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Probably because I seem to have become the only op
15:58:46 [Florian]
Meeting: Browser Extension CG teleconf
15:58:53 [Florian]
ScribeNick: Florian
15:59:05 [Florian]
Chair: Florian
15:59:34 [Florian]
15:59:45 [mikepie]
15:59:53 [Florian]
16:00:18 [kmag]
16:07:31 [Florian]
Topic: Agenda
16:07:31 [Florian]
Florian: Anything to discuss besides what's listed in the mail?
16:07:31 [Florian]
mikepie: nope, looks good.
16:07:31 [Florian]
aswan: Discussing common ideas
16:07:31 [Florian]
mikepie: It's issue number 3 in my spec
16:08:17 [Florian]
Topic: Native messaging spec
16:08:33 [Florian]
aswan: I finally pushed a draft out yesterday
16:08:47 [Florian]
aswan: Narrowing the scope last month helped, so it should be short
16:08:59 [Florian]
aswan: So now we have something to review and work on
16:09:06 [andrey-r]
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16:09:11 [Florian]
aswan: mike, have you looked at it?
16:09:20 [Florian]
mikepie: not yet, but I should be able to within a week
16:09:26 [Florian]
aswan: Can't complain :)
16:09:44 [Florian]
kmag: I should be able to look as well
16:10:05 [Florian]
Florian: I'll give it a look as well, but you guys are the experts
16:10:22 [Florian]
Florian: aswan, anything you want to ask the group about already?
16:11:15 [Florian]
aswan: native messaging using the ports object, like other messaging. I was hoping to be able to reference the primary spec. Just not sure about how to do the citation
16:11:32 [Florian]
mikepie: Florian has shown me how to do proper links, I'll send you the doc.
16:11:58 [Florian]
aswan: I'd rather avoid duplicating things
16:12:50 [Florian]
Florian: Absolutely, and the tools should help you to it.
16:14:32 [Florian]
Florian: I know more about Bikeshed than respec, but both should be helping us cross referencing, we just need to look at the documentation
16:15:00 [Florian]
Topic: Browser Extension Spec
16:16:12 [Florian]
mikepie: I'll walk you through the changes I'm about to merge.
16:16:39 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 1&2: haven't addressed yet. Will be the next thing I do.
16:17:28 [Florian]
mikepie: Now let's talk about IDs. I have not been able to talk to the broader team about kmag's proposal. I will soon, but not yet, so can't resolve today.
16:18:18 [Florian]
mikepie: Issues 4&5: are things we already agreed about, so I've removed them.
16:18:27 [Florian]
mikepie: 6, 7 and 8 are the same.
16:18:50 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 9: not addressed yet, but will be called issue 4 after merging
16:19:05 [Florian]
mikepie: 10, 11, 12, 13 are already resolved.
16:19:36 [Florian]
andrey-r: I don't recall what I meant about issue 14
16:20:07 [Florian]
mikepie: Since nobody remembers, removing the issue. To be reopened if someone remembers and cares
16:20:27 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 15, 16: previously solved issues, removing.
16:21:03 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 17: Still needs to be done, this is about which DOMString is nullable
16:21:14 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 18: previously addressed, removed.
16:21:22 [Florian]
mikepie: 19, same.
16:22:01 [Florian]
mikepie: I've added section 2.2.2 about promisses and callbacks.
16:22:29 [Florian]
mikepie: I think it makes sense to switch to promisses, but we haven't closed on this internally.
16:23:35 [Florian]
Florian: Can we spec promisses, and try and push that to your team? When do you meet?
16:23:44 [Florian]
mikepie: I expect we'll be able to resolve quickly.
16:24:28 [Florian]
Florian: I wonder what we do if you push back.
16:24:33 [Florian]
mikepie: I think we'll be ok.
16:24:47 [Florian]
mikepie: we just need to go through it, and haven't yet.
16:25:20 [Florian]
aswan: That's as a subsection of Events, but that looks misplaced.
16:25:30 [Florian]
mikepie: Yeah, it should move up one level, maybe 2.3
16:26:39 [Florian]
mikepie: Issues 20 and 21 are about the i18n. kmag said there is some content we could reuse. Is that the one linked from the issue?
16:27:02 [Florian]
kmag: I commented in issue 24
16:27:13 [Florian]
mikepie: Great, I'll use that.
16:28:07 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 22: last time we said we might not need LastError, but would keep onInstalled.
16:28:11 [Florian]
mikepie: I've done that.
16:28:30 [Florian]
Florian: Wasn't leaving out LastError related to using promisses?
16:28:48 [Florian]
mikepie: Yes, I'm half way through, that'll push me over maybe.
16:29:35 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 23: we suggested adding captureVisibleTabs, but not onReplaced, kmag, is that correct?
16:29:37 [Florian]
kmag: yes.
16:29:48 [Florian]
mikepie: so that's what I did.
16:30:48 [Florian]
Florian: I think there was a follow up on github about onReplaced after the call.
16:31:17 [Florian]
mikepie: I'll check github again, but I don't think we needed it. There is always a workaround.
16:31:36 [Florian]
kmag: This is pretty browser specific, I don't think we need it.
16:32:50 [Florian]
kmag: it doesn't work the way I'd guess, and it doesn't seem to follow the description. Even after having tried to implement it.
16:33:23 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 24: still need to do this one. This is about properly declaring the right type of integers.
16:33:49 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 25: not addressed yet.
16:34:25 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 26. I have now linked to the right part of the CSP, but we still need to get into the details, so the issue is not resolved.
16:35:15 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 27 through 30: all resolved in the previous version, removing the resolved issues now.
16:36:40 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 31: What else in addition to the string that gets displayed as a title should we used to identify as an extension?
16:36:53 [Florian]
andrey-r: I think we need both the title and the id.
16:38:10 [Florian]
Florian: in how many places do we show these strings in?
16:39:11 [Florian]
mikepie: in Edge, 3: the store, the management UI, what you get with a tooltip if you hover over the browser action or page action.
16:40:14 [Florian]
mikepie: don't think we'd want one for the store, but the management UI it could be, and the tooltip.
16:41:24 [Florian]
mikepie: but in general having the id is more reliable
16:41:47 [Florian]
mikepie: but for simple test cases, using the strings can be more convenient. And it sounds like something you may want to test as well
16:42:01 [Florian]
mikepie: Ok, sounds good. I'll make the update as we seem to agree.
16:42:53 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 32 is about adding a type indicator. I've added checkboxes, radio buttons, a standard item and a separator.
16:43:13 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 33 is not addressed yet.
16:43:29 [Florian]
mikepie: Neither is 34.
16:43:56 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 35: kmag I think you suggested at TPAC that we may want to support user permissions and prompts
16:44:12 [Florian]
kmag: I think we need to talk to the permission WG
16:44:32 [Florian]
kmag: but the issue comes up when you are trying to use something that causes a permission prompt to pop up
16:44:49 [Florian]
kmag: we need a way to deal with them
16:45:11 [Florian]
mikepie: I understand now. I'll clean that up and get in touch with the permission WG
16:45:39 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 36 about the life time of extensions. I've added section 6.2.1
16:45:59 [Florian]
mikepie: [summaries spec]
16:46:46 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 37: previously resolved.
16:46:57 [Florian]
mikepie: Will merge issue 38 with 35.
16:47:21 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 39: still TBD.
16:48:12 [Florian]
mikepie: everybody OK with the pull request being merged?
16:48:22 [Florian]
all: [nod]
16:48:49 [Florian]
Topic: Logo
16:49:21 [Florian]
Florian: We're no longer an egg on twitter.
16:49:44 [Florian]
Florian: have you checked with the Mozilla design folks?
16:49:53 [Florian]
kmag: not yet, do I need to wait on something?
16:49:59 [Florian]
Florian: I don't think so.
16:51:09 [Florian]
Topic: Next meeting
16:51:18 [Florian]
Florian: How about same time december 14?
16:51:22 [Florian]
mikepie: OK
16:51:24 [Florian]
andrey-r: OK
16:52:09 [Florian]
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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