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Meeting : BlockchainCG F2F meeting at Paris
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Chair: Marta
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zakim, who is here?
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Present: mountie, marta, adrian, adli, favier, jean, floreng
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Yes. I'm here.
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zakim, who is here?
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Present: mountie, marta, adrian, adli, favier, jean, floreng, nicolas, colin, robic, adrianS, antoine
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zakim, who is here?
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Present: mountie, marta, adrian, adli, favier, jean, floreng, nicolas, colin, robic, adrianS, antoine, red40_, fabrice, allen
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scribe: mountie
07:28:57 [mountie_]
marta: now we start F2F meeting. working building document
07:29:54 [mountie_]
marta: competition is good. but good standard will increase echo or unified system.
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07:30:27 [mountie_]
marta: started at Lisbon, during the TPAC, decided to make usecase document
07:31:28 [mountie_]
marta: collected usecases. created document. hope to finalize the document today.
07:31:46 [mountie_]
scribe: mountie_
07:32:31 [mountie_]
marta: thanks to Jean hosting this meeting.
07:33:37 [mountie_]
jean: talking about today's schedule.
07:34:39 [mountie_]
favier: french association for blockchain, Le Cercle Du Coin
07:35:01 [mountie_]
favier: launched association in Dec 2015
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07:37:37 [mountie_]
webex link :
07:37:54 [mountie_]
marta: introduce each other.
07:38:24 [mountie_]
marta: security architect at blockstream. working on HyperLedger also.
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07:38:43 [mountie_]
allen: principle architect in blockstream
07:38:54 [mountie_]
jean: canton-consulting
07:39:08 [mountie_]
adrianS: Czam
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07:41:22 [mountie_]
members are introducing himself
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marta: now the topic is Use Cases
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07:47:22 [mountie_]
allen: can we talk about high-level of use case document?
07:47:41 [nba]
I missed the link to it, just joined (Nicolas)
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07:48:06 [nba]
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07:52:12 [mountie_]
allen: considering other case append-only database. what is different?
07:54:07 [mountie_]
nicolas: talking public/private blockchain
07:54:38 [mountie_]
adrian: suggest sharing interests
07:54:48 [Jean-Yves]
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08:20:36 [ChristopherA]
From that report, in particular the "commitments" graphic.
08:23:32 [ChristopherA]
two sources for others who have worked on use case:
08:23:58 [ChristopherA]
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Here te list i was refering :
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zakim, who is here?
09:46:32 [Zakim]
Present: mountie, marta, adrian, adli, favier, jean, floreng, nicolas, colin, robic, adrianS, antoine, red40_, fabrice, allen
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09:50:03 [mountie]
mountie: we are talking about the blockchain that is implemented, proved, verified at cryptocurrencies
09:50:13 [mountie]
scribe: mountie
09:50:25 [mountie]
allen: approach from top to down
09:50:34 [mountie]
jean: don't use too much time for definition. touch usecase first, comeback to definition.
09:50:42 [mountie]
moving to Introduction part of usecase
09:50:50 [mountie]
nicolas: any scopes limited?
09:50:58 [mountie]
marta: it depend on CG's decision
09:51:07 [mountie]
09:51:14 [mountie]
allen: summarize commitments of workshop :
09:51:21 [mountie]
usecases of hyperledger is different
09:51:31 [mountie]
marta: summarize levels of use cases:
09:51:38 [mountie]
usecase Level1 : user needs based on key blockchain characteristics
09:51:45 [mountie]
level2: common features - architecture backbone for sectors and domains
09:51:52 [mountie]
level2: identity management, audit trail, time stamp, linking
09:52:00 [mountie]
jean: confused level1 and level2
09:52:05 [mountie]
level3 is for vertical sectors
09:52:19 [mountie]
trying to add consensus, autonomus vs real world assisted, transaction proofs, micro service architecture with decentralized ledger to Level 2 as common feature
09:52:26 [mountie]
vertial sectors as level3 : telecom, financial, government, manufacturing, retail, utilities, healthcard, hospotality, other
09:52:33 [mountie]
adding more to level3: investment banking(stock issue), Trade Finance, Consumer Banking
09:52:42 [mountie]
adding "investment banking(stock issue), Trade Finance, Consumer Banking" to level4 (not level3)
09:52:48 [mountie]
level4 is sub domains of vertical sectors
09:52:54 [mountie]
level4: Financial(Investment banking (stock issue), Trade Finance, Consumer Banking (P2P payment), Insurance)
09:53:01 [mountie]
level4: Government (public records, non public records, compliance)
09:53:07 [mountie]
level4: Supply Chain under Manufacturing sector
09:53:14 [mountie]
at level4: Energy, telecom, Water & Waste, Emission Reduction under Utilities sector
09:53:22 [mountie]
at level4: Insurance payment, manufactured products, professional services under Healthcare sector
09:53:32 [mountie]
at level4: Tracking, Coupons & Discounts under Marketing sector
09:53:39 [mountie]
jean: is compliance subdomain of Government?
09:53:46 [mountie]
at level4: Compliance, Certification under Legal sector
09:53:54 [mountie]
marta: moving to Level5
09:54:00 [mountie]
allen: I have over 85 use cases for level5
09:55:13 [mountie]
marta: agenda: 1. usecase, 2. prioritization of usecase, 3. terminology and definitions, 4. collaboration with ISO, 5. plan for the next 6 months
09:55:49 [mountie]
adli: what blockchain should be?
09:58:58 [mountie]
allen: wallet, data formats, protocols...
09:59:52 [mountie]
marta: after creating use case document, try to set priority from the cases
10:01:11 [mountie]
marta: we have chance to collaborate with ISO
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10:06:00 [mountie]
mountie: is the usecase for hyperledger specific?
10:06:06 [mountie]
allen: not true
10:07:38 [mountie]
marta: narrow to internet applicable
10:07:39 [ChristopherA]
10:07:57 [ChristopherA]
10:11:10 [mountie]
talking selected potential blockchain usecases from moodys
10:12:00 [mountie]
adrian: the usecases of moodys are for corporate.
10:13:41 [mountie]
allen : need more peer-to-peer or user centric usercases
10:23:23 [mountie]
mountie: user agent can be the center of transactions or block transfers of nodes.
10:28:49 [mountie]
collecting more P2P usecases
10:34:38 [mountie]
mountie: solving same-origin policy restriction of Web with blockchain
10:40:27 [mountie]
talking more for P2P usecases
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13:04:03 [mountie]
scribe: mountie
13:18:14 [mountie]
mountie: by the today morning's discussion, we need to focus more on user centric, p2p use cases. i think
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13:28:29 [mountie]
allen: suggesting Self-Sovereign Blockchain Principles
13:29:27 [mountie]
allen: the principles will help to user centric use cases
13:31:48 [mountie]
allen: peer means server and user
13:46:45 [mountie]
working on use case document focusing on user centric cases
14:06:35 [mountie]
continue work on use case ( )
14:08:01 [mountie]
user centric use cases under discussion are
14:08:25 [mountie]
….hold people accountable & present accountability
14:08:37 [mountie]
…discover information that enables me to communicate while preserving privacy
14:08:55 [mountie]
…choose the level at which I reveal my identity
14:09:05 [mountie]
… be a subject in the loop of the transaction
14:09:19 [mountie]
…have independence from the other parties
14:09:29 [mountie]
… preserve my resilience
14:09:42 [mountie]
… create cooperative organizations
14:09:53 [mountie]
… have censorship resistance
14:10:19 [mountie]
… choose the level of participation ->permissioned/private/public blockchain
14:10:30 [mountie]
…have low economic barrier
14:10:40 [mountie]
…be able to exchange any kind of asset
14:10:43 [mountie]
… choose appropriate context/reputation
14:11:10 [mountie] able to cross the organizational and jurisdictional domain origins with preservation of the privacy and access to data rules set by me (the user)
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15:14:40 [mountie]
marta: now we have direction
15:16:21 [mountie]
marta: we have no concall at this week.
15:18:24 [mountie]
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