Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

01 Nov 2017


janina, MichaelC, Mark, Wilcock, JF, IanPouncey, tink, tdrake, Joanmarie_Diggs, Mark_Wilcock
Gottfried, Leonie, Becky


preview agenda with items from two minutes

janina: opening agenda, asking for news, etc

next and future meetings--Post TPAC Break

janina: next and future meetings at the top. It's typical to take the week off after TPAC. The following week is the wednesday before Thanksgiving. Proposal: next meeting on November 29.

Do we take customary end of the year break?

TPAC 2017 https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Meetings/TPAC_2017

Janina: Just concluded updating TPAC page. The agenda will be complete

tdrake: good

janina: joint meeting with CSS should have a phone for remote meetings. It should be on their IRC channel

Meetings will need dedicated scribes for each meetings.

We need a: scribes, b: pointer to minutes

michael: pointers are key. We need to remember to have the bot create the pointers. We also need to confirm there is a scribe with partner meetings

janina: looking at the agenda. There is one scheduled session that is possibly in doubt: The COGA strategy discussion.

otherwise everything is solid. There are two open slots, I would like to leave these open for potential last-minute talks.

Otherwise there is a specific topic, reason for the topic, and cross-subject meetings planned. The automotive group is a new discussion. This may not be the correct people, but we want them to go back to their companies and start discussions with their user interface teams.

Most of the discussions are about signals: oil temp, doors locked, fluid levels...

We have an hour slot that needs to be outlined for the discussions.

Most discussions will fall under: interactions with autonomous vehicles - which car is mine?

How do we define the drop-off location and helping user get out of car and to the final destination "Door is 30 feet with no obstructions"

There are also in-process interfaces, such as driver-assist, passenger sub-tasks. For instance finding a restaurant within the next 20 miles

Interoperability is not the standard within the automotive industry, so we need to enforce industry standards

There's also a meeting for the Accessibility Object Model.

ian: Joanie asked if the CSS task force wants to meet with the ARIA working group? Should there be a specific meeting?

It sounds good, but the representation for the task force is going to be Ian and Rossin. Will there be others from APA?

janina: you may find there are more participants

joanie: two other task forces wanted time to present their status to the full working group.
... we should consider re-chartering. This comes up in 2018. We need to actively work on this.

What are the joint deliverables? We need to know them, are they do-able. If CSS has joint deliverables with ARIA, we need to know about them sooner than later.

ian: There will be some CSS led discussions, such as media queries and media types.

janina: I requested a joint meeting with authentication. We have a copy of their latest spec, but it continues to evolve. They are only meeting for one day. They are not listed for Friday.

I got a response for a joint meeting, but they are not committing. They are working on their schedule.


There will be a telephone in the room. Feel free to dial in and check the IRC channel for dial information

ian: discussion list for meeting with CSS group. I have a short list of 3 topics:

1. Media Types - particularly with publishing

2. Personalization - COGA and overlap with media types

3. Various layout specifications and navigating with keyboards and AT.

that is the initial list of conversation topics. We can extend with prep meetings on monday and tuesday

michael: there were some issues closed today. On one of them, there was a comment about discussing it in AAM.

ian: that was not closed. It was issue 11: review CSS grid layout module level 1

the layout modules can affect content order.

comments have been added to tickets, which trigger notifications that may have been confusing about closed vs. open

michael: one additional task is to change spec review to spec review active.

containment: change from assigned to complete

display module: change to complete

ian: I would also like to get feedback on raising accessibility issues and encouraging participation.

Also introducing ourselves.

janina: I'm surprised by item 2: personalization. Anything new?

ian: media types could be used for personalization. It was discussed with publishing.

janina: I'm interested in getting publishing requirements on the table. It will help push forward the specifications.

Actions Checkin (Specs) https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/products/8

michael: pre TPAC-action items came up today

janina: there is work towards a statement of concerns.

michael: get Shane to speak up. Get payments group to move forward.

Janina: Becky has recently joined and has already started working with groups.

Other Business

new on TR http://www.w3.org/TR/tr-status-drafts.html

<MichaelC> File API

michael: file API is a new publication.

This is from web platform. This is not a first public working draft. last publish was in 2015

This specification provides an API for representing file objects in web applications, as well as programmatically selecting them and accessing their data. This includes: A FileList interface, which represents an array of individually selected files from the underlying system. The user interface for selection can be invoked via <input type="file">, i.e. when the input element is in the File Upload state [HTML]. A Blob interface, which represents immutable raw [CUT]

ted: how does this interact with native file navigation.

Michael: This should allow developers to create rich interactions.

ian: it looks to extend the file input type as the mechanism.

michael: there's a bunch of reading features, but nothing with writing.

I don't know what it means to manipulate the file. There's no method to modify and then save it back to the file system.

janina: Reach out to Leonie to discover the intentions.

We are talking to them about web editing. Where are we putting it.

Is it using php to go back to a database?

michael: this API does not provide a method to save a file, but this could be part of the specification. We need advice from Leonie.

joanie: my guess is that it is innocuous and irrelevant. The act of moving around files shouldn't need a user interface. This may not be defined. There are event handlers that assistive technologies would need to know about, such as file loaded.

<MichaelC> ACTION: joanie to review File API https://www.w3.org/TR/FileAPI/

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2156 - Review file api https://www.w3.org/tr/fileapi/ [on Joanmarie Diggs - due 2017-11-08].

Michael: assigning review to Joanie. She has an angle for potential issue that others don't have.

<MichaelC> action-2156: https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/File_API

<trackbot> Notes added to action-2156 Review file api https://www.w3.org/tr/fileapi/.

Joanie: side note: is APA planning to switch to GitHub?

michael: the lack of an IRC interface has been a limiting factor

janina: IRC Support is nice to have.

Joanie: It would be helpful to visit GitHub and get everything I need in one location.

michael: It could be a bot that handles the IRC connection, but i don't think it has been created.

Joanie: I will ask my colleagues to see if we could create an IRC connection bot for GitHub.

Other Business

janina: we have pointers to talk about personalization. We are asking people in COGA to look at the document.

Either our first meeting post-thanksgiving or in December should look at this.

We could use time for charter discussion.

michael: I am likely to attend a charter discussion.

<MichaelC> me possibly :)

janina: Are there impacts on other W3C specifications. How do we make sure these are picked up? AOM and ARIA,

michael: there's a general value. AOM is doing this in stages, collaborating with ARIA group. Some want to move faster. We should discuss these issues next week.

joanie: I have a TPAC related question. There are meetings for APA on Monday-Tuesday. ARIA is Thursday-Friday. What are the plans for Wednesday?

<MichaelC> TPAC breakout sessions

Michael: Most of TPAC is within break out sessions.

We should look at participating in the process on Wednesday .

<MichaelC> TPAC wednesday agenda

Looking at the overall agenda: starts with talking heads 8:30-9:30. Breakouts, I encourage you to participate. Some people will use the day for tourism or squeezing in ad hoc conversations.

You can also propose a breakout session, such as "ARIA get work done" and then get a room.

janina: There's an accessibility testing meeting on thursday.

are they aware of the self-assessment tool?

Should I ask if they want some time to review and give feedback on the tool.

Michael: there's a breakout for the Silver project (re-imagining accessibility). There's also a meeting on Thursday evening.

James Nurthern has been suggesting using it as a tourism date.


janina: we will be back on the 29th.

zakim: bye

webex has closed

<janina> Ted, it's not letting me back in. I can just finish up and post

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: joanie to review File API https://www.w3.org/TR/FileAPI/

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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