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16:00:33 [wseltzer]
zakim, clear agenda
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agenda cleared
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present+ wseltzer
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zakim, who is here?
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Present: wseltzer, dveditz, terri, ckerschb__
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16:06:18 [wseltzer]
dveditz: I wanted to talk about status of mixed contet and referrer policy, but we don't have the editors
16:06:57 [wseltzer]
Topic: Minutes approval
16:07:34 [dveditz]
16:08:04 [wseltzer]
dveditz: hearing no objections, approved
16:08:10 [dveditz]
Topic: News
16:08:23 [wseltzer]
dveditz: TPAC is coming up
16:08:34 [wseltzer]
... pre-registration ends Oct. 8, and then rates go up
16:08:51 [wseltzer]
16:09:00 [wseltzer]
s/Oct. 8/Oct. 6/
16:09:05 [dveditz]
6-10 November 2017
16:09:21 [wseltzer]
dveditz: TPAC is Nov 6-10; WebAppSec is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday
16:09:24 [dveditz]
16:11:16 [dveditz]
Topic: Obsoleting CORS
16:11:53 [wseltzer]
dveditz: I raised on the list obsoleting CORS. The spec is old and doesn't reflect what browsers actually do
16:12:04 [wseltzer]
... ongoing work is in Fetch
16:12:25 [wseltzer]
... so it's not useful to have CORS sitting around
16:12:35 [wseltzer]
... mark as Obsolete and point to replacement
16:12:41 [wseltzer]
... to serve implementors better
16:13:33 [wseltzer]
... only reply was mnot asking about CORS for Developers
16:13:39 [wseltzer]
... I'd like to get Brad's feedback
16:14:13 [wseltzer]
... I'll call for consensus on this call, and then announce on list
16:14:26 [wseltzer]
16:15:19 [wseltzer]
16:15:31 [wseltzer]
dveditz: any objection to obsoleting CORS?
16:15:37 [wseltzer]
terri: sounds reasonable to me
16:15:48 [wseltzer]
16:16:00 [wseltzer]
16:16:08 [wseltzer]
dveditz: I'll announce that decision to the list
16:16:41 [wseltzer]
Topic: AOB
16:16:59 [wseltzer]
dveditz: Terri asked about testing
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16:20:41 [wseltzer]
terri: it would be good to have a current testing priority list
16:21:35 [wseltzer]
16:21:38 [wseltzer]
rrsagent, make logs public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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16:23:21 [wseltzer]
chair: dveditz
16:23:27 [wseltzer]
Meeting: Web Application Security WG
16:23:32 [wseltzer]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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