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Meeting: Accessibility Conformance Testing Teleconference
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Date: 19 October 2016
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agendum 2. "OAA Ruleset model" taken up [from Wilco]
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agendum 1. "ACT Framework Req reviews" taken up [from Wilco]
14:10:37 [maryjom]
wilco: There were a couple of responses on the ACT Framework Requirements reviews.
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Charu: Thinks it looks clear and crisp and everyone has captured the points.
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wilco: Mary Jo and Jemma made comments. Updates have been made and will check with Jemma to make sure the updates address her comments.
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Shadi: Will work on some editorial changes, but nothing substantive.
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Wilco: We are pretty well on schedule and will try to get approval to send it off to the WCAG working group in about a week once the editorial edits are complete.
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Shadi: Today we should give the WCAG WG chairs a heads-up that we plan to send to them next week or give them a date when we want approval so they can plan.
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Wilco: Next thing to work on is the first draft.
14:16:05 [maryjom]
Wilco: First draft of the spec typically starts of with an empty draft or template with the chapters or an outline defined.
14:16:59 [maryjom]
Shadi: In the skeleton document, also add editor notes for each section to show the thoughts of the editor on the contents of each section.
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Shadi: We are trying to find additional people to get involved and help with our TF work.
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scribe: maryjom
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shadi: ARIA 1.1 had an aria-describedby (one of the test ruled developed by auto-wcag) which had automatic steps and semi-automatic steps. Some tests are non-trivial and more sophisticated. We can use it as an example to start with so TF members know what kinds of things should be addressed.
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14:22:40 [maryjom]
Shadi: The above link is a description of the format and template
14:23:50 [Wilco]
14:24:16 [maryjom]
wilco: The above link is an updated version of the template.
14:25:29 [maryjom]
shadi: This template could be an appendix in the spec or a side-document that goes with the spec. Every part of the template will need a description of the expected format, such as the format of the date and so forth.
14:26:32 [maryjom]
shadi: In the description there should be some specific points included, such as the specific part of the WCAG specification. It should also include the functional requirements for clarity, etc.
14:27:34 [maryjom]
wilco: Not sure how you would reference the criteria. There's more to it than simply the WCAG SC. It may be applicable to multiple standards.
14:28:25 [maryjom]
shadi: Would have to check how EARL handles that.
14:29:25 [maryjom]
charu: We have all of the programmatic rules, but we don't have an verbal description of all of the rules.
14:30:15 [maryjom]
shadi: One requirement we have is to try to be as open as possible so people can easily port and not make a lot of changes to their own rules.
14:31:42 [maryjom]
charu: Can provide a generic description for how our rules are written
14:32:21 [maryjom]
wilco: Can also do that for AXE so we can compare notes.
14:33:06 [Wilco]
action: Wilco to create a plain English description of axe rule structure
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Created ACTION-8 - Create a plain english description of axe rule structure [on Wilco Fiers - due 2016-10-26].
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action: Charu to create a plain English description of DAP rule structure
14:34:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-9 - Create a plain english description of dap rule structure [on Charu Pandhi - due 2016-10-26].
14:34:32 [maryjom]
shadi: There is typically a status of this document section at the beginning of a draft where we communicate with the reader that this is a first draft outline and we are looking for other formats as an editor note in the introduction.
14:36:10 [maryjom]
wilco: EPUB rules work has not been started.
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zakim, next item
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agendum 2. "OAA Ruleset model" taken up [from Wilco]
14:36:25 [Wilco]
14:37:19 [maryjom]
wilco: Gemma sent us the above note (see link) on the Open Ajax Alliance ruleset. It doesn't have information on the specific procedure.
14:37:58 [maryjom]
wilco: It also has some things that we don't have listed in our auto-wcag rules.
14:39:04 [maryjom]
wilco: Element or page level information doesn't exist in auto-wcag rules.
14:39:45 [maryjom]
shadi: The results are also different.
14:40:54 [maryjom]
wilco: The unique thing about auto-wcag descriptions is that it is only a procedural desription which was something that caused fairly complex test procedures which Alistair had commented on.
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the tools are respec or bikeshed
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zakim, next item
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agendum 3. "action items" taken up [from Wilco]
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exactly! thanks romain!
14:42:29 [Wilco]
14:42:42 [maryjom]
shadi: Above tools will help in the development of the draft spec.
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Charu: Action 4 on reviewing Alistair's input is still in progress.
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