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Meeting: Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 19 April 2017
12:53:14 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ CAPTCHA: reporting of findings
12:53:33 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Authentication: clarifying and discussing research questions
12:53:47 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Miscellaneous research topics
12:53:56 [jasonjgw]
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zakim, next item
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agendum 1. "CAPTCHA: reporting of findings" taken up [from jasonjgw]
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scribe: janina
13:03:59 [janina]
jgw: Scott has posted a draft of findings for the Captcha update
13:04:12 [janina]
jgw: Also good discussion in APA for process going forward
13:04:15 [scott_h]
13:04:33 [janina]
jgw: Someone in APA will take ownership and will be responsible for liaison to RQTF
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13:08:38 [janina]
sh: Believe it's a summary of our discussions with references
13:10:13 [janina]
sh: Also, people aren't necessarily users of English charset
13:10:44 [janina]
sh: Also discusses other captcha types not referenced in the existing note
13:14:51 [janina]
js: Asks for better word of classification than "English charset"
13:14:59 [janina]
jgw: Also have references to add
13:18:05 [janina]
[discussion re referencing style]
13:20:05 [janina]
js: Suggesting we may want to add references last, after finalizing text
13:20:44 [janina]
ds: Offering my help, as far as able
13:22:52 [janina]
[discussion of process, github, wiki, editing email]
13:25:48 [jasonjgw]
Janina: Once RQTF has completed the report, APA will consider it. Janina and any other editors on the APA side will then integrate its findings into a revision of the note, and thereafter it will be revised in response to comments from RQTF/APA. Ultimately it will lead to a Call for Consensus.
13:26:11 [jasonjgw]
Janina: once consensus is reached, APA will publish a Note with appropriate attributions.
13:27:49 [janina]
action: jasonjgw to add references and integrate Scott's material in Captcha report
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zakim, who's here?
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Present: jasonjgw, janina, scott_h, sloandr
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zakim, next item
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agendum 2. "Authentication: clarifying and discussing research questions" taken up [from jasonjgw]
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13:30:19 [janina]
jgw: Noting that AGWG is discussing success criteria for authentication
13:30:46 [janina]
jgw: Traditional password, but also other strategies, especially those that require memorizing something
13:31:10 [janina]
jgw: Some issues re short term memory vs long term
13:31:59 [janina]
jgw: APA interest is in W3C specs for authentication, and in defining a11y reqs
13:32:50 [jasonjgw]
Janina underlines the importance of use cases and requirements, supported by references to research. The issues are most likely to arise in implementations rather than in the specifications.
13:33:38 [jasonjgw]
There is a parallel with media accessibility. A good specification needs to be implemented in an accessible manner in user agents, but for this to occur we need strong use cases and requirements.
13:33:58 [jasonjgw]
Janina supports the involvement of the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group.
13:34:17 [janina]
ds: Recalling I was looking at a learning example I will followup on
13:34:47 [janina]
ds: We should remove the captcha ones to tighten our list
13:35:08 [janina]
jgw: There's also the notion of continuous authentication
13:35:45 [janina]
jgw: If some heuristic determines the user is no longer the one who authenticated, a new authentication challenge is posed by the app
13:36:44 [janina]
jgw: W3C Authentication WG thinks in terms of risk analysis
13:37:39 [janina]
jgw: So we need to ask whether AT, or other a11y behavior might trigger this inappropriately
13:38:34 [sloandr]
New section to build on in our existing Authentication reference list:
13:38:36 [janina]
jgw: We just don't know about this
13:39:05 [janina]
zakim, who's here?
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Present: jasonjgw, janina, scott_h, sloandr
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13:40:06 [janina]
[discussion on our ability to share among our wg the copyrighted content we're examining]
13:40:15 [janina]
jgw: There's a process
13:40:41 [janina]
jgw: It's a kind of digital inter-library loan
13:43:39 [janina]
jgw: Both EU's M376 and US Sec 508 require multiple biometric options, especially to not limit to a particular biometric
13:50:42 [jasonjgw]
Jason suggests reading more of the authentication references and identifying further literature (as well as unresolved research questions) related to the topics arising in this discussion.
13:54:42 [janina]
action: sloandr Work with Scott to continue review of authentication literature and reference listings due 2 weeks
13:54:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2125 - Work with scott to continue review of authentication literature and reference listings due 2 weeks [on David Sloan - due 2017-04-26].
13:55:26 [janina]
jgw: Can join this review once Captcha writeup is done
13:55:37 [jasonjgw]
zakim, next item
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agendum 3. "Miscellaneous research topics" taken up [from jasonjgw]
13:56:21 [janina]
ds: Will be reconnecting with Silver work
13:58:02 [jasonjgw]
Janina: two areas that should be addressed as giving rise to research questions. (1) payments, and (2) automotive - autonomous vehicle accessibility is one use case; autonomous buses.
13:58:16 [jasonjgw]
Janina doesn't know who is working on this in a cross-disability context.
13:58:37 [jasonjgw]
APA hasn't had the resources to work on this adequately.
13:58:46 [jasonjgw]
Janina notes the need to attend to both of these issues.
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zakim, bye
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