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16:38:13 [kaz]
present+ Philippe_Robin, Qing_An, Rudi_Streif
16:38:43 [kaz]
Meeting: GENIVI/W3C coordination
16:39:10 [kaz]
pr: VSS?
16:39:12 [kaz]
topic: VSS
16:39:19 [kaz]
rudi: evolving
16:39:30 [kaz]
... Vehicle Signal Server spec by W3C
16:39:49 [kaz]
... looking forward to collaboration
16:40:29 [kaz]
... W3C Automotive WG is on trajectory
16:40:44 [kaz]
... 2 weeks looked at VSS
16:40:52 [kaz]
... OCF endpoint and automated tool
16:41:04 [kaz]
... got feedback
16:41:27 [kaz]
... Carfit, one JLR incubator company, submitted a VSS branch
16:41:39 [kaz]
... adaption and contribution expected
16:41:53 [kaz]
pr: keep parallel?
16:42:00 [kaz]
rudi: working together
16:42:20 [kaz]
... both sides are looking forward to collaboration
16:42:49 [kaz]
topic: LBS
16:43:07 [kaz]
qa: in Sep. submitted an initial draft API during W3C TPAC
16:43:10 [kaz]
... and had discussion
16:43:21 [kaz]
... after that, there is no big update yet
16:43:32 [kaz]
... waiting for input from Philippe Colliot
16:43:55 [kaz]
... he's currently working on Franca API, I think
16:44:06 [ted]
16:44:10 [kaz]
pr: working co-generator for Franca
16:44:27 [kaz]
... very busy with internal work
16:44:45 [kaz]
... hope we'll have his response late Dec.
16:45:13 [kaz]
qa: in Sep. we agreed we can develop WebSocket interface and WebIDL API
16:45:39 [kaz]
... we can hold some more discussion once got Philippe's response
16:45:57 [kaz]
ted: during the F2F, we couldn't talk about Qing An's proposal
16:46:20 [kaz]
... VW's effort will be discussed by the BG
16:46:43 [kaz]
... including LBS and Media Tuner capabilities
16:47:02 [kaz]
... would help Qing An's work
16:47:16 [kaz]
topic: Speech
16:47:38 [kaz]
pr: expect to release standardized API for speech output
16:47:45 [kaz]
... sometime during the next quarter
16:47:58 [kaz]
... use cases are already published on the GENIVI wiki
16:48:07 [kaz]
... PoC implementation early next year
16:48:17 [kaz]
16:48:20 [kaz]
ack t
16:48:29 [kaz]
... expect input from other companies
16:48:39 [kaz]
ted: Nuance was a W3C Member
16:48:58 [kaz]
... there is Google Speech API against Nuance's approach
16:49:22 [kaz]
... maybe a good topic to bring back Nuance
16:49:58 [kaz]
... BG should look at the detail
16:51:14 [ted]
kaz: I would be interested in possible compatibility between Genivi speech API and Google's
16:51:31 [kaz]
pr: need to check with Philippe Colliot
16:51:40 [kaz]
... mainly done by Continental
16:52:04 [kaz]
... can forward this question to Philippe
16:52:34 [kaz]
action: Philippe_Robin to ask Philippe Colliot about compatibility with Google API
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16:52:43 [kaz]
kaz: will send resource on Google API
16:53:40 [kaz]
topic: CES
16:53:48 [kaz]
pr: who will be there?
16:53:53 [kaz]
ted: will be there
16:54:02 [kaz]
... my colleagues, Alan, Karen as well
16:54:07 [kaz]
... Paul Boyes as well
16:54:28 [kaz]
... might want to start a mail thread about discussion there
16:54:41 [kaz]
... outreach, GENIVI/W3C work, introduction, etc.
16:54:52 [kaz]
... people from Nuance may be there
16:55:28 [kaz]
rudi: should have a doodle to decide the meeting time?
16:55:38 [kaz]
... Paul sent us an email
16:55:57 [kaz]
... he says he was thinking about something social, though
16:56:21 [kaz]
... attracting new members using some flier, paper, etc., would be good
16:56:33 [kaz]
ted: Karen from the W3C MarComm Team has resources
16:57:25 [kaz]
... sharing prospects' contact information would be useful
16:57:39 [kaz]
... JLR, GENIVI, W3C, others
16:58:04 [kaz]
... we should reach out and see who would be there
16:58:30 [kaz]
pr: ok
16:59:43 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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