. The Web Platform: use it, build it

The Web Platform: use it, build it

Dominique Hazael-Massieux

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The Web Platform: use it, build it

Photo: Tools by Kathleen Leavitt Cragun CC BY-NC-ND


Web Platform Evolutions

PWA: 1st class mobile citizens


Web Payments API for streamlined checkouts ChromeSamsung Internet 5+ (Edge (experimental))

var request = new PaymentRequest(
  methodData, // required payment method data
  details,    // required information about transaction
  options     // optional parameter for things like shipping, etc.


Real-Time Communications


Local interactions

The Web Needs You

We Need You


  1. Bring use cases and requirements
  2. Give feedback on specs as they develop
  3. Improve specs
  4. Help with adoption / implementation
  5. Create new specs

Use case and requirements

Example of proposal posted on WICG forum

Feedback on specs

Improve specs

Adoption & implementation

Create specs

e.g. Responsive Images

Get In Touch



These slides: https://kwz.me/W0