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Meeting: Silver Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 02 June 2017
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Meeting: Silver Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 02 June 2017
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agenda+ Research project sheet review
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agenda+ Research project sheet review
13:43:50 [SarahHorton]
agenda+ Action item review
13:43:55 [SarahHorton]
agenda+ Survey meta question prioritization poll
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zakim, take up item 1
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agendum 1. "Research project sheet review" taken up [from SarahHorton]
13:44:21 [SarahHorton]
chair: Shawn
13:44:29 [SarahHorton]
Scribe: Sarah
13:44:44 [sloandr]
Lowell Reade is interested in WCAG adaptations. We could use this as a case study of one organisation that created an adapted version, and a template for other similar investigations
13:44:58 [jeanne]
present+ jeanne
13:45:27 [SarahHorton]
present+ Shawn, Jan
13:45:57 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Has contact of researcher who is looking at WCAG adaptations
13:46:08 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Will share with Dave
13:47:50 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Stanley starting this summer
13:49:32 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Pete will provide an update before next meeting
13:50:05 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: What is status of core questions
13:50:11 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Need signoff
13:50:28 [SarahHorton]
Dave: Will share with RQTF
13:50:51 [SarahHorton]
Dave: Will ask for feedback by early next week
13:51:46 [SarahHorton]
Dave: Will ask them to respond by Wednesday
13:52:16 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Let's sign off questions by next Friday
13:53:35 [SarahHorton]
present+ Jennison
13:54:18 [SarahHorton]
Core research questions:
13:57:00 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Dave Swallow, question about recruitment/compensation and core questions
13:58:17 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Will work on getting a budget, needs itemized list of what we need
13:58:26 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: What would you need, prioritized
13:59:26 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Think about it as mini-grant, let's have meeting and figure out what we want, or send email
14:00:20 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Looking at tokens of appreciation for help, determine how many participants across research studies, arrive at total amount
14:00:43 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Diary studies will likely require incentive
14:01:08 [SarahHorton]
Dave: Incentives that are guaranteed, incentives that are offered as reward
14:01:24 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Incentives do drive participation
14:02:17 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: What else do we need?
14:02:29 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Funds to help with meeting before CSUN
14:03:38 [SarahHorton]
Dave: Funding specific things, participation, meetings
14:05:38 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Meeting before CSUN will be after research, analysis, from there have meeting to develop prototypes
14:06:12 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Also consider accommodations for meetings
14:06:53 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Can start with this, will reach out for more details as needed
14:07:41 [jeanne]
14:08:23 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Is anyone looking into impact of WCAG 2.1 on Silver?
14:09:10 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Lessons learned from 2.1 rollout, what worked, what didn't?
14:09:38 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Some things looking at that directly and indirectly
14:10:18 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Will be talking to working group participants
14:10:57 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Could we add to research questions?
14:11:28 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: There are a few questions where it's implied
14:12:04 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: How about adding a question, What might we learn from the rollout of WCAG 2.1?
14:12:41 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Also ask question in end-user community, people who are in companies that need to apply the guidelines
14:13:32 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Good to look at communication around implications of new guidelines
14:13:49 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: How would you design a rollout, document ideas, build a plan
14:13:56 [Lauriat]
I've added "What can we learn from the WCAG 2.1 process and rollout?" to the research questions page:
14:15:03 [jeanne]
topic: Silver budget needs
14:15:16 [jeanne]
topic: What can we learn from WCAG 2.1 rollout
14:16:10 [jeanne]
topic: Individual Silver team members research projects
14:16:53 [jeanne]
Sarah: I think we should look at what we are doing individually on the team to support the research questions.
14:17:59 [jeanne]
Shawn: Jeanne and I have been very busy this spring, but this summer things should calm down. I want to work on individual research questions.
14:18:49 [jeanne]
Sarah: I think we should take Jennison's idea of addressing the Silver rollout as a project
14:19:24 [jeanne]
Jan: I want to look at how we can onboard more people to participate in Silver -- simplifying the Stakeholder form
14:19:57 [jeanne]
... I am meeting with Jeanne on Wednesday to talk about Stakeholder onboarding and communication.
14:20:31 [jeanne]
Sarah: We need to have a way to take ideas and move forward with them with more participation.
14:20:56 [jeanne]
... even if it is just a Google folder that we put ideas in that others can contribute to.
14:21:50 [jeanne]
... we have talked about Foundational things that we have talked about we need to do the work. Like the Core Questions. When we get these in place, we can use the shared toolkit and head in the same direction.
14:22:38 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Had list of people who wanted to contribute, another part of toolkit is communicating to and enroll new people in doing work
14:24:22 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: We were going to do an additional outreach to stakeholders, were going to offer an option to opt in
14:24:49 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Were going to ask their permission to share their information with researchers
14:25:03 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Letter is drafted, need opt-in form
14:26:03 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Maybe we should have discussion about what are things that need to be in toolkit
14:26:58 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Going through action items and poll for research question prioritization
14:27:27 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Put all questions in poll and ask which are priorities for Silver development
14:27:56 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Want to make clear as possible that we are asking what is important for Silver
14:28:54 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Question, options are not directly related to development of silver, middle option, essential for development of Silver
14:29:31 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Midpoint might be may or may not be
14:29:46 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: How about useful but not essential
14:30:12 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Not having required responses
14:31:06 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Concerned about people who don't have an opinion
14:31:27 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: What about making that a choice
14:33:26 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Not directly related, Essential, and I don't have an opinion
14:34:51 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Will make them all required
14:35:21 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Will present options in random order so there's not implied prioritization
14:35:53 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Will send email to task force once draft is ready
14:36:40 [SarahHorton]
zakim, take up next
14:36:40 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Action item review" taken up [from SarahHorton]
14:37:29 [SarahHorton]
14:37:44 [jeanne]
Topic: What goes in the Toolkit as part of the Action Item Review
14:38:08 [jeanne]
14:40:09 [jeanne]
action-89 due 9 June
14:40:09 [trackbot]
Set action-89 - prepare to share bonus survey with tf due date to 2017-06-09.
14:40:47 [jeanne]
close action-86
14:40:47 [trackbot]
Closed action-86.
14:41:42 [jeanne]
Sarah - Communication with Stakeholders -- that is holding up the diary studies
14:41:52 [jeanne]
... Stakeholders are a tool in the toolkit
14:42:29 [jeanne]
... Budget will help Dave Swallow move forward in his study. Incentives will help with any study
14:44:38 [jeanne]
... onboarding for researchers - organizing all the docs that researchers need for us.
14:44:48 [jeanne]
... onboarding for new participants
14:44:56 [jeanne]
... the Core research questions
14:45:06 [jeanne]
... the Copyright policy
14:45:20 [jeanne]
... policy for using the stakeholder list
14:46:46 [jeanne]
action-25 due 21 July
14:46:46 [trackbot]
Set action-25 Will reeach out to w3c members who informally committed resources to silver tf. due date to 2017-07-21.
14:48:16 [jeanne]
Sarah: Invite people to take ownership of the different parts of the toolkit and work on them with others, so they move forward.
14:48:25 [jeanne]
... other activities are dependent on them.
14:51:10 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Three buckets, Stakeholders, Budget, and Onboarding
14:51:54 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Researcher Onboarding and Community Onboarding
14:52:21 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: I will own Researcher Onboarding budget
14:52:49 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Setting up the Google form and sending out update to stakeholders
14:53:57 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Should stakeholder communications come from co-chairs?
14:55:09 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Jeanne is owning Budget
14:56:58 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Will coordinate Community Engagement
14:57:49 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Will own Stakeholders
14:58:37 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Nov 9 event, heard back from venues, they have room that will hold 50 people
14:59:57 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Would want to make sure attendance is open to community
15:00:47 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Keep communications casual
15:01:35 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: First half hour mix/mingle, will turn over to Shawn/Jeanne to facilitate
15:03:00 [SarahHorton]
action: Jennison to continue work on arranging Nov 9 meetup
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15:06:08 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Meeting from 6:30 to 9, start up at 7
15:07:10 [SarahHorton]
regrets+ Jemma
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