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Meeting: Internationalization Working Group Teleconference
15:01:55 [trackbot]
Date: 30 March 2017
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ok, trackbot
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Chair: Addison Phillips
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ScribeNick: addison
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Regrets: Felix, Steven
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Topic: Agenda
15:09:18 [addison]
Topic: Action Items
15:09:36 [addison]
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15:10:38 [trackbot]
action-596 -- Addison Phillips to Adjust the agenda to reflect use of uk time for meeting and update links to dateandtime -- due 2017-03-16 -- OPEN
15:10:38 [trackbot]
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close action-596
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Closed action-596.
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15:11:29 [trackbot]
action-600 -- Addison Phillips to Prepare and submit encoding refresh -- due 2017-03-16 -- OPEN
15:11:29 [trackbot]
15:11:48 [addison]
15:11:48 [trackbot]
action-604 -- Richard Ishida to Move the encoding tracking table to github so addison can update it -- due 2017-03-30 -- OPEN
15:11:48 [trackbot]
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close action-604
15:11:51 [trackbot]
Closed action-604.
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15:12:04 [trackbot]
action-605 -- Richard Ishida to Checks status of svg2 comments -- due 2017-03-30 -- OPEN
15:12:04 [trackbot]
15:12:14 [addison]
richard: all still open
15:12:20 [addison]
... svg work seems on hiatus
15:12:42 [addison]
close action-605
15:12:43 [trackbot]
Closed action-605.
15:12:54 [addison]
15:12:54 [trackbot]
action-606 -- Richard Ishida to Tell travis to go ahead removing bidi controls text from html5 and whatwg -- due 2017-03-30 -- OPEN
15:12:54 [trackbot]
15:12:59 [addison]
close action-606
15:12:59 [trackbot]
Closed action-606.
15:13:23 [addison]
Topic: Info Share
15:13:30 [r12a]
15:13:38 [addison]
richard: now have two sets of tests for test decoration
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15:13:52 [addison]
richard: a couple need some word tweaking
15:14:13 [addison]
... line below "a bit lower" hard to test
15:14:20 [addison]
... tests now there focused on i18n stuff
15:14:27 [addison]
... a few exploratory tests
15:14:39 [addison]
... note in spec says JP different from ZH
15:14:54 [addison]
... put some exploratory for what I think should happen to mongolian
15:15:02 [addison]
... writing tests takes time
15:15:11 [addison]
... figure out how to write more efficiently
15:15:29 [addison]
... took time to create a system to generate tests
15:15:36 [addison]
... first fruit of that effort
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I'm logging. I don't understand 'draft minyutes', addison. Try /msg RRSAgent help
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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15:16:01 [addison]
richard: assertions still use same text as tests, etc.
15:16:19 [addison]
fantasai: just switched to using web tests
15:16:38 [addison]
richard: contribute our tests to platform
15:16:48 [fantasai]
s/web tests/WPT repo/
15:17:14 [addison]
... this is a mechanism for how I create the files
15:17:33 [addison]
fantasai: as far as assertion and instructions
15:17:36 [addison]
... usually quite different
15:17:51 [addison]
... text decoration sometimes have identical text for both
15:18:04 [addison]
... pass condition can be more abstract, not useful assertion
15:18:24 [addison]
richard stuck in properties and values automatically
15:18:35 [addison]
... instructions are "test passes if"
15:18:51 [addison]
... and then may add something like "this is what happense for e.g. Japanese chars"
15:18:57 [addison]
... not perfect but okay maybe?
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15:20:06 [fantasai]
CSSWG is meeting in Tokyo mid-April :)
15:20:49 [addison]
Topic: Radar
15:20:53 [addison]
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15:23:51 [addison]
TOpic: HTML WG wants to close issue 470
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okay by me
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15:27:36 [addison]
Topic: String in WHATWG
15:30:25 [addison]
15:34:27 [addison]
15:35:55 [addison]
Topic: Content Model for Ruby Markup?
15:36:27 [addison]
richard: make a work item?
15:37:25 [addison]
... ttml is defining how ruby should work in their spec
15:37:33 [addison]
... only slightly differently than others
15:37:42 [addison]
... not the syntax, but the objects and how they relate
15:37:50 [addison]
... we have a content model in ruby annotation spec
15:37:55 [addison]
... have one in html
15:38:09 [addison]
... and css ruby spec, which expects some stuff like tabular layout
15:38:17 [addison]
... same ?? with ITS and webvtt
15:38:33 [addison]
... would be nice to produce a document that says what elements you need and relationship?
15:38:51 [addison]
addison: new version of ruby annotation spec??
15:38:55 [addison]
richard: not sure
15:39:20 [addison]
fantasai: happy to review
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15:41:26 [addison]
Topic: Can we publish Approaches to full justification
15:42:01 [najib]
15:42:02 [r12a]
15:42:05 [addison]
richard: publish as an article
15:43:07 [najib]
15:43:12 [addison]
... no objections?
15:43:15 [addison]
ack najib
15:43:30 [addison]
present+ Najib
15:43:43 [addison]
najib: put a comment about tatweel
15:43:54 [addison]
... it gives a better result
15:44:00 [addison]
... gave some explanation
15:44:12 [addison]
... tatweel is only possible for simple fonts
15:44:19 [addison]
... not really an implementation of kashida
15:44:45 [addison]
addison: changes required?
15:44:59 [addison]
najib: no, just confirming what richard wrote
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15:46:09 [addison]
najib: mentioned this in ALReq
15:46:38 [addison]
action: richard: publish Approaches to Full Justification as an article
15:46:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-607 - Publish approaches to full justification as an article [on Richard Ishida - due 2017-04-06].
15:47:08 [addison]
Topic: Support for bidi in strings
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15:47:49 [najib]
15:48:12 [r12a]
15:55:39 [najib]
15:56:53 [r12a]
add "we're seeing problems with this in more and more specs"
16:00:38 [najib]
16:01:40 [r12a]
add point that you should have to use metadata always, only if first strong works
16:01:58 [addison]
action: addison: send richard comments on string-base-direction document
16:01:58 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-608 - Send richard comments on string-base-direction document [on Addison Phillips - due 2017-04-06].
16:01:58 [r12a]
s/should have to/should not have to/
16:02:24 [addison]
Topic: AOB?
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16:20:50 [r12a]
s/only if first strong works/only if first strong doesn't work/
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been r12a, addison, fantasai, Najib
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ACTION: richard: publish Approaches to Full Justification as an article [1]
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ACTION: addison: send richard comments on string-base-direction document [2]
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