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Meeting: Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 12 October 2016
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we will need to do the "present+" thing again
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regrets+ eparsons, josh, bill
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14:08:48 [Linda]
scribe: Linda
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topic: minutes
14:09:24 [jtandy]
14:09:41 [jtandy]
PROPOSED: approve minutes on 7-Sep-2016
14:09:43 [AndreaPerego]
14:09:44 [jtandy]
14:09:45 [MattPerry]
14:09:46 [ScottSimmons]
14:09:51 [Linda]
+0 not there
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14:09:56 [Linda]
14:10:08 [jtandy]
RESOLVED: approve minutes on 7-Sep-2016
14:10:18 [Linda]
topic: patent call
14:10:51 [Linda]
topic: agenda
14:11:03 [AndreaPerego]
Patent call:
14:11:09 [Linda]
jtandy: issues about current draft,
14:11:34 [Linda]
... next topics,
14:11:42 [Linda]
... time switch
14:12:03 [Linda]
topic: time switch
14:12:23 [Linda]
jtandy: would going to a later time help?
14:12:25 [Linda]
ByronCinNZ: yes
14:12:41 [AndreaPerego]
How much late?
14:14:04 [Linda]
jtandy: the proposal would be 1 hour later, so CET 5 to 6
14:14:13 [AndreaPerego]
No problem for me
14:14:16 [Linda]
ScottSimmons: really good for me
14:14:21 [Linda]
MattPerry: for me too
14:14:39 [jtandy]
PROPOSED: next & subsequent BP sub-group calls will be at 16:00utc
14:14:50 [AndreaPerego]
14:14:50 [Linda]
14:15:02 [MattPerry]
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14:15:46 [jtandy]
ACTION: check with Australians ...
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14:15:50 [Linda]
ByronCinNZ: might be early for the australians
14:15:53 [ChrisLittle_]
Present+ ChrisLittle
14:16:06 [jtandy]
ACTION: jtandy to check new BP subgroup time with Australians ...
14:16:06 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-207 - Check new bp subgroup time with australians ... [on Jeremy Tandy - due 2016-10-19].
14:16:14 [ChrisLittle_]
* Sorry about being late
14:16:23 [Linda]
jtandy: let's go for 1600UTC unless there's a real problem
14:16:38 [Linda]
topic: issues arising from pending WD review
14:17:02 [Linda]
jtandy: has everybody read it, are there questions?
14:17:24 [Linda]
ScottSimmons: yes and no - have read it but not formulated questions yet.
14:17:46 [ChrisLittle_]
14:17:50 [Linda]
jtandy: AndreaPerego, you sent an email, potentially some editorial suggestions?
14:18:27 [Linda]
AndreaPerego: yes, I have something to add, an explanatory note about URIs not resolving yet
14:19:03 [Linda]
... and some minor editorial changes, could we still fix some typos etc? I could do this friday if it's still in time.
14:19:44 [Linda]
jtandy: please do this in a pull request and send an email to the mailing list listing the changes.
14:20:18 [AndreaPerego]
14:20:22 [Linda]
... others as well: if you want to fix small things you can do it in this way.
14:20:29 [jtandy]
ack ChrisLittle_
14:21:10 [Linda]
ChrisLittle_: if I ask for reordering the UCR draft, does that have impact on the BP?
14:21:28 [Linda]
... now alphabetically ordered, but might be better grouped thematically.
14:21:51 [Linda]
jtandy: we reference requirements by name
14:21:53 [AndreaPerego]
q+ to mention the issue with Turtle syntax highlighting in the examples.
14:22:06 [Linda]
ChrisLittle_: so we could renumber them without impacting the BP.
14:22:21 [Linda]
jtandy: and the crossref of BPs and requirements is automatically generated.
14:22:31 [jtandy]
14:22:35 [jtandy]
ack AndreaPerego
14:22:35 [Zakim]
AndreaPerego, you wanted to mention the issue with Turtle syntax highlighting in the examples.
14:22:36 [Linda]
ChrisLittle_: so there's no reason not to ask this.
14:23:04 [Linda]
AndreaPerego: there is a problem with syntax highlighting turtle. This is a bit annoying.
14:23:23 [Linda]
... we could raise this issue with Phil, probably there is a solution.
14:23:52 [Linda]
jtandy: [looks for an example in the BP]
14:23:55 [jtandy]
14:24:09 [jtandy]
14:24:35 [Linda]
jtandy: this example from CSV on the web has syntax highlighted turtle. I can find out how we did that.
14:25:15 [AndreaPerego]
14:25:44 [jtandy]
14:25:45 [Linda]
ACTION: jtandy to find out how to syntax highlight turtle and send it to the group
14:25:45 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-208 - Find out how to syntax highlight turtle and send it to the group [on Jeremy Tandy - due 2016-10-19].
14:26:28 [Linda]
jtandy: so you're all happy with the pending WD
14:26:31 [AndreaPerego]
14:26:37 [ByronCinNZ]
14:26:38 [Linda]
topic: work for next WD
14:26:42 [jtandy]
ack AndreaPerego
14:26:57 [Linda]
jtandy: any thoughts for further work after the pending WD?
14:27:15 [Linda]
AndreaPerego: I have some ideas from the inspire workshop, Clemens can give some details on that.
14:27:36 [Linda]
... Clemens and Ed could highlight ideas.
14:27:55 [Linda]
... for example, focussing (too much?) on the publishers instead of the users.
14:28:04 [Linda]
... but who are the users, web developers, or spatial experts?
14:28:33 [Linda]
jtandy: in our Audience section we say we need to address both, but there's limited time to do this.
14:29:29 [Linda]
... [reads from doc]
14:29:51 [jtandy]
14:29:55 [Linda]
... it's tricky because we have limited time. If we manage to help the publishers, it shouldn't be hard for users to use the data anymore.
14:30:31 [Linda]
AndreaPerego: I agree. but it should be clearer what our focus is.
14:31:00 [Linda]
... we could get ideas from the workshop on where it is not clear enough.
14:31:47 [jtandy]
14:31:58 [Linda]
jtandy: the minutes from the workshop are terse, but it gives an idea of what the participants considered important. e.g. persistent identifiers.
14:32:15 [Linda]
...but we need to wait for Clemens and Ed's report.
14:32:27 [Linda]
AndreaPerego: next meeting they should be talking about it.
14:32:34 [jtandy]
ack ByronCinNZ
14:33:14 [Linda]
ByronCinNZ: on the audience: was explicitly discussed in a previous meeting. In a may or june meeting I think.
14:33:35 [Linda]
... we should look at why we wanted to restrict the focus.
14:34:08 [Linda]
... Am working on crowdsourcing with students from university of Canberry.
14:34:26 [Linda]
... if we want to flesh the crowdsourcing BP out in the next WD we could do it with them.
14:34:54 [Linda]
jtandy: we were wondering if the crowdsource BP was inherently spatial and if we should be including it or not.
14:35:24 [Linda]
... josh was talking earlier about a OGC IE about humans crowdsourcing.
14:35:42 [Linda]
ByronCinNZ: the trust element is important, and there are a few spatial aspects.
14:36:04 [Linda]
... and the community aspect.
14:36:42 [Linda]
jtandy: are the students looking for answers or able to supply some thoughts?
14:36:59 [Linda]
ByronCinNZ: yes, not on all aspects, but on the trust side they are.
14:37:25 [Linda]
jtandy: sounds like worth sharing with the broader group. Could you talk about this in a plenary group meeting?
14:37:51 [Linda]
ByronCinNZ: probably, not the next one but the one after that, in 3 weeks time.
14:38:09 [ScottSimmons]
we lost you, Jeremy
14:38:37 [Linda]
broken up
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14:40:09 [Linda]
ByronCinNZ: yes
14:40:19 [Linda]
14:41:08 [jtandy]
14:41:47 [Linda]
jtandy: so we have the inspire workshop stuff and the crowdsourcing stuff.
14:42:09 [Linda]
... Linda and I talked about having a 4 week or 6 week work cycle.
14:42:17 [Linda]
... do people think that's workable?
14:42:20 [AndreaPerego]
14:42:28 [Linda]
ChrisLittle: good tactic
14:42:32 [Linda]
ScottSimmons: agree
14:42:33 [ScottSimmons]
14:42:36 [Linda]
14:42:38 [ByronCinNZ]
14:42:43 [MattPerry]
14:42:52 [Linda]
jtandy: we should use slack
14:43:07 [AndreaPerego]
+1 :)
14:43:11 [Linda]
... the inspire workshop stuff could go in the first release
14:43:20 [jtandy]
14:43:20 [Linda]
... the crowdsource stuff in the second release
14:43:42 [Linda]
... at tpac we had discussion on a few of the best practices.
14:43:45 [jtandy]
14:44:13 [Linda]
... we discussed BP7, globally unique id's and indirect id's.
14:44:23 [Linda]
... and about making your data indexable
14:44:46 [Linda]
... those could be part of the first release along the inspire stuff.
14:45:02 [jtandy]
section ยง10:
14:45:05 [Linda]
... and there's section 10, how to use these best practices?
14:45:32 [AndreaPerego]
q+ to say that it may be worth having more examples in the BPs
14:45:34 [Linda]
... I'd like to make some progress on that as well.
14:45:39 [ByronCinNZ]
14:45:44 [Linda]
14:45:56 [jtandy]
ack AndreaPerego
14:45:56 [Zakim]
AndreaPerego, you wanted to say that it may be worth having more examples in the BPs
14:46:26 [Linda]
AndreaPerego: we should have more examples, and a running example. Don't know if it's feasible.
14:46:50 [Linda]
... I can provide other examples on metadata, but we need contributions from others as well.
14:47:07 [Linda]
jtandy: we don't need complete examples but we need more in the next release, yes.
14:47:23 [Linda]
... a call for examples is a good idea.
14:47:25 [jtandy]
14:47:30 [jtandy]
ack ByronCinNZ
14:48:02 [Linda]
ByronCinNZ: another thing discussed at TPAC is that it's about spatial, not just geospatial, and we haven't reached out yet to other spatial communities.
14:48:21 [ChrisLittle]
Present+ ChrisLittle
14:49:00 [Linda]
... an approach to this could be to relabel it a geospatial thing.
14:50:38 [Linda]
... 'spatial data on the web - geospatial'
14:50:46 [Linda]
... and we could add other types of spatial later.
14:53:28 [Linda]
Linda: I agree, we need to consider how to deal with this. There's non-geospatial use cases, but no-one from those use cases actively helping us.
14:53:52 [Linda]
jtandy: a way to deal with this is to reach out and ask for help, and make clear that if no-one does, it will not end up in the BP.
14:54:07 [Linda]
... we can ask the chairs to do this outreach.
14:54:12 [Linda]
14:54:28 [ByronCinNZ]
14:54:37 [AndreaPerego]
14:54:50 [MattPerry]
14:55:20 [Linda]
ACTION: ByronCinNZ to ask Ed and Kerry as chairs to reach out to spatial, but not geospatial people to help us with the BP.
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14:56:21 [Linda]
ACTION: Byron Cochrane to ask Ed and Kerry as chairs to reach out to spatial, but not geospatial people to help us with the BP.
14:56:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-209 - Cochrane to ask ed and kerry as chairs to reach out to spatial, but not geospatial people to help us with the bp. [on Byron Cochrane - due 2016-10-19].
14:57:15 [jtandy]
14:57:24 [jtandy]
14:57:26 [AndreaPerego]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
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14:57:28 [jtandy]
ack Linda
14:57:34 [Linda]
jtandy: will communicate to the group about this plan.
14:57:54 [AndreaPerego]
Thanks and bye
14:58:27 [AndreaPerego]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
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