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Meeting: Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 13 November 2017
17:15:53 [Bert]
Topic: Issue 60 (purposes)
17:17:22 [Bert]
moneill2: Worked on an extension syntax, only defined for DNT:0. Can write it up this week.
17:17:56 [Bert]
schunter: We can say this one is undefined for DNT:1.
17:18:13 [Bert]
Topic: Implementation reports
17:18:39 [Bert]
schunter: We need reports of implementations, any implemented features.
17:19:07 [Bert]
moneill2: Quite a few sites using the API, but not necessarily the TSR.
17:19:42 [Bert]
schunter: Not necessary that one site implements everything, as long as we have examples of everything.
17:20:13 [Bert]
moneill2: I think everything is in Bouncer.
17:20:43 [Bert]
Alan: Haven't heard fro my implementers, but mid-December is too early.
17:20:53 [Bert]
... Is there a template for the reports?
17:21:11 [Bert]
schunter: We can come up with one.
17:21:29 [schunter]
17:22:05 [schunter]
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17:24:30 [Bert]
schunter: In our case, to show interop, we need both client-side and server-side.
17:24:49 [Bert]
... Did Deutsche Telekom do an implementation, Mike?
17:25:08 [Bert]
... I can talk to them.
17:25:17 [Bert]
schunter: Any others?
17:25:34 [Bert]
moneill2: Rob said he did something, It's on the mailing list.
17:27:00 [Bert]
schunter: So four implementations, if we are lucky. We need to work on those. Getting others in a short period is unlikely.
17:27:47 [Bert]
... Do we need to show all fields of the TSR? If a field isn't used, do we drop it?
17:29:22 [Bert]
Bert: Probably should test each field at least once.
17:30:03 [Bert]
moneill2: I'll work on it for Bouncer, but not this week.
17:30:21 [Bert]
Topic: Next charter
17:30:58 [Bert]
schunter: To have a chance, we need to finish a REC.
17:31:31 [Bert]
moneill2: EPR (ePrivacy Regulation) is still uncertain.
17:31:58 [Bert]
... Once a final text is agreed, companies may have a reason to join the WG.
17:32:17 [Bert]
... But that won't be before 2019.
17:34:34 [Bert]
schunter: It wil be difficult to get new members soon, so it will be difficult to ceate a new WG.
17:35:43 [Bert]
... If some browser or advertising company want to extend DNT, we should start a new WG. But before that, there is probably not enough reason.
17:37:27 [Bert]
Brad: About "right of objection" (art. 21). It may use automated means. It WP29 going to write an opinion on it? And does that affect DNT?
17:38:41 [Bert]
moneill2: EPR draft has new text about exception for audience measurement. Rob's issue is about that. But Rob is not here and we don't know exactly.
17:39:20 [Bert]
wileys: WP29 I think is working on some opinions.
17:39:41 [Bert]
... There is currently no "legitimate interest" and everything is consent-based.
17:39:54 [Bert]
... EPR will borrow from GDPR.
17:40:45 [Bert]
... The WP29 opinion will be interesting to define "fair". It is expected in December.
17:41:49 [Bert]
schunter: Can we have a 2-month extension, waiting or some implementations?
17:42:17 [Bert]
Bert: That should not be a problem. Just need to contact Philippe.
17:43:26 [Bert]
schunter: If the WP29 opinion shows support for automated means such as DNT, that will be help get interest.
17:44:05 [Bert]
wileys: Timing is against us. WP29 opinion in December. Interest will be growing in Q1 2018. That is after our charter.
17:45:10 [Bert]
schunter: It may lead to a pause between old charter and new one.
17:45:50 [Bert]
moneill2: Where do we publish the proposed extension? Do we have a document for that?
17:46:12 [Bert]
... New draft?
17:46:37 [Bert]
schunter: I would make the REC first and then start a new version.
17:47:35 [Bert]
Bert: We can easily make a new WD or Note.
17:47:42 [Bert]
moneill2: Can call it DNT2
17:47:58 [Bert]
Bert: Or Ideas for... or sometjhing like that.
17:48:28 [Bert]
schunter: We will need a discussion at some point about backward compatibility.
17:48:53 [Bert]
moneill2: For the moment it's just an extension, with a default, so won't break old implementations.
17:49:40 [Bert]
schunter: So probably best to start a document Future Extensions.
17:50:01 [Bert]
... We publish it once we decided what ideas to put in it.
17:51:47 [Bert]
ACTION schunter: Talk to Martin Kurze about DNT implementations.
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Created ACTION-476 - Talk to martin kurze about dnt implementations. [on Matthias Schunter - due 2017-11-20].
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Over and out! :-)
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Present: Alan, Bert, Brad, Mike (moneill2), Matthias (schunter), Shane (wileys), Jason, Brendan
17:59:48 [Bert]
Chair: Matthias
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