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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
20:25:31 [trackbot]
Date: 22 December 2016
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chair: Nikos
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20:38:04 [nikos]
Topic: Testing
20:38:15 [nikos]
nikos: I have a little to report regards with testing
20:38:16 [nikos]
20:38:37 [nikos]
... This is the results of some of about 500 of the gecko svg reftests
20:39:13 [nikos]
... but run on webkit - to see the differences between the browsers
20:39:21 [nikos]
... the report lists only the failures
20:40:13 [nikos]
... about 150 from my set didn't have references - gecko must do something with green screen success that doesn't use an external file
20:40:48 [nikos]
Tav: I can see some fail due to aliasing differencs
20:41:40 [nikos]
nikos: So what I'm wondering is if there's any plan within Mozilla to move their reftests into wpt
20:42:13 [nikos]
... it would be good to coordinate with them and go in order of things that fail in other browsers first
20:45:03 [nikos]
... so I'll get in contact with Mozilla and see if that's something they're planning
20:45:27 [nikos]
... I'd also really like to get Paul Le Beau's tests into our repository - I think he 'd have a good set
20:45:35 [nikos]
... maybe first telcon of next year we can invite him onto the call
20:46:09 [nikos]
Topic: Add advice on how to handle className conflict in DOM?
20:46:21 [nikos]
20:46:51 [nikos]
AmeliaBR: className is the way the class attribute is exposed in DOM
20:47:04 [nikos]
... this started with HTMLElement - it has a version that exposes a simple string
20:47:13 [nikos]
... because SVG DOM has all the animVal/baseVal stuff
20:47:20 [nikos]
... the SVG className is exposed as an object
20:47:37 [nikos]
... so if you try to use JS methods that assume className is a simple string you'll have all sorts of problems
20:47:51 [nikos]
... this is one of the reasons why there's now a classList interface that is recommended for use
20:48:01 [nikos]
... we added something in SVG saying don't use className, use classList
20:48:20 [nikos]
... the issue now is that a lot of features that were only defined on HTMLElement are now defined on the core Element interface
20:48:23 [nikos]
... including className
20:48:45 [AmeliaBR]
20:48:56 [nikos]
... so now we have a conflict where Element.className exposes a simple string, whereas SVGElement.className exposes the animated string object
20:49:16 [nikos]
nikos: so currently in JS the conflict would be resolved by the prototype chain
20:49:29 [nikos]
AmeliaBR: in a different core language, it may be more problematic
20:49:34 [nikos]
... that the types don't match
20:50:06 [nikos]
nikos: So I suppose we should say the JS behaviour is the canonical behaviour and anything else should emulate that
20:50:17 [nikos]
AmeliaBR: currently we say it's deprecated, but don't address the conflict
20:50:57 [nikos]
... it might be worth adding an informative note that FYI this overrides the element one
20:51:14 [nikos]
... the longer term goal, as I said, would be to work to create a more compatible interface
20:51:32 [nikos]
... so you have an attribute that was a string - but keep the animVal
20:51:50 [nikos]
nikos: Yeah so have an SVGAnimatedString mixin that can extend DOMString
20:52:04 [nikos]
AmeliaBR: but that's a bigger change and we really need to get people on board in making the change
20:52:13 [nikos]
... pretty sure browsers currently expose the SVG 1.1 style className
20:52:24 [nikos]
... so adding a clarification is not a breaking change for anyone
20:52:31 [nikos]
... it's just a continued PITA for authors
20:52:38 [nikos]
nikos: Yeah I think that's the minimum that we should do
20:53:21 [nikos]
RESOLUTION: SVGElement.className will override Element.className
20:53:32 [nikos]
AmeliaBR: I assume that's how it would work in WebIDL without any changes to how it's specced
20:53:51 [nikos]
ACTION: Nikos add clarification for SVGElement.className
20:53:52 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-3865 - Add clarification for svgelement.classname [on Nikos Andronikos - due 2016-12-29].
20:54:00 [AmeliaBR]
20:54:40 [nikos]
Topic: What to do with z and w properties of DOMPoint?
20:54:47 [nikos]
20:55:00 [nikos]
nikos: Think this will be quite simple to resolve
20:55:16 [nikos]
AmeliaBR: Summary is that SVG has all sorts of methods that were originally defined for SVGPoint, which was a 2d x,y point
20:55:22 [nikos]
... but we've standardised them to use DOMPoint
20:55:29 [nikos]
... DOMPoint can also represent a 3d point with z and w
20:55:40 [nikos]
... the question is - do you just ignore z and w?
20:55:52 [nikos]
... or do you error, or somehow flatten?
20:55:57 [nikos]
... I lean towards ignoring them
20:56:01 [nikos]
nikos: +1
20:56:11 [nikos]
... I think ignoring was the original intention
20:56:34 [nikos]
nikos: Should this be clarified in SVG or in DOMMatrix ?
20:56:46 [nikos]
AmeliaBR: should probably be clarified where methods use DOMPoint
20:56:59 [nikos]
... which means going through the spec
20:58:44 [nikos]
RESOLUTION: z and w are ignored on DOMPoint in SVG
20:59:03 [nikos]
nikos: That action will be up for grabs for anyone who wants it - just submit a PR
20:59:30 [Tav]
20:59:38 [nikos]
Topic: Mesh gradient polyfill
20:59:46 [nikos]
Tav: See link above - making progress on the mesh gradient polyfill
21:00:12 [nikos]
... I'm grabbing the canvas as a PNG and using it as an image to fill an SVG
21:00:18 [nikos]
... I'm part way through parsing the mesh syntax
21:00:29 [nikos]
... currently it's just hard coded
21:00:47 [nikos]
... then I'll need to replace the mesh gradient with an image and clip it
21:01:05 [nikos]
... haven't done any attempt at optimisation and it renders fast
21:02:18 [nikos]
Tav: I'm using ArrayBufferObjects
21:03:01 [nikos]
nikos: Maybe using SIMD might help where it's supported
21:04:12 [nikos]
21:05:51 [nikos]
Topic: New year telcon plans
21:06:02 [nikos]
nikos: I'm not sure what the situation will be in the new year
21:06:15 [nikos]
... I'm happy to have a telcon first week after New Year if I'm able
21:06:49 [nikos]
... keep an eye on the mailing list
21:06:55 [nikos]
... and Happy holidays!
21:07:02 [nikos]
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