IRC log of webtv on 2017-09-20

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14:03:27 [kaz]
Meeting: Media&Entertainment IG - Cloud Browser
14:03:35 [kaz]
present+ Alexandra, Colin, Kaz
14:03:42 [kaz]
regrets: Chris
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14:05:38 [kaz]
cm: Chris was wondering if we could change the time of this call
14:09:53 [kaz]
kaz: can create a doodle poll
14:09:57 [kaz]
am: let's do so
14:10:04 [kaz]
topic: actions
14:10:16 [kaz]
am: big chunk of use cases
14:10:39 [kaz]
... accessibility use cases for the next call with Chris
14:11:09 [kaz]
... impact use cases need your inputs
14:11:49 [kaz]
... will contact Mark Watson, etc., for EME/MSE use cases
14:12:09 [kaz]
topic: architecture draft
14:12:32 [kaz]
cm: tried to compile the introduction document into the architecture draft
14:13:03 [kaz]
... also some text for the architecture itself as well
14:15:04 [colin]
url draft document:
14:17:03 [kaz]
cm: tried to use same terminology for Introduction, Architecture and Use Cases
14:17:43 [kaz]
... Communication use cases instead of "Cloud Browser use cases"
14:17:53 [kaz]
... Execution use cases instead of "Impact use cases"
14:18:31 [kaz]
... review by native English speakers would be helpful
14:19:25 [kaz]
am: hard to explain what "Impact use cases"
14:19:42 [kaz]
... possibly would impact the current mechanisms
14:20:05 [kaz]
cm: ok
14:20:24 [kaz]
... think we should define terminologies
14:20:53 [kaz]
... list of terms available at section 1.4
14:21:22 [kaz]
am: tx!
14:21:55 [kaz]
... good to see gaps
14:22:07 [kaz]
cm: yes, we should review the draft carefully
14:22:33 [kaz]
... btw, are you preparing a paper for GSMI?
14:23:30 [kaz]
14:23:42 [kaz]
... is Peter reading this?
14:23:48 [kaz]
am: yes
14:27:50 [kaz]
cm: useful to read the document during the next call
14:27:56 [kaz]
... also the accessibility use cases
14:28:21 [kaz]
am: and let's find a better slot for the call using the doodle
14:28:45 [kaz]
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz
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