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Meeting: Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 15 March 2017
12:52:40 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ CAPTCHA: Preparation of findings, writing/editing process
12:53:27 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Personalization: W3C background and research questions
12:53:50 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Web of Things: accessibility requirements - next steps
12:54:20 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Other research topics (authentication, etc.).
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agenda cleared
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Meeting: Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference
13:23:00 [trackbot]
Date: 15 March 2017
13:23:46 [jasonjgw]
agendum+ CAPTCHA: reporting of findings
13:23:52 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Web of Things discussion
13:23:58 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Other topics
13:24:09 [janina]
scribe: janina
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zakim, next item
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agendum 1. "CAPTCHA: reporting of findings" taken up [from jasonjgw]
13:24:58 [janina]
jgw: Looking now to organize reporting to APA
13:25:21 [janina]
jgw: APA would appreciate report as notes referencing the APA Teuring Note
13:25:42 [janina]
jgw: We will need to discuss the logistics
13:25:59 [janina]
jgw: Wiki? An html doc that we forward around? Main author? etc., etc
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13:27:43 [janina]
sh: Prefer not wiki, but others are OK
13:30:02 [janina]
js: Asks Scott about git chops
13:30:09 [janina]
sh: Willing to give it a go
13:30:18 [janina]
jgw: We need to check with David
13:31:01 [janina]
jgw: Will find out about a github for us
13:31:06 [janina]
js: Ask Michael
13:31:30 [janina]
jgw: Each of us should reread the APA Note:
13:31:55 [janina]
13:34:47 [janina]
js: Reviews basic github setup -- everyone needs an account
13:36:01 [janina]
action: jgw to annotate the Teuring Test document to indicate where RQTF findings can be applied
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action: jasonjgw to annotate the Teuring Test document to indicate where RQTF findings can be applied
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zakim, who's here?
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On IRC I see RRSAgent, scott_h, Judy, janina, jasonjgw, trackbot, MichaelC, shadi
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action: jasonjgw to annotate the Teuring Test document to indicate where RQTF findings can be applied
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13:37:55 [janina]
zakim, next item
13:37:55 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Web of Things discussion" taken up [from jasonjgw]
13:38:30 [janina]
sh: Have a grand focussed around education with pwds re WoT
13:38:42 [janina]
sh: Six month project
13:38:53 [janina]
sh: Just getting started
13:39:39 [janina]
sh: Would like to coordinate research questions with Shadi to be most useful to W3C work
13:40:40 [janina]
sh: Would also like to have Shadi's W4A presentation repeated at the Curtin University
13:41:01 [janina]
sh: For project participants, but others in comp sci have also indicated interest
13:41:43 [janina]
sa: Sounds good, esp the timeline
13:41:52 [janina]
sa: What in the meantime?
13:42:09 [janina]
sa: Can we validate use cases? Add to them?
13:42:30 [janina]
jgw: We should ascertain our thinking is captured
13:43:50 [janina]
jgw: Noting this is a relatively unexplored domain still
13:44:11 [janina]
sa: Had conversations with Claus -- but would not start up for about a year
13:45:29 [janina]
sh: Need my questions developed within the next month in order to get required ethics approval
13:45:53 [janina]
sh: I'm the senior research manager, and have an assistant
13:46:42 [janina]
sa: Suggesting more interling with WoT WG
13:49:47 [jasonjgw]
Janina notes recent attention given to the security and privacy implications of Web of Things/Internet of Things. In particular, there's a problem of access control (e.g., transfer of devices to new owners).
13:50:16 [jasonjgw]
Janina notes the difficulty of transferring control, setting permissions.
13:50:42 [janina]
sh: Interesting. Might ask considerations of ownership
13:51:28 [jasonjgw]
Janina notes the difficulty even for expert users of revoking permissions, and the lack of standards in this area.
13:52:09 [janina]
sh: UI for permissions and access control are complex, and need to be though through
13:52:45 [janina]
jgw: Your care-givers, for instance
13:53:30 [janina]
jgw: This can be difficult to setup properly, and can yield unintended consequences
13:53:47 [Judy]
13:53:56 [janina]
sh: And maybe the situation that the device is for life
13:54:51 [janina]
js: Notes that care-givers can change, so permissions may need revoking and new ones established
13:55:04 [janina]
jb: Notes there are frequently multiple care givers
13:56:08 [janina]
to\\\\topic: Daltonization and Flash Mitigation in Video
13:56:58 [janina]
jb: Discussion came up with EME consideration, but has now moved beyond EME
13:57:28 [janina]
jb: Questions around color shifting to support persons with color vision constraints
13:57:56 [janina]
jb: Also to support people with rapid flashing constraints
13:58:17 [janina]
jb: Want to bring these to RQTF for consideration
13:59:04 [janina]
jgw: Would be useful to have questions formulated so we can begin on this
14:00:50 [Judy]
s/constraints/constraints; neither of these are standardization-ready and would require research, including regarding what level to pursue solutions (OS/driver, or higher level)
14:01:20 [Judy]
Judy will send initial research questions.
14:03:33 [janina]
zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been janina, jasonjgw, Judy, scott_h
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