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13:23:59 [lisa]
zakim, this will be WAI_CogTF
13:23:59 [Zakim]
ok, lisa
13:24:08 [lisa]
regrets: Neil
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rrsagent, make logs public
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13:29:35 [lisa]
agenda+ Techniques for WCAG 2.1 - are there more questions
13:29:37 [lisa]
agenda+ Other WCAG updates and support - such as implementations and dissemination
13:29:39 [lisa]
agenda+ The roadmap - making inclusive content -
13:29:40 [lisa]
agenda+ Issue papers - voice/conversational interfaces and coordination between version
13:53:06 [lisa]
regrets: Neil, John Rochford
14:01:35 [janina]
14:01:44 [janina]
zakim, who's here?
14:01:44 [Zakim]
Present: MichaelC, John_Kirkwood, John_Rochford, Andy_Heath, Jan_McSorley, kirkwood, JohnRochford, Pietro, janina
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On IRC I see RRSAgent, kirkwood, MichaelC, lisa, janina, Zakim, trackbot
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scribe: kirkwood
14:07:23 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:07:23 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Comments on the Education and outreach document" taken up [from MichaelC]
14:08:07 [lisa]
topics: updates
14:08:20 [lisa]
topic: updates
14:08:43 [lisa]
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14:09:06 [kirkwood]
LS: next two Thursdays can’t be on phone
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14:09:28 [AndyHeath]
14:09:33 [kirkwood]
LS: next two weeks cant be on phone. can have working sessions on the phone
14:10:03 [kirkwood]
LS: carrying on work on list and on google docs. can have working calls in between
14:10:05 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:10:05 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Techniques for WCAG 2.1 - are there more questions" taken up [from
14:10:08 [Zakim]
... lisa]
14:11:25 [kirkwood]
LS: carry on with action items, keep moving forward considering holidays
14:12:50 [kirkwood]
LS: know have taken up ones, do we want to schedule a working call?
14:13:27 [kirkwood]
Andy: working on it
14:14:01 [kirkwood]
Jan: trying to get it done, open to having a working session
14:14:24 [kirkwood]
Andy: session did last week, Jan was very useful
14:14:38 [kirkwood]
Jan: I can do next Thursday
14:14:55 [kirkwood]
Andy: its very useful
14:15:25 [kirkwood]
LS: next week we will have a working session. Please look at the example of what we have done in WCAG techniques
14:16:12 [kirkwood]
LS: next week same time hour set asid whoever wnats to be on webex
14:16:28 [kirkwood]
Jan: it was helpful to have Michael there as well
14:16:39 [kirkwood]
LS: Michael cant be there maybe Alistair
14:16:51 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:16:51 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "Other WCAG updates and support - such as implementations and dissemination" taken up [from lisa]
14:16:54 [kirkwood]
LS: if anyone wants more time next week reach out
14:18:07 [kirkwood]
LS: the other WCAG related item. spoke to person. did anyone else able to manage to reach out to other groups
14:18:17 [kirkwood]
Jan: reached out to advocacy person
14:18:58 [kirkwood]
LS: the lists or useful
14:19:15 [Jan]
14:19:27 [kirkwood]
LS: if anything needs to be higher or is missing comment
14:20:05 [lisa] - check the lists in defintion - if they miss anything
14:20:07 [kirkwood]
LS: puropos control 1.3.4 check list definitions
14:20:23 [lisa]
anything that is moissing or should be AA instid of AAA
14:20:38 [kirkwood]
LS: that is useful anything missing or AA rather than AAA is the kind of feedback needed
14:20:49 [kirkwood]
LS: based on comments from outside
14:21:02 [kirkwood]
LS: could get upgrade if enough want it
14:22:24 [kirkwood]
LS: Jan: can we go through all of them in and would be
14:22:36 [kirkwood]
LS: 1.3.4 purpose control
14:23:04 [kirkwood]
LS: going to get feedback its too long
14:24:05 [kirkwood]
LS: we’ve got a list called common controls
14:24:39 [kirkwood]
LS: not only get in but get review as well, we know that people going to say its too long
14:25:04 [kirkwood]
LS: even if things don’t get in, it will help things to get in
14:25:12 [lisa]
1.3.4 Purpose of Controls - also look at the link for the defintions - is anything missing
14:25:14 [lisa]
1.3.5 Contextual Information
14:25:15 [lisa]
Success Criterion 2.2.6 Accessible Authentication
14:25:17 [lisa]
Success Criterion 2.2.7 Interruptions (Minimum)
14:25:18 [lisa]
Success Criterion 2.2.8 Timeouts
14:25:22 [kirkwood]
Jan: 1.3.4 and what is the next one
14:25:32 [kirkwood]
LS: these links are the five
14:25:45 [lisa]
should AAA be AA
14:25:47 [kirkwood]
LS: most are AA
14:26:02 [lisa]
what have we missed out
14:26:02 [kirkwood]
LS: should they be AA or single A
14:26:10 [kirkwood]
LS: what have me missed out
14:26:30 [kirkwood]
LS: another thing is examples of people doing them
14:26:47 [kirkwood]
LS: if there are ptople implementing that goes a long way
14:27:11 [kirkwood]
LS: is there any way you could see them being implemented on a site
14:27:20 [kirkwood]
Jan: i think so
14:27:36 [kirkwood]
Andy: authetification, interuptions and time outs
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14:27:38 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:27:38 [Zakim]
agendum 5. "The roadmap - making inclusive content -" taken up [from lisa]
14:27:45 [Pietro]
14:27:48 [Pietro]
14:27:50 [kirkwood]
LS: as well as purpose contol, whatever we can get in
14:28:13 [kirkwood]
Andy: some times in real world they are, andy found a timeout
14:28:32 [kirkwood]
Andy: found one thought handled well
14:29:11 [kirkwood]
Andy: came and notified me in a use case, when come across sampes i will report them
14:29:36 [kirkwood]
LS: think we’ve come across a few
14:29:36 [Pietro]
14:29:59 [kirkwood]
LS: asking petro such as purpose control
14:30:19 [kirkwood]
LS: want to find places in real world where implemented
14:30:20 [lisa]
1.3.4 Purpose of Controls - also look at the link for the defintions - is anything missing
14:30:21 [lisa]
1.3.5 Contextual Information
14:30:23 [lisa]
Success Criterion 2.2.6 Accessible Authentication
14:30:24 [lisa]
Success Criterion 2.2.7 Interruptions (Minimum)
14:30:26 [lisa]
Success Criterion 2.2.8 Timeouts
14:30:27 [kirkwood]
LS: shows doable and in use
14:31:11 [kirkwood]
LS: we were asking people to look at SC in draft and comment what is missing
14:31:14 [lisa]
14:31:16 [lisa] - check the lists in defintion - if they miss anything
14:31:28 [kirkwood]
LS: if unhappy things aren’t there now is the time
14:31:58 [Pietro]
I added some comments on issue paper
14:32:01 [lisa]
14:32:04 [Pietro]
"Conversational interfaces and voice systems"
14:32:05 [kirkwood]
LS: comment on clasification AA versus AAA if you can think of anyone put them in touch
14:32:28 [Pietro]
I have some comments for persona too
14:32:40 [lisa]
14:32:41 [kirkwood]
LS: comments are helpful Pietro
14:33:03 [kirkwood]
LS: we were talking about draft as per link
14:33:26 [kirkwood]
LS: if you want draft emal to send out I can write
14:33:44 [kirkwood]
LS: building your COGA friendly content and applications
14:34:11 [kirkwood]
LS: this is what interested now, as soon as we get it out people can start using
14:34:29 [kirkwood]
LS: we have structure lets start adding content
14:34:39 [kirkwood]
LS: user needs Andy has that action
14:34:39 [Pietro]
I need draft email to send out
14:34:57 [lisa]
14:34:59 [kirkwood]
LS: Petro did you want to add something too on the personas?
14:35:02 [Pietro]
About persona, they write right things with wrong words
14:35:07 [Jan]
14:35:20 [lisa]
action: lisa to send petro a draft email for review of wcag 2.1
14:35:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-239 - Send petro a draft email for review of wcag 2.1 [on Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum - due 2017-10-05].
14:35:29 [kirkwood]
LS: will send Pietro a darft email
14:35:32 [lisa]
ack j
14:35:38 [kirkwood]
I would like it too, Lisa
14:35:45 [lisa]
14:36:14 [kirkwood]
Jan: do we have anything, would like to see an example of what you would need for a peronas, what i have is kind of long
14:36:31 [kirkwood]
Jan: will send it to Lisa
14:36:43 [Pietro]
I can explain by email comments about persona
14:36:46 [kirkwood]
LS: needs to be a group decision, send it to list
14:36:55 [kirkwood]
Jan: not a problem will do
14:37:25 [kirkwood]
Jan: i will send it to the list nwo
14:37:32 [kirkwood]
14:37:54 [lisa]
14:38:04 [kirkwood]
LS: link to persona
14:38:37 [kirkwood]
LS: link from Pietro is a good one of a high school student with Autism
14:38:57 [Pietro]
"He has problems with visual information" is not so correct
14:39:04 [kirkwood]
Ls: we may want to change it a lovely resource
14:40:37 [kirkwood]
LS: we want to have a list of all types
14:41:02 [kirkwood]
LS: think this is very good
14:41:29 [kirkwood]
Ls: does anyone want to own this piece of putting together personas
14:41:37 [kirkwood]
JAN: don’t mind helping with that
14:41:43 [kirkwood]
I could help as well
14:42:00 [lisa]
action: Jan to ut together the persona section for the
14:42:00 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-240 - Ut together the persona section for the [on Jan McSorley - due 2017-10-05].
14:42:07 [kirkwood]
Jan: think coud start compile them into google docs
14:42:26 [kirkwood]
LS: we have in google doc have a setion caclled persona
14:42:50 [kirkwood]
LS: we could put in separate document
14:43:22 [Pietro]
14:43:59 [kirkwood]
LS: could put peronase in separate google document?
14:44:36 [kirkwood]
LS: put in sepate documents
14:44:47 [lisa]
action: Lisa to make "linked to " document fpor persona
14:44:48 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-241 - Make "linked to " document fpor persona [on Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum - due 2017-10-05].
14:44:55 [kirkwood]
Jan: thinks it would be betrter ins sepate docments
14:45:16 [kirkwood]
LS: personas and links personas will be all together
14:45:31 [kirkwood]
Jan: need to be clear about copywright if not clear
14:46:03 [kirkwood]
Jan: i have an example that might be good, typical one and they are short
14:46:14 [kirkwood]
Jan: we can work on it to expand them ot
14:46:18 [kirkwood]
14:46:36 [kirkwood]
LS: we can carry this on on list and google docs
14:46:54 [kirkwood]
LS: we have these eight themes for system requirments
14:47:10 [kirkwood]
LS: did ask for people to look at it
14:47:34 [kirkwood]
LS: will copy into an email and techniques that would go into a theme
14:48:03 [kirkwood]
I can work with you on it
14:48:24 [kirkwood]
LS: also will send to list to see who can help
14:48:42 [lisa]
action: Johnk , and lisa add the coga SC to
14:48:51 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-242 - , and lisa add the coga sc to [on John Kirkwood - due 2017-10-05].
14:49:21 [kirkwood]
LS: this is an important part of document that it would be helpful to have it
14:49:55 [kirkwood]
LS: after we have all SC here internationalization, author burdon, and testability
14:50:16 [kirkwood]
LS: we can make this a first draft
14:50:44 [kirkwood]
LS: secction would be further development these are the main sections
14:51:06 [lisa]
14:51:42 [kirkwood]
Jan: can we put on agend to meet with EO chairs about the other document to revise
14:52:06 [kirkwood]
Jan: put on agenda first or second meeting when you are back to get feedback
14:52:26 [kirkwood]
LS: what day of the week do they meet
14:52:41 [kirkwood]
Jan: they meet 8:30 eastern on friday mornings
14:53:05 [kirkwood]
Jan: maybe we could have one of their chairs do join
14:53:21 [kirkwood]
Jan; they need feedback on how to fix it
14:53:32 [kirkwood]
LS: thats on the 19th
14:53:47 [kirkwood]
Jan: will make sure and send name of chair to attend
14:53:59 [kirkwood]
LS: please send link again to list
14:54:35 [kirkwood]
LS: do we have section on user testing?
14:54:44 [kirkwood]
LS: that is important as well
14:55:02 [kirkwood]
LS: adding a section on user testing
14:55:35 [kirkwood]
LS: roadmap to accessiblity its important to have user testing
14:55:59 [kirkwood]
LS: should include user testing as focus group and feedback
14:56:17 [kirkwood]
LS: do we have volunteers?
14:56:42 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:56:42 [Zakim]
agendum 6. "Issue papers - voice/conversational interfaces and coordination between version"
14:56:45 [Zakim]
... taken up [from lisa]
14:57:40 [kirkwood]
LS: issue papers we should mention that we have ones be working on try to find link in IRC
14:58:13 [lisa]
scribe: lisa
14:58:25 [lisa]
John had found what we had so far
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14:59:39 [kirkwood]
15:00:14 [kirkwood]
AI agents bots
15:01:10 [kirkwood]
LS: putting lin in the google doc
15:01:23 [Pietro]
I get "You need permission"
15:01:48 [kirkwood]
LS: need to make sure whatever is in here that they are merged
15:03:11 [AndyHeath]
15:04:56 [kirkwood]
email John Kirkood to requst access
15:05:03 [kirkwood]
Link sent to Andy
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rrsagent, create minutes
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zakim, please part
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been MichaelC, John_Kirkwood, John_Rochford, Andy_Heath, Jan_McSorley, kirkwood, JohnRochford, Pietro, janina, lisa, AndyHeath
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ACTION: lisa to send petro a draft email for review of wcag 2.1 [1]
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ACTION: Jan to ut together the persona section for the [2]
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ACTION: Lisa to make "linked to " document fpor persona [3]
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ACTION: Johnk , and lisa add the coga SC to [4]
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