various taxonomies.
14:36:39 [Bert]
... The final requirements from the workshop were not very clear.
14:37:06 [Bert]
Eva_ULD: The requirements may influence the descriptions of the use cases.
14:37:31 [Bert]
... If we do use cases first, we may need to rewrite them later.
14:37:32 [simonstey]
14:37:49 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: I'm not sure if the uses cases need to be so central.
14:38:42 [Bert]
... We can say that people should suggest requirements by e-mail before the next telcon.
14:38:48 [simonstey]
14:38:59 [Bert]
Harald: Or in the wiki, but noted as "not yet voted on"
14:39:14 [Harald]
Axel: We all work on use cases. Just collect what is out there, e.g. to understand the mind set and interests of the other group members.
14:39:22 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: I'm interested in what the people in the group are working on.
14:39:36 [simonstey]
14:40:07 [simonstey]
14:40:30 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Is it OK that we leave those that are there now, and send suggestions by mail?
14:40:35 [Bert]
Eva_ULD: OK.
14:40:46 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION: all to suggest/propose additional Requirements on the mailing list (and mark them as "to be discussed")
14:40:46 [trackbot]
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14:40:53 [Bert]
... More people will see them on the mailing list.
14:41:07 [AxelPollleres]
In general. whenever you add something new to the wiki, annouce it on the mailinglist.
14:41:13 [simonstey]
14:41:13 [Harald]
Whenver something is edited and added new please announce it to the group via e-mail
14:41:46 [Bert]
ack simonstey
14:41:58 [Bert]
simonstey: To respond to Eva_ULD:
14:42:30 [Bert]
... I agree to do requirements first, before use cases. But every requirements should have a use case.
14:42:48 [Bert]
... Other wise the requirement isn't really required.
14:43:13 [Bert]
... After the workshop, we already have some use cases.
14:43:38 [Bert]
... I posted two links above with templates.
14:43:49 [Bert]
... I recommend we follow those.
14:44:09 [Bert]
... Implies that every requirement has a use case.
14:44:59 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Coverage list for all requirements?
14:45:40 [Bert]
simonstey: Requirements are linked to uses cases they come from, and eventually also linked to the solution.
14:46:07 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: The current list of requirements is just the list of goals from the workshop.
14:46:26 [Bert]
simonstey: We may need a categorization of requirements.
14:47:10 [Bert]
... Different levels, different parts of the process. But maybe categorize them when we have more.
14:48:01 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: We need better starting points than the current list. simonstey, can you start on a template for requirements?
14:48:27 [Bert]
simonstey: The template is not very long.
14:48:55 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION: Eva_ULD to look over use cases template
14:48:56 [trackbot]
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14:49:20 [Bert]
Eva_ULD: I can send some suggestions for the requirements template to the mailing list, too.
14:49:38 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION: simonstey to look over requirements template
14:49:41 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-12 - Look over requirements template [on Simon Steyskal - due 2018-08-14].
14:50:43 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Who has more use cases? stefano?
14:50:57 [Bert]
stefano: I plan to add my use case.
14:51:16 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION: stefano to propose use case(s) for the Decode project
14:51:20 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-13 - Propose use case(s) for the decode project [on Stefano Bocconi - due 2018-08-14].
14:51:59 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: We have quite a list of vocabularies already.
14:52:18 [Bert]
... Can people align them with the template?
14:53:03 [Bert]
-> vocabulary template
14:53:38 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: Try to make cross-references to requirements and use cases.
14:54:11 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION: all who proposed vocabularies to align them to the template
14:54:11 [trackbot]
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14:54:11 [Harald]
Axel: Asking contribuors of vocabularies to align them to the template, timeframe: until next telco.
14:55:22 [harsh]
Also will do for Data Protection ontology by Bartolini et. al.
14:55:30 [AxelPollleres]
Harsh will look into GDPRov, PDPRTEXT, PROV-O, PPLAN,
14:55:49 [AxelPollleres]
we leave ODRL with Victor for now.
14:55:58 [harsh]
14:56:34 [AxelPollleres]
Stefane will look at P3P ...
14:56:56 [AxelPollleres]
Harsh will look into DPO
14:57:09 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: P3P has a few terms, I put some links already.
14:57:17 [Harald]
DPO : data protection ontology
14:57:26 [harsh]
14:57:31 [harsh]
14:57:51 [AxelPollleres]
ACTION: Axel to ask Hendrik for edition IEEE 7012
14:57:55 [AxelPollleres]
14:57:59 [trackbot]
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14:58:00 [Bert]
s/scribenick: Bert, Harald/scribenick: Bert, Harald, AxelPollleres
14:58:06 [AxelPollleres]
ack harsh
14:59:04 [harsh]
Apologies, my mic wasn't on. My query was: P3P has lots of criticisms directed at it. Should these also be part of the vocabulary description on the wiki
14:59:18 [Bert]
Javier: I can work on SPLOG.
14:59:39 [Bert]
... The others can maybe be put together under usage-policy
14:59:43 [AxelPollleres]
Javier can do SPLOG, and unify other SPECIAL vocabs.
14:59:56 [Bert]
Topic: AOB
15:00:00 [Harald]
Axel: Asking for any other business....
15:00:24 [Harald]
one call before MyData conference. Goal for next call, see what to present and discuss in Helsinki.
15:00:38 [Bert]
AxelPollleres: My goal is to have some things on the wiki, so we can present somethig at MyData.
15:00:49 [Bert]
... we have one more call before then.
15:01:12 [Bert]
... Also, if you have topics to discuss, send them to the mailing list.
15:01:44 [AxelPollleres]
adjourned , hear you in two weeks
15:01:52 [Ramisa]
15:02:07 [stefano]
thanks, bye
15:02:20 [Bert]
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Thanks all!
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Meeting: DPVCG
15:12:52 [Bert]
s/group hiome/group home
15:14:00 [Bert]
s/ACTION-3: continued/ACTION-3 continued
15:14:25 [Bert]
s/ACTION-4: done/ACTION-4 done
15:14:38 [Bert]
s/som epages/some pages
15:15:04 [Bert]
15:17:02 [Bert]
s/MyData-conference:/MyData conference:
15:17:26 [Bert]
s/2) discuss F2F/discuss F2F/
15:18:12 [Bert]
15:19:11 [Bert]
s/topic: discuss templates for use cases/requirements and vocabularies (what is a requirement?)//
15:21:14 [Bert]
15:21:56 [Bert]
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