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Meeting: SVG Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 13 September 2016
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18:04:52 [Brian]
shepazu: the current SVG charter expires in November. If we aren't changing the deliverables, normally we'd ask for an extension.
18:05:04 [Brian]
shepazu: as we'll need a 6-8 month extension, we will be asking for a new charter
18:05:20 [shepazu]
18:05:44 [fesch]
18:06:13 [Brian]
shepazu: We had a single SVG2 A11y API mapping spec listed in the current SVG WG Charter
18:06:26 [Brian]
shepazu: this has since evolved into the Graphics Module and the SVG-AAM
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18:11:18 [Brian]
shepazu: This hasn't been formerly reviewed, and is still subject to review by management and members
18:11:43 [Brian]
LJWatson: +1 for updating authoring guidance to go from accessibility specific to general authoring guidance
18:12:19 [Brian]
shepazu: I would like to spend a session discussing the authoring guidelines and what other opportunities we have with this document
18:13:38 [Brian]
fesch: There was a good discusison of the figure roles on-list
18:14:09 [chaals]
[+1 for authoring guidance in general]
18:15:51 [Brian]
richardschwerdtfeger: There is a graphics AAM, there are three specs.
18:16:01 [Brian]
shepazu: what are the three specs?
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18:19:24 [LJWatson]
+1 to a Graphics WG for SVG, Canvas etc.
18:19:31 [Brian]
shepazu: Personal goal in reorganization is to form a graphics working group with SVG, Canvas and some augmented reality
18:19:40 [Brian]
fesch: is WebGL a W3C thing?
18:20:32 [Brian]
shepazu: no, it's a Chronos thing. There is a virtual reality W3C workshop coming up, and there might be some work coming form that. If 6 months from now if we decide to create a graphics WG, we can supercede the charter
18:21:29 [Brian]
TOPIC: News from SVG WG
18:21:44 [Brian]
shepazu: I have been told that we will likely be publishing SVG2 as a candidate rec on Thursday
18:22:12 [Brian]
shepazu: there may still be some deal killers, but we don't think there will be
18:22:22 [Brian]
TOPIC: News from ARIA
18:22:43 [Brian]
richardschwerdtfeger: we're writing test harness stuff and hearding browser cats
18:22:52 [Brian]
LJWatson: what's the timeline for 1.1?
18:23:09 [Brian]
richardschwerdtfeger: We're looking at Q1 or Q2 next year
18:24:28 [Brian]
richardschwerdtfeger: we are getting support from AT vendors. Aria-current went in a while ago. Error message support got locked down. We're working on the API mappings for grids, it's coming.
18:24:38 [Brian]
TOPIC: Publication Status
18:24:58 [Brian]
fesch: weren't heartbeats going to be published this week?
18:25:22 [Brian]
richardschwerdtfeger: Looks like it's all there
18:25:47 [Brian]
TOPIC: Testing
18:26:14 [Brian]
fesch: Testing is quite active. People are starting to get concerned about how hte JSON is formatted and how everything will go together.
18:26:43 [Brian]
fesch: I put out the perl script, so it's out there. I checked the parsing, so the output from both SVG and ARIA 1.1 wiki both parse as JSON, no bugs.
18:27:12 [Brian]
fesch: The shapes of the wikis, more in ARIA 1.1, not having stuff appear was one big issue, how to represent that.
18:27:46 [shepazu]
18:28:04 [Brian]
fesch: I updated our wiki pages to have the stuff updated. I noticed some changes and notified Joanie about what layout test might be affected
18:29:35 [Brian]
fesch: on Wednesday, late in the day, I think 6PM, there is an ARAI 1.1 testing meeting about when all this stuff comes out
18:32:03 [Brian]
fesch: any other questions or comments about testing? Or any other topics?
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