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Meeting: Silver Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 27 June 2017
13:35:03 [Lauriat]
13:35:16 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Vacation schedules (should we cancel July 7?)
13:35:22 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Web Professionals article
13:35:31 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Research project sheet review
13:35:33 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Open action item review
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13:40:10 [jeanne]
zakim, take up item 3
13:40:10 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Research project sheet review" taken up [from Lauriat]
13:40:28 [jeanne]
Jan: Concerns with Bob Dodge, hasn't heard from him in weeks.
13:40:38 [jeanne]
... give up on Stephanie
13:40:47 [jeanne]
... catching up with Klaus next week
13:40:56 [jeanne]
... haven't heard from Nancy
13:41:30 [jeanne]
... Mike has responded and is available to meet
13:42:43 [jeanne]
... Scott, Klaus and Mike are scheduling time this week.
13:43:15 [jeanne]
... Tyson is getting ready to meet
13:43:50 [jeanne]
... maybe Jemma could reach out to Stephanie, I keep getting out of office messages. She hasn't responded.
13:46:13 [jeanne]
Jan: I am out at a conference on Friday. I will be here next week.
13:46:34 [jeanne]
... I will be out the week of the 10th.
13:49:05 [jeanne]
Sarah: Stanley is moving along. Pete has launched his survey internally.
13:49:25 [jeanne]
present+ Jeanne, Jennison, Jan, Sarah, Shawn
13:49:55 [jeanne]
... He will launch it externally in July. He will use an incentive from Bentley.
13:50:31 [jeanne]
... he wants to make sure it is ok with W3C.
13:51:05 [jeanne]
Jeanne: I don't remember any rule about incentivized surveys, and I do remember a survey a couple years ago that offered an incentive.
13:52:00 [jeanne]
Sarah: Pete will launch the survey after July 4. Remember that the last question is an offer to do interviews.
13:52:17 [jeanne]
... he is also looking for contacts from the stakeholder list.
13:53:33 [jeanne]
Sarah: Phil hasn't responded in a while. We had some initial discussion, but he hasn't responded so I think we should move the project to the "interested" list.
13:53:51 [jeanne]
Shawn: I'll leave it in the list, but with a note with the status.
13:54:33 [jeanne]
Sarah: David Swallow has a few questions from a few weeks ago that aren't resolved: one about the stakeholder list and one about compensation.
13:55:40 [jeanne]
Jeanne: What timeline does he have for the project? Arranging compensation for research participants takes longer.
13:55:58 [jeanne]
Sarah: He doesn't have a timeline other than the project timeline. The sooner the better.
13:56:40 [jeanne]
13:58:10 [jeanne]
Jeanne: Policy is drafted and has gone to W3C lawyers. We should use it.
13:58:22 [jeanne]
Sarah: What about the followon outreach?
13:58:51 [jeanne]
Jeanne: You are right that isn't done yet. I won't be able to work on it until July, but it's at the top of my list to do.
14:00:23 [jeanne]
Sarah: Shay is still on the project intentions list. She asked if the Collins Institute could get involved. It hasn't been solidified.
14:01:03 [jeanne]
s/ Collins Institute/Coleman Institute
14:01:24 [jeanne]
s/get involved./get additional funding support.
14:02:18 [jeanne]
Jeanne: Jemma reported on Friday that she is pursuing getting a grant from her university to help with the literature review.
14:02:35 [jeanne]
zakim, close item 3
14:02:35 [Zakim]
agendum 3, Research project sheet review, closed
14:02:36 [Zakim]
I see 3 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
14:02:36 [Zakim]
1. Vacation schedules (should we cancel July 7?) [from Lauriat]
14:02:50 [jeanne]
zakim, take up item 1
14:02:50 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Vacation schedules (should we cancel July 7?)" taken up [from Lauriat]
14:03:09 [jeanne]
Shawn: Away for the next 10 days.
14:03:45 [jeanne]
Sarah: I am available 30, 7, and 14. I won't be available the week of the 17th. I will be available on the 24.
14:04:18 [jeanne]
Shawn: Let's keep July 7. Jeanne, Jan and Sarah can attend.
14:04:28 [jeanne]
Jennison: I won't be available next week.
14:04:40 [jeanne]
No meeting on 4th, we will meet on the 7th.
14:05:28 [jeanne]
zakim, take up next
14:05:28 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Web Professionals article" taken up [from Lauriat]
14:07:48 [jeanne]
Sarah: It is an article for a magazine, Web Professionals. Mark responded to the initial Stakeholder email in January. I forwarded it privately to the active team. He outlines what he is looking for.
14:08:01 [jeanne]
... he has room for two pages of information including images.
14:08:17 [jeanne]
... he wants us to write the article.
14:09:04 [jeanne]
Sarah: He is hoping to get it by July 1.
14:12:47 [jeanne]
Shawn: I can write up the info by friday, or I will email Mark to say we can't make the deadline.
14:13:05 [jeanne]
... I'll send it around so we can adapt it to an intro for the wiki page.
14:13:22 [jeanne]
zakim, take up next
14:13:22 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "Open action item review" taken up [from Lauriat]
14:13:38 [jeanne]
14:14:59 [jeanne]
action-15 due 14 July
14:15:00 [trackbot]
Set action-15 Add expectations to research page due date to 2017-07-14.
14:15:28 [jeanne]
action-54 due 14 July
14:15:28 [trackbot]
Set action-54 With Jennison as lead, reach out to accessibility meetup organizers. due date to 2017-07-14.
14:16:44 [jeanne]
close action-89 preparation is done, ready for a meeting agenda
14:17:17 [jeanne]
Sarah: The preparation is done. It's ready for a meeting agenda to discuss.
14:17:29 [jeanne]
Shawn: can you send it around?
14:17:57 [jeanne]
Sarah: Can we talk about it Friday?
14:18:11 [jeanne]
action-92 due 7 July
14:18:11 [trackbot]
Set action-92 Set up a WBS form for the Stakeholder opt-in form. due date to 2017-07-07.
14:20:31 [jeanne]
action-98 assigned sarah
14:20:43 [jeanne]
action-98 due 30 JUne
14:20:43 [trackbot]
Set action-98 Research timeline info for david's blog post from research deadline and overall timeline. due date to 2017-06-30.
14:21:52 [jeanne]
action-99 due 7 July
14:21:52 [trackbot]
Set action-99 Draw up budget based on notes from david and discussion in the tf meeting. due date to 2017-07-07.
14:22:07 [jeanne]
zakim, take up next
14:22:07 [Zakim]
I do not see any more non-closed or non-skipped agenda items, jeanne
14:22:18 [jeanne]
rrsagent, make minutes
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14:23:29 [jeanne]
Topic: Bonus Survey - WCAG Usability study
14:24:07 [jeanne]
Sarah: I have been thinking about a survey that we could produce as a task force instead of from the researchers.
14:24:29 [jeanne]
... Pete is running a branch in his own survey about usability of WCAG
14:24:53 [jeanne]
... How easy to learn, how easy to use, how easy to teach? are factors of usability.
14:25:54 [jeanne]
... I envisioned a survey tool that would list the WCAG A success criteria and have a selection of "this is easy to learn" or not
14:26:40 [jeanne]
... I don't want people to have to think a lot about it, just a quick evaluation of how easy they are to learn.
14:27:11 [jeanne]
... it's more of a gut check on the success criteria usability of the success criteria.
14:27:31 [jeanne]
... It's studying the success criteria as a user interface component.
14:28:25 [jeanne]
Shawn: I think it's a good idea.
14:28:44 [jeanne]
Sarah: We think we know which are hard or easy.
14:29:41 [jeanne]
Shawn: It is particularly interesting from the teaching aspect. We need to get this in front of different groups. We may think it is clear, but others may be confused. Meaningful Sequence is an example.
14:30:46 [jeanne]
Sarh: We have to trust people to just click on what is on the page, and not google it and read about it. It isn't real science, because we can't control the outside factors, but the purpose is to give us a sense of what is needed.
14:31:25 [jeanne]
action: Sarah to work on the WCAG Usability Study survey for 7 July 2017
14:31:26 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-100 - Work on the wcag usability study survey for 7 july 2017 [on Sarah Horton - due 2017-07-04].
14:32:07 [jeanne]
Jennison: Is it sent to Stakeholders or the world?
14:32:15 [jeanne]
Shawn: Both, I recommend.
14:32:47 [jeanne]
Sarah: we can use the demographic questions to determine the level of knowledge.
14:32:58 [jeanne]
rrsagent, make minutes
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14:35:27 [jeanne]
chair: jeanne, shawn
14:35:35 [jeanne]
rrsagemt, make minutes
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