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Chair: David Booth
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Meeting: Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 18 April 2017
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Topic: final/amended codes
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rob: Eric Haas initially did not thing amended should be a final. He proposed getting implementor feedback first.
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harold: That's one issue, but from a query perspective, I suspect we want to generate our own classifier anyway. What might be considered final from a resource perspective might not be final from a query perspective.
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... When we start putting together classifiers of that sort, do we want a central place in FHIR to put them?
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dbooth: Sounds like a recipe for confusion to have it final for some purposes and not for others.
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rob: Should resolve by Madrid meeting.
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Topic: Mini-ontology generation
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harold: Does it belong in a terminology server or in a static web server?
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... I'll try generating them in a static web server as .owl files.
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... code-system.owl
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(Short meeting because EricP and Thomas Beale were not able to join)
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Present: Rob Hausam, Harold Solbrig, David Booth, Ken Lord
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