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Today's meeting page:
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21:10:17 [AndreaPerego]
chair: Alejandra
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21:11:31 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: Proposed agenda at the link, but if we need to change it we can
21:11:56 [alejandra]
Approval of last week's minutes:
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s/Approval of last week's minutes:
21:12:12 [alejandra]
Approval of last week's minutes:
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resolved: last week's minutes approved
21:13:34 [DaveBrowning_]
resolved: Approval of last weeks minutes
21:14:01 [AndreaPerego]
s/resolved: last week's minutes approved//
21:14:04 [alejandra]
Github issue tracker:
21:14:21 [AndreaPerego]
topic: DCAT subgroup operation
21:14:33 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: Has been discussion of routing GitHub issues to email list
21:14:57 [DaveBrowning_]
... notifications are already available by watching the repository
21:15:31 [DaveBrowning_]
DaveBrowning_: I've been seeing the notifications coming through
21:16:22 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: Simon has sent a pull request, and some updates that we can use as an example
21:17:39 [DaveBrowning_]
PWinstanley: Should be able to demo via webex.... (discussion of detail)
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21:21:54 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: <Talks through the GitHub interface, the issues created for each requirements, the existing tags (subject to review)>
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21:23:35 [DaveBrowning_]
... modifications starts by creating branch, and update as needed
21:25:50 [DaveBrowning_]
... use of skis:editorialnote for audit purpose
21:25:59 [DaveBrowning_]
21:26:08 [DaveBrowning_]
21:27:18 [AndreaPerego]
+1 to using pull requests
21:27:19 [PWinstanley_]
21:27:35 [AndreaPerego]
ack PWinstanley_
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ack PWinstanley_
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+1 to pull requests
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21:30:34 [riccardoAlbertoni]
+1 to use the pull request and to give some degree of freedom to the editors in case of trivial decision ;)
21:30:40 [alejandra]
DaveBrowning_: I think that the general approach works
21:30:41 [PWinstanley]
21:30:53 [alejandra]
... we can work with a degree of freedom
21:30:53 [PWinstanley]
21:31:01 [alejandra]
... we need to be careful on how to move forward
21:31:20 [alejandra]
... more complicated situation when something touches multiple requirements
21:31:27 [alejandra]
ack PWinstanley
21:32:13 [DaveBrowning_]
PWinstanley: Concern that the project is very spread out , and we need to bring things together (condense/consolidate)
21:32:24 [DaveBrowning_]
... rather than letting get too fine graine
21:32:33 [DaveBrowning_]
21:32:46 [arminhaller]
21:32:54 [alejandra]
ack arminhaller
21:33:48 [DaveBrowning_]
arminhaller: wiki pages have worked well, especially if there was an need for diagrams - used to drive agreement in the weekly meeting
21:34:57 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: Idea/intention was to try to stay within GitHub/small number of channels rather than spread it wider
21:36:04 [DaveBrowning_]
arminhaller: W3C has previously implied that it desired to have stuff safe stored outside github
21:36:46 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: The idea to forward actions through mailing list will create a copy
21:37:16 [DaveBrowning_]
q+ to ask about GitHub permissions
21:37:48 [alejandra]
ack DaveBrowning_
21:37:48 [Zakim]
DaveBrowning_, you wanted to ask about GitHub permissions
21:39:17 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: Everyone can add issues, fork the repository (make copy into own area)
21:39:53 [DaveBrowning_]
... can request merges, but can't do them - they need to be contributors
21:41:33 [DaveBrowning_]
... probably need to ask Dave Raggett to add
21:43:18 [arminhaller]
+1 to PR #94
21:43:59 [AndreaPerego]
topic: Revision of tags
21:44:38 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: Important to be able to group the requirements so we can handle them in the appropriate collections
21:45:07 [DaveBrowning_]
... need to revise/review the tags that exist, We need to classify the requirements for our purposes
21:45:30 [DaveBrowning_]
+1 to assigning
21:45:48 [AndreaPerego]
21:45:56 [alejandra]
ack AndreaPerego
21:46:56 [DaveBrowning_]
AndreaPerego: If we want separate people to look at the groups we need to make sure the clusting is right
21:46:58 [DaveBrowning_]
21:47:08 [DaveBrowning_]
21:47:21 [riccardoAlbertoni]
+1 to AndreaPerego 's comments
21:48:31 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: There already is some form of clustering in the 'section heads' of the requirements list - and start from there
21:50:04 [DaveBrowning_]
AndreaPerego: There may be some requirements that need more general changes to DCAT that need more co-ordination across the people working
21:51:24 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: If we do some analysis and come back together next week to discussion if this is working, and any changes we can make (if we haven't discussed via GitHub)
21:51:34 [AndreaPerego]
21:51:40 [DaveBrowning_]
21:51:47 [arminhaller]
21:51:49 [riccardoAlbertoni]
21:51:52 [PWinstanley]
21:52:30 [riccardoAlbertoni]
I candidate my self for quality
21:53:49 [DaveBrowning_]
Resolved: Split up requirements across attendees today and review/revise tagging
21:53:57 [arminhaller]
i can do semantics
21:55:01 [DaveBrowning_]
DaveBrowning_: I can do distributions and relationships
21:55:05 [DaveBrowning_]
21:55:20 [riccardoAlbertoni]
s/my self/myself
21:55:30 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: I can do identification
21:56:15 [PWinstanley]
please assign versioning
21:56:17 [DaveBrowning_]
PWinstanley: Happy to do anything left
21:57:02 [DaveBrowning_]
alejandra: aim is to revise tags, revise comments
21:57:16 [alejandra]
identification requirements that I will check:
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21:58:34 [riccardoAlbertoni]
Thanks for chairing and for the discussion...
21:58:54 [riccardoAlbertoni]
21:58:58 [AndreaPerego]
21:59:01 [PWinstanley]
thanks. bye!!
21:59:11 [alejandra]
thanks, and bye!
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meeting: DXWG DCAT subgroup teleconference
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