Global Participation Management

About Global Participation Management

The 2016 W3C Internal Reorganization creates Global Participation Management Function. The Global Participation Lead is responsible for ensuring excellent participation from our global community. Responsibilities include:

Practices & Processes

W3C team, together with the Web standard community, has been devoted to enhance global participation ever since the organization was created. Due to the organizational structure and limited resources, the efforts for such a purpose have been in a spontaneous way among the global team of W3C. With the new Global Participation Management Function, more organized and standard practices and processes should be designed to improve the engagement of the global Web community. INITIAL plans for the practices and processed design include the following.


New AC rep welcome & training

Group Participation toolkit/guide delivery via AC rep.

Arm the AC rep with info to help his/her organization employees to participate. A suggested way for the AC rep to convey the info is to forward this toolkit/guide email to the new group participants who just get approved by the AC rep. Or, it might be even friendlier and efficient if W3C system could send the toolkit/guide email automatically when a new participant joins a group.


Participation Enhancement Program

Contribution Recognition Program
W3C Event Engagement Program

Communication with related W3C teams

Set up communication mechanism with strategy management team, project management team, meeting planners and other related W3C functional teams.

Timeline of accomplishment

2016 Goals

2017 Goals

AB Input

    1. Major blocks/issues for participation from a member prospective
    2. Previous AB efforts/practices info collection
    3. Suggestions to the current proposed practices and processes

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