Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

12 Jul 2017

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janina, MichielBijl, Gottfried, tdrake
me, Gottfried


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preview agenda with items from two minutes

Janina: Start conversation today about some formal comments.

Michiel: Starting for a Dutch company in Aug. Not a member of W3C.

Michael: High time to have a f2f in Germany.

Gottfried: If it is just APA, i can look into hosting it at Stuttgart Media University.

Janina: Could be together with one of our subgroups.

Gottfried: We have rooms to fit about 30 persons. But should be in a time with no lectures.

TPAC 2017 https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Meetings/TPAC_2017

Janina: I will start working on the agenda. In particular, cross-groups.
... Please book your travel

Task Force Checkins

Michael: Rosson did not reply yet. I told Chris about it.

Janina: New co-facilitator for CSS tf - Ian Pouncey from Paciello Group.
... Trying to get the co-chairs together.

Michael: No progress on coga gap analysis.

Janina: I saw the tf draft for personalization.

Michael: I have incorporated Leoni's comments.
... Looks like the Wiki covers most of the issues.
... Issue: Connect IRC to GitHub issues. Not sure whether to use this.

Janina: Somewhat of interest to us.
... Could help us to attach comments to specs.

Michael: Ted, you and Ian should talk without Rosson, to transfer what you are thinking. Need to get started even without Rosson.

Ted: Can we chat on where we like?

Michael: yes

Push API Response https://github.com/w3c/push-api/issues/259

Janina: Our comments were quickly dismissed. We did not get any notification outside GitHub tracking.
... We were told: You are asking for a feature from the wrong spec. The spec referenced is not a W3C spec.
... I have a problem with being told to go outside W3C spec to deal with our issue - no process established for this
... We should not just let it drop.
... Originally came out of payments group to push notifications on a mobile device - could do damage when in a payments transaction.
... One of the co-chairs of payments acknowledged this as a general problem, not just for a11y.

Michael: Mixed mind. I don't know about any process that prohibits us from filing comments on non-W3C technologies. But moving forward in this leaves a gap in W3C specs.
... Worried about W3C horizontal review mission.
... Not sure what to do.
... If we later block advancing due to this dependency - what will happen?

Janina: Would this be yet another APA formal objection? - Famously disruptive.

Michael: Makes us look like the bad guys even more.
... Not formally objecting when we see a problem is also not good.

Janina: At least we should push for an appendix.

Michael: They closed the issue after Leonie said it's good. But she was not talking on behalf of APA.
... None of us had seen Leonie's comment before they closed it.
... She was probably not meaning to talk on behalf of APA.

Janina: She might be our liaison - not sure however

Michael: Don't remeber if Web APIs was another group - and another liaison.

Ted: We are asking for the ability to set a user setting for behaviour in case of a push mechanism. Is this dependent on a personalization service?

Michael: Push API says how you can make things get pushed. If we talk about controlling this, they say this is notification.
... Arguably, you should not have something insular like this.

Ted: Yes, it is a matter of notification, not push. Push is a basic function. Customization should be decided at another level.

Janina: I am okay with the substance. We can file a comment in this direction. But W3C should have a marker in here. We need to be able to rely on this.
... Personalization by the app. We might even want phone calls to be paused for the payment transaction.

Michael: In a11y consideration section we could mention that we should be aware of the personalization aspect of notification.
... Or do we want to go further?

Janina: We should not request that W3C take over notification. But we should expect that we can express the dependency, and document our concern.
... I am eager to take this up with the payments people.

Michael: They could be intending to go to CR any day.

Janina: I will see if i can draft something for payments.

Actions Checkin (Specs) https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/products/8

new on TR http://www.w3.org/TR/tr-status-drafts.html

Michael: No open actions on people who are here - aside from Janina and me.
... Wide review request on TCML. We had no comments on it.

Janina: i can do it

<MichaelC> CSS Fonts Module Level 4

This specification defines modifications to the existing CSS Fonts 3 specification along with additional experimental features.

Michael: Not sure if we are interested in this.

Janina: Could be useful for low-vision.

Ted: Yes, there are some interesting things in here. What does "optical resolution" mean?

Michael: Optical sizing. There is color fonts as well. Could create some a11y challenges. That would be covered by WCAG.

Janina: Should we defer this review to some other people in CSS?

Ted: It should definitely be reviewed. Everything looks great until someone misuses it.
... We should look for hidden things like fading or flashing.

Janina: Assign it to Ian, and have him talk to Ted. And ask a CSS expert on low vision.

Michael: We can just assign the issue on CSS Github.

<scribe> ... Done

<MichaelC> Motion Path Module Level 1

Motion path allows authors to animate any graphical object along an author specified path.

Michael: You can define a path and have something move on the path. It can also rotate along the movement.
... It is an animation thing, with all of its issues.
... I am inclined to not reviewing this.

Janina: Okay

Other Business

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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