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Meeting: Internationalization Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 14 September 2017
14:42:11 [addison]
Chair: Addison Phillips
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ScribeNick: addison
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Scribe: Addison Phillips
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Regrets: Jan, Steve(?)
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agendum 6, Remote Playback API, dropped
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zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been Bert, addison, steve, r12a, David, andrewc, JcK
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invite zakim
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[07:42] * Zakim 1. Agenda [from addison] [07:42] * Zakim 2. Action Items [from addison] [07:42] * Zakim 3. Info Share [from addison] [07:42] * Zakim 4. Radar and Active Work Review [from addison] [07:42] * Zakim 5. Review pending and close items [from addison] [07:43] * Zakim 6. Remote Playback API [from addison] [07:43] * Zakim 7. String-Meta [from addison] [07:43] <addison> zakim, delete agendum 6
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Topic: Agenda
15:05:33 [addison]
Topic: Action Items
15:05:39 [addison]
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15:06:16 [trackbot]
action-636 -- Addison Phillips to Update floating times q+a to address confusing section at end -- due 2017-07-20 -- OPEN
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close action-636
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Closed action-636.
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action-650 -- Addison Phillips to Write to remote playback and indicate that we are satisfied and our review is in fact complete -- due 2017-09-14 -- OPEN
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close action-650
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Closed action-650.
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15:06:50 [trackbot]
action-651 -- Richard Ishida to Shorten the list of pending/closed items and reissue for next telecon discussion -- due 2017-09-14 -- OPEN
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close action-651
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Closed action-651.
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Topic: Info Share
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15:07:36 [addison]
addison: to be in Amman, Jordan
15:07:52 [addison]
richard: just written outline for a course for the w3c edx program
15:08:06 [addison]
... something like "writing html in arabic/for arabic users"
15:08:41 [r12a]
15:09:21 [addison]
action: addison: ensure that our TPAC AV request is filed
15:09:23 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-652 - Ensure that our tpac av request is filed [on Addison Phillips - due 2017-09-21].
15:09:32 [r12a]
15:09:41 [addison]
richard: just today uploaded a new applet
15:09:47 [addison]
... key even monitor
15:10:00 [addison]
... had one years ago, but updated to match key-events
15:10:17 [addison]
... gives info about what info key event object has stored
15:10:25 [addison]
... could be handy for key events spec
15:10:34 [addison]
richard: also grappling with accesskey
15:10:38 [addison]
... just writing tests
15:10:50 [addison]
... finding diff results
15:10:57 [addison]
... things we want to mention in html spec
15:11:04 [addison]
... also reviewing wcag spec
15:11:08 [addison]
... likely some input there
15:11:18 [addison]
... and possibly ui events spec
15:11:30 [addison]
... they don' tmention what happens when key produces more than one char
15:11:42 [addison]
... shift-A produces diacritic with a base character together
15:11:57 [addison]
... in FF and Safari, they key event .key value becomes both
15:12:02 [addison]
... but chrome only the last one
15:12:05 [addison]
... needs more testing
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15:12:33 [addison]
jck: will miss next weeks call
15:12:47 [addison]
andrew: want to talk sometime about how key event monitoring
15:13:16 [addison]
richard: want more documentation?
15:13:32 [addison]
andrew: trying different keyboards, typing same key
15:13:45 [addison]
richard: key should give you the character that keyboard produces
15:13:58 [addison]
... and code should give you the same thing, like KEY D
15:14:19 [addison]
... and modifiers tells whether you pressed shift/alt/ctrl/meta
15:14:58 [addison]
andrew: third party input frameworks don't produce anything
15:15:08 [addison]
... and mac viet keyboard
15:15:17 [addison]
... some getting dead as a result
15:15:54 [addison]
... how keyboards work across plafs will be different (e.g. viet)
15:17:10 [addison]
Topic: Radar
15:17:18 [addison]
15:17:51 [addison]
15:17:54 [addison]
request for DNT review
15:18:38 [addison]
richard: a request to review WCAG 2.1
15:18:44 [addison]
... additions to previous ver
15:18:51 [addison]
... working through and raising issues
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15:19:19 [addison]
richard: didn't put a WCAG label in radar yet
15:19:25 [r12a]
15:19:37 [addison]
... but issues at above link
15:20:11 [addison]
15:20:41 [addison]
richard: mention that Bert has been doing some
15:20:47 [r12a]
15:20:52 [addison]
... language matrix
15:21:00 [addison]
... scroll down you'll see Dutch
15:21:01 [r12a]
15:21:11 [addison]
... gap analysis of Dutch
15:21:25 [addison]
... tricky question we need to figure out answer to
15:21:34 [addison]
... for notes/footnotes/running heads/etc.
15:21:54 [addison]
... those features are not available in any browsers at the moment
15:21:59 [addison]
... how do we mark up?
15:22:37 [addison]
... color gray? doesn't indicate work there. but orange or green... really looking for i18n specific things
15:26:25 [addison]
addison: diff between broken-and-unimpl vs. unimpl?
15:26:33 [addison]
richard: want to know the difference
15:27:51 [addison]
... spec vs. impl issue, maybe use a different symbol
15:28:25 [addison]
Topic: Issue Review
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15:29:23 [addison]
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15:29:44 [addison]
15:30:46 [addison]
addison: I can forward it
15:30:53 [addison]
... they're not likely to do anything with it
15:31:34 [addison]
15:33:12 [addison]
jck: valid vs. invalid utf-8 codes, reference encoding is probably a good idea
15:34:37 [addison]
forward with ref to encoding preferred
15:35:01 [addison]
richard: if point to something, point to encoding?
15:35:07 [addison]
jck: wfm
15:35:18 [addison]
15:36:23 [addison]
15:36:34 [addison]
15:37:35 [addison]
richard: these are issues that have been raised sometime ago
15:37:46 [addison]
... fantasai asked me to go through for dispositino of comments
15:37:57 [addison]
... where input needed, marked as pending
15:38:11 [addison]
... discussion already there, but we haven't take initiative
15:38:30 [addison]
... need to read thread and make contributions
15:38:58 [addison]
addison: need tracking label?
15:39:12 [addison]
richard: send email around asking for input
15:39:37 [addison]
action: richard: send email about default stylesheet for emphasis marks (issue 385) seeking input
15:39:37 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-653 - Send email about default stylesheet for emphasis marks (issue 385) seeking input [on Richard Ishida - due 2017-09-21].
15:39:50 [addison]
15:40:39 [addison]
richard: all of these are the same, will list all of them
15:41:02 [addison]
15:41:35 [addison]
not i18n
15:41:51 [addison]
joc to raise as individual issue
15:41:53 [addison]
15:42:57 [addison]
no objections, forward
15:43:09 [addison]
15:44:30 [addison]
15:44:43 [addison]
15:45:24 [addison]
15:45:31 [addison]
15:47:17 [addison]
addison: is this talking about a paste operation?
15:48:18 [addison]
... capture the direction context
15:48:42 [addison]
... may want to recreate direction on a full para, but not if inserted into a larger context
15:49:41 [addison]
richard: asking to have a discussion
15:50:07 [addison]
... discuss with input events people
15:50:16 [addison]
15:50:25 [addison]
15:51:11 [addison]
15:51:25 [addison]
15:52:36 [addison]
richard: about delete word backwards/forwards
15:53:02 [addison]
jck: also the question about which direction 'forwards' and 'backwards' means
15:53:16 [addison]
addison: logical order?
15:53:45 [addison]
... logically preceeding the caret
15:55:33 [addison]
andrew: LTR text with page order is influenced by arabic (bound left)
15:55:45 [addison]
richard: really interesting, can you send info to list?
15:55:57 [addison]
15:55:58 [addison]
15:57:03 [addison]
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15:59:16 [r12a]
ACTION: Richard to forward all comments we discussed during telecon.
15:59:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-654 - Forward all comments we discussed during telecon. [on Richard Ishida - due 2017-09-21].
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15:59:39 [addison]
Topic: AOB?
15:59:47 [addison]
richard: will shorten list again
16:00:56 [addison]
richard: I'm knee deep in apples, please come pick some up
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zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been addison, r12a, Bert, andrewc, JcK, David
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