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WebEx tells me "The meeting has been cancelled"
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I am using the link from the wiki / mail archive
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all, very sorry but please use: instead
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I've just updated the link for webex on the main call wiki:
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scribenick: dsr
12:16:02 [dsr]
chair: Michael
12:16:12 [dsr]
present+ Dave_Raggett
12:16:30 [dsr]
Topic: Thing to Thing Research Group meeting
12:17:02 [dsr]
This is in respect to the next WoT F2F in Dusseldorf. The T2TRG meeting is in Prague.
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12:17:29 [dsr]
Anyone know what pass is needed for the T2TRG meeting?
12:17:33 [kaz]
Present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Angel_Retamar, Danh_Le_Phuoc, Daniel_Peintner, Dave_Raggett, Johannes_Hund, Kunihiko_Toumura, Masata_Ohura, Matthias_Kovatsch, Michael_Koster, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Takeshi_Yamada, Taki_Kamiya, Keiichi_Tokuyama, Uday_Davuluru, Katsuyoshi_Naka
12:17:50 [dsr]
The one day pass for the IETF is $375, is that sufficient?
12:18:18 [dsr]
Michael K: Ari would know.
12:18:29 [kaz]
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present+ Masato_Ohura
12:19:07 [dsr]
Karsten would know.
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Topic: OCF Liaison meeting
12:19:41 [kaz]
present+ Federico_Sismondi
12:19:45 [dsr]
Small meeting - we discussed our goals for the next WoT F2F. We would like to have some demos running.
12:19:58 [dsr]
Michael K: I will work mostly on the upper layer stuff
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s/Michael K:/Michael_K:/
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s/Michael K:/Michael_K:/g
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz
12:20:55 [dsr]
Michael M. The current open source software is in pretty good shape and includes device simulation. I am still trying to get it runnng and can share what I learned.
12:21:17 [dsr]
Topic: Presentations
12:21:24 [kaz]
s/Michael M./Michael_M:/g
12:21:32 [dsr]
No presentations scheduled for today.
12:21:54 [dsr]
Topic: Summary of Osaka face to face
12:22:28 [kaz]
-> photos and slides from the Osaka f2f
12:22:51 [kaz]
-> minutes from Friday
12:23:25 [dsr]
Kaz presents some of his photos of the face to face.
12:23:27 [kaz]
-> draft compiled minutes
12:24:04 [dsr]
We had some visitors to the plugfest and we showed them our demos.
12:24:46 [dsr]
Siemens had a fault with their temperature sensor and were able to use one of the other demos to source the room temperature as a thing.
12:25:36 [dsr]
We had around 50 people for the second day and a good set of talks for the Open Day, including an invited talk on behalf of Open Fog.
12:25:47 [dsr]
We got a group photo!
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12:26:26 [dsr]
The rest of the days were focused on the IG/WG work items with break outs.
12:26:46 [dsr]
The agenda has links to slides and photos.
12:27:18 [dsr]
For security, we started with a talk in the open day and then had sessions on successive days.
12:27:43 [dsr]
We reviewed the threat model and references to external work.
12:28:03 [kaz]
->,_May_2017,_Osaka,_Japan Osaka f2f wiki
12:28:07 [dsr]
We added roles and use cases to the threat model
12:29:46 [dsr]
One of the outcomes was a diagram showing the security boundaries for a WoT run-time and drivers etc.
12:30:44 [dsr]
Any questions?
12:30:47 [dsr]
12:31:13 [dsr]
Johannes covers the scripting break out summary
12:32:02 [dsr]
We had two sessions, one on modelling of thing management. Nimura-san provided use cases and diagrams. Zoltan provided an architecture image.
12:32:58 [dsr]
In the second session we discussed the new version of the APIs and the similarities/differences to browsers.
12:33:20 [dsr]
The minutes were taken online.
12:34:19 [kaz]
- Wed. 17:
12:34:19 [kaz]
12:34:19 [kaz]
12:34:19 [kaz]
- Thu. 18:
12:34:21 [kaz]
12:34:23 [kaz]
- Fri. 19:
12:34:25 [kaz]
12:34:28 [dsr]
12:34:52 [dsr]
Michael_M: one question is about access to the device harware?
12:35:17 [dsr]
Johannes: we agree that this should be through a thing.
12:35:30 [dsr]
Michael: this is good for security
12:35:48 [dsr]
Johannes: and to avoid fragmentation.
12:36:14 [dsr]
Serbastian summaries the discussions on thing descriptions
12:36:20 [kaz]
12:37:21 [dsr]
We discussed the baseline thing description model with properties, actions and events.
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12:38:35 [dsr]
We looked at using JSON-LD and also regular JSON
12:38:47 [dsr]
in respect to serialisation of interaction models
12:39:29 [dsr]
Michael: do the examples on the slide refer to the same interaction model?
12:39:47 [kaz]
-> RFC6690
12:40:55 [kaz]
[kajimoto-san's proposal on @include and @remove]
12:41:02 [dsr]
For the lifecycle of things, Kajimoto-san presented some ideas on introducing new terms for JSON-LD, e.g. @remove. He presented a demo and hopes to collaborate with the JSON-LD Community Group with a view to standardising the additions,
12:41:31 [dsr]
We looked at how to add semantic annotations to JSON schema.
12:44:37 [dsr]
This focused on use of @type declaration. There was a lot of discussion, e.g. does it make sense to use JSON Schema. We would like to look at other proposals from Dave and Yongjing.
12:45:02 [dsr]
12:46:04 [dsr]
Sebastian please use the following issue for discussion
12:46:50 [dsr]
We also discussed the thing description namespace, and how we would like to deal with versioning.
12:47:08 [dsr]
We discussed serialisation on Friday afternoon.
12:48:24 [dsr]
Daniel: we decided to take a fresh look at serialisation formats, and would like to consider a format that appeals to web developers, and another format that is better suited to high performance/constrained devices.
12:49:57 [kaz]
(sebastian is looking for the link for the schema type discussion)
12:50:02 [kaz]
scribenick: kaz
12:50:10 [kaz]
dsr: gives summary of LD discussion
12:50:26 [kaz]
... focused on the relationship between interaction model and semantic model
12:50:49 [kaz]
... encourage sdos to converge
12:51:15 [kaz]
... we have bridging ontology
12:51:22 [kaz]
... linking semantic models
12:51:38 [sebastian]
issue about semantic annotations in type definitions:
12:52:05 [kaz]
dsr: expected plugfest during upcoming f2f
12:52:21 [kaz]
... ontologies for OCF, Echonent, OPC,e tc.
12:52:38 [kaz]
... to look at the opportunity for W3C to define APIs
12:52:52 [kaz]
... light-weight APIs to access ontologies
12:53:17 [kaz]
... the diagram on the right side explains the idea
12:53:49 [kaz]
... motion sensor, e.g., of OCF, provides data to other devices, e.g., oneM2M
12:53:59 [kaz]
... variations of cross-devices
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12:54:32 [kaz]
topic: Next f2f
12:55:12 [kaz]
-> Uday's slides on Dusseldorf meeting
12:55:27 [kaz]
ud: will work with Kaz for the wiki and registration site
12:55:38 [kaz]
mm: suggestions for transport?
12:55:49 [kaz]
ud: try to look into it
12:56:44 [kaz]
... getting observer requests
12:56:57 [kaz]
... working smart staff
12:57:01 [kaz]
12:57:19 [kaz]
mm: use case discussions for OpenDay
12:57:26 [kaz]
ud: smart city or energy
12:57:36 [kaz]
... they work on mobility
12:57:46 [kaz]
... Matthias also mentioned some company
12:58:06 [kaz]
... note the dates will be 9-13 July
12:58:17 [kaz]
... Monday, 20 July would be OpenDay?
12:58:28 [kaz]
mm: depends on who can come which day
12:58:40 [kaz]
12:59:09 [kaz]
... monday sounds like a plan at the moment
12:59:27 [kaz]
ud: would like to start invite observers then
12:59:48 [kaz]
... any other opinions from the group?
12:59:57 [mjkoster]
Husqvarna -- also chainsaws and off-road racing motorcycles
12:59:58 [kaz]
(no specific comments)
13:01:02 [sebastian]
13:01:15 [kaz]
topic: Next step - roadmap
13:01:20 [kaz]
mk: slides online
13:01:24 [mkovatsc_]
13:01:41 [kaz]
mk: please see the above slides
13:01:46 [kaz]
... no time for today
13:01:58 [kaz]
mm: would like to talk about marketing things as well
13:02:12 [kaz]
mk: will be taking vacation next week
13:02:29 [kaz]
mm: better to have some discussion this week?
13:02:38 [kaz]
mk: this week would be better than next week
13:03:43 [kaz]
kaz: we should talk with the W3C Comm Team as well
13:03:55 [kaz]
mm: would start some initial discussion as well
13:04:12 [kaz]
sk: I'll be on vacation next week too
13:04:33 [kaz]
... Taki will take the lead for Friday, May 26th
13:05:34 [kaz]
... btw, wondering about the write permission for the TD repo
13:05:45 [kaz]
kaz: let's have discussion on that point offline
13:06:37 [kaz]
mm: btw, this Friday, neither Zoltan or Elena can make the Security call
13:06:57 [kaz]
kaz: let's cancel the call then
13:06:59 [kaz]
mm: ok
13:07:21 [kaz]
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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