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I'm creating this channel for discussions of UX Design and web design standards in general, especially as it relates to ease of use, accessibility, and the like. Was surprised to find no relevant channel here.
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If you need to contact me, you can do so by PMing me or via my website at
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20:32:01 [pjc]
Hey there
20:32:31 [tjtn]
Hey, welcome!
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20:34:47 [pjc]
Quick UX question- I have an onboarding flow that explains an app I am building. Do people generally ask users to sign up at the beginning, middle, or end of an onboarding flow?
20:36:46 [tjtn]
That's a great question
20:37:03 [tjtn]
There's actually a lot of debate about that
20:37:18 [tjtn]
And in my experience, it depends on the user's mental model more than anything else
20:38:02 [tjtn]
If you expect them to hit the first page with a very strong knowledge about, and desire for, what you're offering, then you can (and should) ask them to sign up early
20:38:51 [tjtn]
If the product or service is new or different, or if it's expensive or has high barriers to use or signup, then you probably want to move the signup request further back in the flow
20:39:26 [tjtn]
So that you educate the user and (hopefully) increase their desire to sign up along the way
20:39:28 [tjtn]
Make sense?
20:42:51 [pjc]
Cool, yeah that makes sense. Thanks! In my case, the user has some knowledge of the app already, so I'll probably ask them to sign up sooner rather than later.
20:45:01 [tjtn]
20:45:40 [tjtn]
FWIW, though... be careful not to assume too much about how much knowledge they'll have... I read an article recently about people still struggling to sign up with Gmail...
20:45:50 [tjtn]
And that's been around basically forever at this point
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22:08:57 [MapleLeafs94]
Hey all
22:09:03 [MapleLeafs94]
anybody here?
22:09:43 [tjtn]
Welcome Maple!
22:09:59 [tjtn]
What's up?
22:10:17 [MapleLeafs94]
Just saw that there was a UX channel and thought I'd join
22:10:27 [tjtn]
Awesome. Good to have you
22:10:45 [tjtn]
I just created to channel today, so it's pretty quiet in here, but let me know if there's anything I can do to help
22:11:03 [MapleLeafs94]
Actually, maybe you can answer this...
22:11:33 [MapleLeafs94]
I'm new to ux and wondering if there's a way to learn the basics quickly
22:11:38 [tjtn]
22:11:44 [tjtn]
Yeah, so I think that's totally doable
22:12:08 [tjtn]
There are fantastic resources all over the internet... everything from articles to paid courses
22:12:28 [tjtn]
I think the best thing to do if you're interested in learning is make sure you understand UX from a 50,000 foot level
22:12:32 [MapleLeafs94]
How do you mean?
22:15:30 [tjtn]
So I tutor a lot of new designers, and the biggest mistake I see them making at the beginning is not really understanding what UX is and just focusing on the tools and approaches instead...
22:16:09 [tjtn]
Those are key, but it's important to understand that UX as a skill is about understanding the user and their problems, validating and testing your proposed solutions to those problems, and then iterating on those
22:16:49 [tjtn]
I'm actually working on a blog post about this, but it's not quite ready yet
22:16:54 [MapleLeafs94]
Okay, gotcha
22:17:57 [tjtn]
But anyway, if you're interested in learning ux fast, i'd suggest taking a look at the idea of Rapid Skill Acquisition... basically breaking down the skill into bite-sized chunks and prioritizing practicing
22:18:09 [tjtn]
Nerd Fitness had a cool article on it a while back
22:18:23 [MapleLeafs94]
Cool, thanks...
22:18:31 [MapleLeafs94]
Is it alright if I follow up with specific questions?
22:18:38 [tjtn]
22:20:12 [tjtn]
Good luck!
22:20:29 [MapleLeafs94]
I'm a fast learner, so this approach makes sense to me...
22:20:36 [MapleLeafs94]
Might check out that book the First 20 Hours...
22:20:49 [tjtn]
Yeah, I've read that book and I liked it
22:21:12 [tjtn]
If you're looking for more specific UX books, I'd recommend Don't Make Me Think and Lean UX
22:21:21 [tjtn]
Those are some good basics to start with
22:21:29 [tjtn]
oh... and the Design of Everyday Things
22:21:43 [tjtn]
anyway, I have to run for now, but I should be back on later
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