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trackbot, start meeting
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ok, trackbot
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Meeting: Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 07 November 2016
16:19:32 [Lisa_Seeman]
16:19:33 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda: this
16:19:35 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ review SC, and timelines and status table. Reassigning any SC without a committed date Links: sc todo list:, sc stasus:, rewording
16:19:36 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ review sc wording to get to pending
16:19:38 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ tables
16:19:39 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ be done
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regrets: John Rochford
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+ Thaddeus
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Thaddeus present
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zakim, next item
17:04:53 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "review SC, and timelines and status table. Reassigning any SC without a committed date Links: sc todo list:
17:04:55 [Zakim]
..., sc stasus:, rewording
17:04:55 [Zakim]
..." taken up [from Lisa_Seeman]
17:06:17 [Lisa_Seeman]
reminding john about action 173
17:08:13 [Lisa_Seeman]
scribe: Thaddeus
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Action items
17:08:34 [Lisa_Seeman]
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17:17:35 [Thaddeus]
API Draft by this Friday - Earlier if possible
17:20:16 [Mike_P]
“Freedom from distraction. Presented information is free from distractions if the information is presented so that required information will be perceived without other presented information interfering with its perception. Distractions from a user´s point of view can result from both distracting events and information overload. Freedom from distraction involves minimizing distractions and avoiding distractions.”
17:23:36 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:25:30 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:28:24 [Thaddeus]
Lisa to check in with Janina and distrubute as needed
17:29:02 [Thaddeus]
Lisa to work on Search
17:29:17 [Thaddeus]
Interuptions Janina or possibly Mike
17:29:47 [Lisa_Seeman]
zakim, next item
17:29:47 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "review sc wording to get to pending" taken up [from Lisa_Seeman]
17:29:49 [Thaddeus]
Thaddeus to upload section headings this evening
17:32:18 [Thaddeus]
Received outside contribution to simple language which will be reviewed and updated as relevant
17:32:29 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:33:25 [Thaddeus]
Famliar Design AA due tomorrow
17:35:24 [Thaddeus]
Please review Understandable Language and Familar Design ASAP
17:41:40 [Thaddeus]
replace simple language with plain language
17:41:55 [Thaddeus]
plain language is commonly used in other places
17:42:13 [kirkwood]
17:42:35 [Thaddeus]
17:44:11 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:51:08 [Lisa_Seeman]
zakim, next item
17:51:08 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "tables" taken up [from Lisa_Seeman]
17:51:08 [Thaddeus]
Please date comments in Goggle Docs
17:51:26 [Thaddeus]
Plain Language and Familar Design are the most important
17:51:38 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:52:11 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:58:34 [Thaddeus]
John brought up the topic to orienting to a map
18:05:05 [Thaddeus]
Thank you
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rrsagent, create minutes
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zakim, please part
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been Thaddeus, kirkwood
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rrsagent, please part
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