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present+ Dave_Raggett
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zakim, pick a scribe
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Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Dave_Raggett
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scribenick: dsr
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13:09:27 [kaz]
present+ Kaz, Feng_Zhang, Johannes, Toumura, Ohura, Matthias, Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool, Matsukura, Yamada, Taki, Tony, Yongjing
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present+ Yingying_Chen
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Topic: Quick Updates
13:11:01 [dsr]
Kaz summarises the WoT WG editor’s call. The editor’s were assigned in Santa Clara.
13:11:30 [dsr]
We’ve created a separate repository for each deliverable along with a template.
13:12:37 [mkovatsc]
13:13:32 [dsr]
Matthias: we need some work on the dashboard.
13:13:48 [mkovatsc]
13:14:04 [dsr]
Dave: the /WoT/ page already links to the /WG/ page.
13:14:23 [mkovatsc]
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13:14:50 [kaz]
i|IG|kaz: will add links to the WG deliverable repos to the WG page|
13:16:14 [dsr]
Karen and Dave worked on a Media Advisory and plan for a Press Release with testimonials from WG members.
13:17:06 [dsr]
this would be around the time of the FPWD. Dave to circulate the details after talking with Karen.
13:17:24 [dsr]
Matthias: last update from oneM2M
13:17:57 [dsr]
Yongjing: new oneM2M study work item on WoT IG current best practice document.
13:18:15 [dsr]
Huawei, LGE and HItachi will work on it.
13:18:24 [kaz]
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13:18:55 [dsr]
We will have more to discuss at the next F2F
13:19:16 [mkovatsc]
13:19:41 [kaz]
oneM2M liaison on p18
13:19:50 [dsr]
Matthias: in Santa Clara we collected bullet points for the roadmap, we still need a status update on the oneM2M liaison
13:20:14 [dsr]
Yongjing offers to update the slides and send them back to Mathias
13:20:40 [dsr]
Topic: Osaka F2F
13:20:47 [mkovatsc]
13:20:51 [dsr]
The registration is now open …
13:21:02 [kaz]
13:21:12 [dsr]
Kaz: Panasonic have updated the meeting wiki page
13:21:29 [dsr]
Please register as soon as you can
13:21:53 [dsr]
Two social events: visit to demonstration room followed by dinner
13:22:31 [dsr]
Plugfest set up on Monday.
13:22:32 [kaz]
->,_May_2017,_Osaka,_Japan#Agenda agenda
13:24:09 [dsr]
Matthias: this time we want to focus on testing
13:24:30 [dsr]
We expect to also show demos on the open dat
13:24:35 [kaz]
monday morning: plugfest prep
13:24:36 [dsr]
13:24:41 [kaz]
monday afternoon: plugfest
13:24:45 [kaz]
tuesday: openday
13:25:17 [kaz]
wednesday/thursday: tech discussions
13:25:21 [kaz]
friday: admin
13:25:50 [mkovatsc],_May_2017,_Osaka,_Japan#Input
13:26:11 [dsr]
Matthias encourages us to edit the wiki page to provide our input
13:26:11 [mkovatsc]
13:27:20 [dsr]
Michael asks for some improvements to the registration form.
13:28:14 [dsr]
Kaz: people should use the comment field to indicate which days you’re not attending the whole day.
13:29:29 [dsr]
Invited talks will be on Tuesday as part of the Open Day
13:30:07 [dsr]
Michael: I was thinking of inviting people from Open Fog consortium which is pretty active in Japan
13:32:46 [dsr]
Topic: WG status report
13:32:58 [dsr]
Any updates from the WG task forces?
13:33:25 [dsr]
Johannes: Zoltan has prepared a first outline for the scripting deliverable on Monday’s call
13:33:40 [dsr]
s/has prepared/showed. us/
13:33:45 [kaz]
-> scripting ed
13:34:35 [dsr]
Matthias asks Taki who can do a first outline of the TD deliverable (Sebastian is busy with a Siemens internal project)
13:34:55 [kaz]
q+ to mention the ed repo for architecture draft
13:34:57 [dsr]
Taki: we are discussing the day/time for the TD calls
13:35:57 [dsr]
13:36:25 [dsr]
Taki to contact Sebastian to resolve the call slot.
13:36:50 [kaz]
-> TD ed
13:36:54 [dsr]
Matthias asks Taki to copy content from the Best Practices for an initial draft
13:36:58 [kaz]
13:37:24 [kaz]
-> architecture ed
13:37:32 [dsr]
Matthias: Kajimoto-san has set up the architecture draft
13:37:43 [dsr]
ack kaz
13:37:43 [Zakim]
kaz, you wanted to mention the ed repo for architecture draft
13:37:54 [kaz]
ack k
13:38:05 [dsr]
Kaz: I copied his draft to the new repository and added Frank as a co-editor
13:39:03 [dsr]
Matthias: I will work on the binding deliverable when I have time and list the liaisons and expectations
13:39:11 [kaz]
-> binding-template ed
13:40:09 [kaz]
present+ Matsukura
13:40:14 [dsr]
Matthias: I saw some progress on the Linked Data TF
13:40:35 [dsr]
Dave: yes and Darko has created a poll for the call which will be every 2 weeks
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz
13:41:14 [dsr]
Likewise for people interested for the synchronisation task force.
13:41:29 [dsr]
13:41:31 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT IG/WG
13:41:45 [kaz]
Chair: Matthias, McCool, Yongjing
13:41:49 [dsr]
Matthias talks about his plans for testing
13:41:50 [kaz]
regrets: Kajimoto
13:42:18 [dsr]
Another other input?
13:42:22 [McCool]
13:42:48 [kaz]
s/open data/open day/
13:42:49 [dsr]
Michael: yes, we had a short OCF liaison meeting, and OCF seem happy with our proposal
13:42:52 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
13:42:52 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
13:43:01 [dsr]
I will attend the next OCF meeting.
13:43:39 [dsr]
Mathias: the next OCF meeting is next week in Amsterdam followed by the IRTF Thing to Thing Research Group meeting.
13:43:46 [kaz]
s/open dat/open day/
13:43:50 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
13:43:50 [RRSAgent]
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13:43:56 [dsr]
Matthias will attend
13:44:27 [dsr]
also University of Bremen and Ericsson …
13:44:49 [dsr]
Yinying: no update from security task force for this week
13:45:41 [dsr]
Matthias reviews the “stash” of potential items for future IG/WG telecons
13:46:04 [kaz]
s/security task force/communication task force/
13:46:13 [dsr]
Oliver is still busy but looks forward to a future slot on security catch up
13:47:02 [dsr]
Johannes will reach out for a Web Assembly talk, but is not sure it that related to our work
13:47:22 [dsr]
Matthias asks. for a show of interest (no one speaks up)
13:48:36 [kaz]
present+ Achille, Daniel
13:48:56 [kaz]
present+ Nimura
13:49:33 [kaz]
present+ Tokuyama
13:49:38 [McCool]
13:49:41 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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13:49:52 [kaz]
13:50:53 [dsr]
Dave to cover the survey of IoT platforms in next week’s call. The stash items on RDF model and valdiation to be passed to the Linked Data TF.
13:51:45 [dsr]
Michael: we should seek speakers on security, including on the IIC with their security report.
13:52:04 [dsr]
Dave: I could likewise reach out to the IoT-SF
13:52:18 [dsr]
Michael: would be good to have both talks in same call
13:52:34 [dsr]
Kaz: ditto for Auto WG security folks
13:52:45 [dsr]
rrsagent, make minutes
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13:53:42 [kaz]
s/Auto WG security folks/expected Invited Experts/
13:53:54 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
13:53:54 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
13:53:57 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
13:53:58 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
13:53:58 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
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