IRC log of browserext on 2017-01-18

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Meeting: Browser Extension CG teleconf
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16:02:51 [Florian]
mikepie: Some updates on the specs.
16:03:02 [Florian]
mikepie: I've made some commits and merge pull requests
16:03:14 [Florian]
mikepie: One part of this was fixing respect errors.
16:03:22 [Florian]
mikepie: And I've added a number of place holders
16:04:00 [Florian]
mikepie: another group of change was about correctly marking informative vs normative, and correctly using MUST vs SHOULD and so on.
16:04:13 [Florian]
mikepie: then scottlow made a big change
16:04:39 [Florian]
scottlow: my changes are about webdriver
16:05:01 [Florian]
mikepie: We discussed several changes to webdriver during TPAC.
16:05:26 [Florian]
mikepie: Kris has suggestions about ways to extend it, and scottlow made some proposals along these lines.
16:05:51 [Florian]
mikepie: It would be good to get feedback from other browser vendors on that
16:07:08 [Florian]
Florian: If we don't manage to get Mozilla on board today, and it seems we may not, I'll try and figure out how to reengage.
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Florian: Shwetank has rejoined.
16:08:38 [Florian]
Florian: I have confirmed with Opera that they are still interested, but it is not yet clear who they can assign. We will be updated when possible.
16:12:36 [Florian]
Florian: In the absence of a full browser vendor quorum, I'm afraid we have to cut this short. I will be in touch with Mozilla and try to arrange a new meeting as soon as practical.
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present: AndersR, mikepie, scottlow, Florian
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