Improving Web Standardization


Improving Web Standardization

W3C TPAC 2017

Improving Web Standardization

  1. Producing Specifications
  2. Achieving Interoperability

Part 1:
Producing Specifications

Goal: The Technical report page (/TR) should represent the Web

Setting your editing space

  1. W3C on GitHub:
  2. Use the tooling: pull requests preview and diff, github digest,
  3. W3C RF Policy tool: Repository Manager (see training)
  4. Automatic publishing: support for CR coming in 2018
  5. Use proper GitHub labels

Editing the specification

Use a pull request workflow for editorial and substantive changes

Managing our repository of specifications

Future of /TR

Reminder: Get Your Wide Review

Part 2: Achieving Interoperability

Prior to 2014

Testing Goals

Why use web-platform-tests?

Current tests

W3C and Implementation Experience

(aka Candidate Recommendation phase)

Testing at W3C


Thank you,
and let's keep making the Web better!