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Meeting: Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 06 March 2017
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agenda: this
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agenda+ reviews
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agenda+ updates and next steps
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.agenda+ focus for this week
16:18:56 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ review SC, and timelines show status status:, rewording agenda+ review sc wording to get to pending agenda+ Tables instuctions:, issues:...
16:18:57 [Lisa_Seeman]
..."> requests:
16:18:59 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ What have we missed for issues page
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agenda+ be done
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17:05:10 [Mike_Pluke]
CSUN Update: presentations went well
17:05:35 [Mike_Pluke]
Lisa's presentation (withIBM) showed how checkpoints can be made easily
17:06:10 [Lisa_Seeman]
Marisa DeMeglio
17:07:09 [Mike_Pluke]
Code Repo and Codesprint attended. Marissa DeMeglio made a code injection (thing) that only needs one page of mappings for a whole site
17:07:58 [Mike_Pluke]
Jamie and Lisa put semantics into homepage
17:08:38 [Mike_Pluke]
Allows a URI for a template to be added - and they will play around with this going forward
17:08:56 [Mike_Pluke]
Jamie found it "the coolest thing ever"
17:10:19 [Mike_Pluke]
Microsoft people might put someone into Task Force. They have powerful language proofing tools into new Office updates - very compatible with plain language.
17:10:41 [Mike_Pluke]
Is available as an API as well as integrated into Office software
17:12:27 [Mike_Pluke]
Lisa got to talk to proofing and cloud people from Microsoft. Interested to cognitive-friendly development environment for cloud developers?
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zakim, next item
17:23:29 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "reviews" taken up [from Lisa_Seeman]
17:25:31 [Mike_Pluke]
Microsoft want to continue working on refining their language simplification algorithms
17:25:42 [Lisa_Seeman]
zakim, next item
17:25:42 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "updates and next steps" taken up [from Lisa_Seeman]
17:26:30 [maryjom]
17:26:34 [JohnRochford]
17:27:33 [maryjom]
Comments are requested by 31 March 2017.
17:27:41 [Mike_Pluke]
Comment review window is the end of this month (but flexible on later comments)
17:28:39 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:30:35 [Mike_Pluke]
Lisa discussing getting disability groups/experts to comment on what is right/wrong with the COGA aspects of WCAG 2.1
17:31:19 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:31:50 [Thaddeus]
Autism Speaks
17:31:56 [Thaddeus]
but I dont have a contact there
17:32:17 [Jan]
I have a contact at the Learning Disabilities Association in the United States
17:33:13 [Mike_Pluke]
I have a contact who has developed software related to support for people with autism.
17:34:31 [Mike_Pluke]
Ask reviewers to comment on what is there and say what is missing
17:34:59 [Jim_S]
I work with some dementia groups - I could contact their web developers to get round the COGA issues in using the material
17:35:38 [JohnRochford]
Mike is such a diplomat.
17:35:52 [Jan]
I think we need to consider reaching out to other disability organizations with respect to personalization.
17:37:18 [Thaddeus]
I can make an announcement at the Bay Area Accessibility Meetup Group
17:37:33 [Jan]
+1 to Google Document
17:38:07 [Mike_Pluke]
Lisa will do a Google doc that lists who we have contacted
17:38:32 [Lisa_Seeman]
action: lisa to add google doc to aprouch people
17:38:32 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-201 - Add google doc to aprouch people [on Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum - due 2017-03-13].
17:38:58 [Mike_Pluke]
Propose a way that what we ask them and how we want people to respond
17:41:33 [Mike_Pluke]
Lisa will add into the Google doc a draft of some guidance that we can give reviewers e.g. where to find a list of new SC and which of these were COGA-specific
17:43:14 [Mike_Pluke]
Where we go to from here. Whether to develop new Issue Papers and work on emotional issues?
17:43:42 [Lisa_Seeman]
zakim, next items
17:43:42 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'next items', Lisa_Seeman
17:43:44 [Mike_Pluke]
Lisa suggests the idea of working on 2 (or max 3) SCs per week in the call
17:43:56 [Jim_S]
+1 to looking at a couple of SC a week
17:44:04 [kirkwood]
17:44:11 [Mike_Pluke]
17:44:24 [Jim_S]
+1 to team discussion
17:44:35 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:45:36 [Mike_Pluke]
Lisa suggests looking at "Clear controls" and "Authentication"
17:45:43 [Lisa_Seeman]
suggets we focuss this week on clear controls and authentification
17:45:45 [Jan]
+1 to authentication as a high priority
17:48:29 [Jim_S]
Should we run the SC through this working group before sending it out to the list?
17:48:30 [Mike_Pluke]
Lisa suggest doing a Doodle poll for suitable times for co-ordination calls on the selected SCs
17:49:15 [Mike_Pluke]
Michael has suggested waiting until the issue is addressed at the working group level - will be an issue in this week's meeting
17:49:18 [Jim_S]
Sorry I meant COGA taskforce first
17:53:23 [Mike_Pluke]
Michael suggests that official working group teleconference is the better way to do things rather than additional COGA calls. it will get more attention from busy people.
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17:54:49 [Mike_Pluke]
Amazon might be interested in joining in on the Bots Issue Paper (someone from the Alexa team)
17:56:22 [Mike_Pluke]
John suggests LV Task Force may be interested in the (Alexa-like) Bots
17:58:19 [Mike_Pluke]
Issues such as non-voice alternative for voice operated bots should be in any related SCs
18:00:21 [Mike_Pluke]
Also ask people involved in developing assistive technologies to review the draft
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