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Topic: timeline review
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review timeline. added additional checkpoints for key dates (CSUN, TPAC, Requirements doc)
14:22:55 [jeanne]
Added dates for WCAG WG review. We agreed on a 6 week time for WCAG review.
14:23:15 [jeanne]
Added qualification that the timeline may change based on WCAG WG input.
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Topic: Adding WCAG WG Checkpoints to the Design Process
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14:24:36 [jeanne]
Added Checkpoint with WCAG WG to each major phase and several of the subphases.
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Topic: Budget brainstorm
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SL: Make a new document based on the Timeline
14:26:02 [jeanne]
JS: Start adding places where additional resources (money or people) could make a difference.
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... several people that I have talked with have offered assistance of people rather than money.
14:27:29 [jeanne]
... I want to have substantive proposal of what we need.
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SL: Better based on the Methods
14:32:12 [jeanne]
... set up new document for brainstorming
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JS: I added a that we needed grad students for designing and performing Research Studies, and possibly getting a consulting firm to help with the survey. That would cost big money, so it would be better to look for a donation of consultant resources.
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out of time, to be continued on Friday.
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meeting: Silver Sub-group
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