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trackbot, start meeting
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Meeting: Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 09 January 2017
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ok, trackbot
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agenda: this
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agenda+ review actions , introductions?
16:25:46 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ WCAG proposal reviews
16:25:48 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ Personalization pieces : semantics -, settings (Lisa) , script -, adaptable widgets, templates, and chrome extension
16:25:49 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ Tables
16:25:51 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ What have we missed for issues page
16:25:52 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ be done
16:29:27 [Lisa_Seeman]
regrets: Thaddeus, Jan, Chochia, Ayelet
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present+ Lisa Seeman
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is anyone talking
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17:03:26 [JohnRochford]
We can hear you, Lisa, but you can't hear us.
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we can hear you
17:04:35 [Jim_S]
We can hear you Lisa
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present+ Janina
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17:04:54 [Jim_S]
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scribe: JohnRochford
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zakim, next item
17:07:35 [JohnRochford]
WebEx =
17:07:35 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "review actions , introductions?" taken up [from Lisa_Seeman]
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MichaelC has changed the topic to: COGA telecon WebEx or 649 368 070
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present+ MaryJoMueller
17:08:29 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: There are new members.
17:08:30 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:10:42 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Action item on bots
17:11:05 [JohnRochford]
kirkwood: no progress this past week on bots action item
17:12:13 [JohnRochford]
Mike: Working on ETSI action item, will try to write something up.
17:14:03 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Expects a PTSD draft by next week's meeting
17:15:16 [JohnRochford]
JohnRochford: Will copyedit gap analysis this week.
17:15:22 [Lisa_Seeman]
zakim, next item
17:15:22 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "WCAG proposal reviews" taken up [from Lisa_Seeman]
17:16:11 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:16:42 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: COGA success criteria must get through acceptance criteria.
17:16:54 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:17:15 [MichaelC]
17:17:46 [MichaelC]
ack me
17:18:32 [JohnRochford]
Micahel: Suggests we identify high-priority SC to be assigned to managers
17:20:46 [Lisa_Seeman]
assigned: #33 Error Prevention
17:20:47 [Lisa_Seeman]
#54 Feedback
17:20:49 [Lisa_Seeman]
#21 Task Completion
17:20:53 [JohnRochford]
17:21:17 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:21:25 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:22:47 [JohnRochford]
17:22:53 [MichaelC]
-> SC Manager Role
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17:29:14 [JohnRochford]
Lisa and Michael discussing SC management
17:30:24 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: SC managers manage risks to SC not being accepted
17:30:50 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: SC managers should not be put off by GitHub requirements
17:31:12 [JohnRochford]
17:31:14 [Lisa_Seeman]
action: lisa to bug everyone to take two SC
17:31:26 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-198 - Bug everyone to take two sc [on Lisa Seeman - due 2017-01-16].
17:37:02 [JohnRochford]
Discussion about who can be managers
17:37:50 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Asks Michael if she can be a manager even though she uploaded the SC
17:39:45 [JohnRochford]
John did not hear Michael's response.
17:40:57 [JohnRochford]
JohnRochford volunteers to be SC manager for accessible authentication
17:41:59 [JohnRochford]
Michael: Lisa's question should be answered by the chairs
17:42:04 [Lisa_Seeman]
action: lisa to make intial pritation to the SC tonight
17:42:08 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-199 - Make intial pritation to the sc tonight [on Lisa Seeman - due 2017-01-16].
17:42:30 [Lisa_Seeman]
resolion that we all take two SC to be the manger
17:43:37 [Jim_S]
+1 if someone can walk me through the GitHub stuff
17:43:42 [kirkwood]
17:43:46 [JohnRochford]
17:43:46 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:44:07 [Mike_Pluke]
+1 but will need a complete lesson on use of GitHub
17:44:12 [JohnRochford]
These votes are about whether or not people can manage 2 success criteria
17:45:34 [Lisa_Seeman]
if someone has trouble getting ontop of the SC then that bis an exception
17:46:32 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Will issue a prioritized list of SC tonight so people can volunteer to be managers
17:46:56 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Introducing Pietro
17:47:30 [Pietro]
17:47:42 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:48:05 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Pietro, email me some times good for a call.
17:48:16 [Pietro]
17:48:23 [JohnRochford]
Pietro, you are on mute.
17:48:55 [Mike_Pluke]
One SC that I could try to do is #28 "Consistent Identification and Styles"
17:49:17 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:50:05 [JohnRochford]
Pietro: Works in Italy, focus on people with ASD
17:50:36 [Lisa_Seeman]
zakim, next item
17:50:36 [Zakim]
I see a speaker queue remaining and respectfully decline to close this agendum, Lisa_Seeman
17:50:42 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:50:47 [Lisa_Seeman]
ack john
17:51:01 [Lisa_Seeman]
zakim, next item
17:51:01 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Personalization pieces : semantics -, settings (Lisa) , script -,
17:51:04 [Zakim]
... adaptable widgets, templates, and chrome extension" taken up [from Lisa_Seeman]
17:51:51 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Personalization is very important because it facilitates almost all the other SC, but we need a mechanism to deliver it.
17:53:00 [janina]
q+ To remind, for the record, that ARIA is chartered to do personalization, and that CSS has agreed to trial using Media Queries for personalization
17:53:39 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: We need someone to make robust the personalization app we already created.
17:54:21 [JohnRochford]
Janina: Media queries is another vehicle for achieving personalization we could look at
17:55:00 [JohnRochford]
ok, have to go now
17:55:27 [Lisa_Seeman]
lisa: Media queries is slow
17:55:40 [Mike_Pluke]
17:55:56 [Lisa_Seeman]
Ack j
17:55:56 [Zakim]
janina, you wanted to remind, for the record, that ARIA is chartered to do personalization, and that CSS has agreed to trial using Media Queries for personalization
17:57:10 [Lisa_Seeman]
uMike: use whayt is availible
17:57:59 [Lisa_Seeman]
I will aria space drafts as editors draft by the feb
17:58:04 [Mike_Pluke]
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rrsagent, make logs public
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rrsagent, create minutes
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zakim, please part
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been Lisa, Seeman, Janina, JohnRochford, Jim_S, kirkwood, MichaelC, MaryJoMueller
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ACTION: lisa to make intial pritation to the SC tonight [2]
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