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13:31:17 [lisa]
agenda+ Voting and calls for CFC's - The last week for SC into WCAG 2.1
13:31:20 [lisa]
agenda+ wording for understanding sections
13:31:20 [lisa]
agenda+ were to put our other advice. Issue papers or a section in the road map?
13:31:21 [lisa]
agenda+ TPAC?
13:31:44 [lisa]
agenda+ personlizations... urgent actions
13:33:09 [lisa]
agenda+ timescales/schedules for extra matirials
13:37:58 [lisa]
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zakim, next item
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agendum 1. "Voting and calls for CFC's - The last week for SC into WCAG 2.1" taken up [from lisa]
14:07:12 [lisa]
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scribe: silver
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14:10:58 [silver]
1 week left to get a draft into WCAG. First step is to vote on the survey on things that are likely to get in
14:11:19 [lisa]
14:11:21 [lisa]
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14:12:50 [silver]
Step 2- they get discussed in the WCAG calls so voting now is very important. if anyone needs help with the voting process please let Lisa know so that she can help.
14:13:45 [silver]
WCAG calls are every T/TR. If it gets through, it goes to call for consensus.
14:14:51 [lisa]
14:14:57 [silver]
hit reply all and +1 to vote, when it is thru into the draft then we will write the understanding section, sell link above.
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14:16:24 [lisa]
Timeouts (AAA) 14 (Going to CFC)
14:16:26 [lisa]
* Personalization (AA) and (AAA) 6 (going to CFC and already passed CFC, respectively)
14:16:27 [lisa]
14:16:29 [lisa]
The parenthetical that follows each is the “ready to go”/might approve with minor changes or a note/not ready ratio from surveys:
14:16:31 [lisa]
* Pointer Inputs​ (A) 61 (10/2/1)
14:16:34 [lisa]
* Metadata (in optional conformance section) (10/0/2)
14:16:34 [lisa]
* Animation (AAA) 18 (4/3/0)
14:16:35 [lisa]
* Undo (A) 38 (9/9/2)
14:16:37 [lisa]
* Plain Language (AAA) 30 (7/7/3)
14:16:38 [lisa]
* Linearization (9/3/1)
14:16:40 [lisa]
* Pointer inputs with additional sensors (8/2/1)
14:16:41 [lisa]
* Device sensors (6/0/1)
14:16:44 [lisa]
currant stuitis
14:17:13 [JohnRochford]
14:18:08 [silver]
John asked if we will need to vote again and yes, we will have to vote once they go back.
14:18:16 [JohnRochford]
14:18:45 [JohnRochford]
14:18:47 [silver]
there were strong concerns on the personalization one; nothing will go in after the 22nd
14:19:08 [lisa]
14:20:50 [silver]
Even if it is in the draft it does not mean it will get in the final version. for example, personalization there are concerns that can be addressed after the 22nd.
14:20:54 [lisa]
ack j
14:21:44 [silver]
John asked about successful authentication - Lisa responded that it is in and we are talking about what we can get in
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14:22:37 [silver]
SC can be removed once there is public comment
14:23:07 [JohnRochford]
14:23:15 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:23:15 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "wording for understanding sections" taken up [from lisa]
14:23:23 [lisa]
14:24:31 [Pietro]
14:24:40 [silver]
link to google doc is above
14:25:22 [silver]
we need everyone to review these as we create them
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14:28:06 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:28:06 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "were to put our other advice. Issue papers or a section in the road map?" taken up [from lisa]
14:29:22 [neilmilliken]
OK I have voted on both surveys
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14:31:52 [silver]
Lisa presented some ideas for getting other info out there - issue papers or it could be a section in the road map. Lisa created a google doc (link above), and we could put a section of what our recommendations are such as user testing, etc..
14:33:36 [lisa]
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14:36:33 [JohnRochford]
14:43:16 [lisa]
ack j
14:44:25 [silver]
John - i've been looking at the authentic sc and i can not tell if edits are being recorded anywhere
14:45:51 [silver]
lisa confirmed that the edits are being made; John K suggested being in suggestion mode rather than editing mode
14:46:43 [lisa]
14:46:57 [AndyHeath]
14:48:44 [lisa]
14:50:06 [silver]
start thinking about how to structure this document - be prepared to make suggstions on next week's call
14:50:24 [lisa]
zakim, next item
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agendum 4. "TPAC?" taken up [from lisa]
14:51:36 [silver]
lisa assigned an action item to andy, neil and shari -
14:52:49 [silver]
action item is to think about the structure of the document
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14:53:25 [lisa]
zakim action: neil, shari , andy think about structure of
14:53:58 [lisa]
action: Neil Milliken, shari , andy think about structure of
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Created ACTION-227 - Milliken, shari , andy think about structure of [on Neil Milliken - due 2017-08-24].
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I now have to join the low-vision task force conference call. Ciao everyone.
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agenda +
14:55:54 [lisa]
14:56:22 [Jan]
14:56:39 [lisa]
14:57:01 [lisa]
14:58:37 [silver]
Jan - suggested that we ask LDA to partner with us
14:59:20 [silver]
andy asked if the gap analysis doc was in a version other than html
14:59:39 [silver]
it is not
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been JohnRochford, lisa, silver, neilmilliken, Jan, Pietro, janina, kirkwood, AndyHeath
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