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topic: W3C reorg
13:46:47 [jeanne]
present+ sarah, shawn, jeanne
13:46:59 [jeanne]
meeting: Silver Subgroup
13:48:21 [jeanne]
W3C has reorganized, and there are exciting possibilities for Silver because of it.
13:48:28 [jeanne]
... the devil is in the details.
13:49:10 [jeanne]
Topic: Timeline
13:49:24 [jeanne]
SL: We worked backward and forward from TPAC.
13:49:37 [jeanne]
... 3 proposed processes to discuss with the group there
13:50:04 [jeanne]
... rank them in the discussion, and talk through any changes that the WG wants to make to proposal.
13:50:19 [jeanne]
... then send out a wider email
13:50:39 [jeanne]
... Targeting October 31 as a date for a decision on the process.
13:51:24 [jeanne]
... get public comment before Oct 31 so that it could be finalized by then.
13:51:51 [jeanne]
... TPAC is the time to discuss it and reasoning for the decisions.
13:52:00 [jeanne]
... communicate clearly what we are doing and why.
13:52:26 [jeanne]
... have the 4 weeks time for public comment
13:52:54 [jeanne]
... on Oct 31 announce the process and the decision and the start date.
13:53:26 [jeanne]
... by Sept 16, to finalize the discussion at TPAC, with a strictly time-controlled agenda.
13:53:55 [jeanne]
... e.g. 10 minutes on each topic, with a very structured discussion working toward the selection ofthe process
13:54:14 [jeanne]
... 9 September, finalize the processes
13:54:28 [jeanne]
... 2 September. Create the 3rd option and refine it
13:54:44 [jeanne]
... 26 August, create the 2nd option
13:54:54 [jeanne]
... this week, create the first option
13:55:05 [jeanne]
... today, finalize the goals for the process.
14:01:41 [jeanne]
Topic: Process Options
14:08:06 [jeanne]
[review the project structure and phases with Objectives and Methods, that Sarah has been working on.]
14:08:40 [jeanne]
SH: I think we need to look at all the Methods and sort them into groups of what belongs together and why.
14:09:00 [jeanne]
... One option is to group it by cost
14:09:26 [jeanne]
... how much information do we need to know to make those decisions?
14:10:08 [jeanne]
SL: What I need is a concrete list of goals and stack-rank them.
14:10:29 [jeanne]
... with the goals, we can get a better idea of the methods that get it there.
14:11:06 [jeanne]
JS: Cost, Time and Resources
14:11:27 [jeanne]
SL: Somethings might only take a day, but it could take 15 people.
14:11:47 [jeanne]
SH: A value ranking?
14:12:28 [jeanne]
... a scale of 1-10 with 2 being low, of the value we could expect to recieve from each option.
14:12:41 [jeanne]
Topic: Goals
14:17:44 [jeanne]
Goal 1: Including as many perspectives of stakeholders in the process. To be as inclusive as possible with as many stakeholders as possible to make sure that Silver is more helpful to each of these perspectives.
14:18:38 [jeanne]
... like personas -- bring up as many people as are users of WCAG
14:19:33 [jeanne]
Goal 2 to broadly communicate our efforts
14:20:48 [jeanne]
s/Silver is more helpful / Silver is as effective as possible
14:21:23 [jeanne]
SL: We want communication to be two-ways -- not only that we are communicating out, but we are also creating communication coming in.
14:22:07 [jeanne]
... some parts of the process will be constrained where we don't want too many cooks in the kitchen, others we will want broad communication and handle many opinions.
14:23:18 [jeanne]
Goal 3: Informed decision making drives process. Facts, evidence, data drives decisions. As well as feedback from communication channels. Any decision about the process is made out of facts and evidence instead of
14:23:27 [jeanne]
... "feelings"
14:24:19 [jeanne]
Goal 4: Looking forward and backward in time to Silver, looking how Silver and WCAG will be updated and has to speak to how do we get there, how do we maintain it over time.
14:25:25 [jeanne]
Goal 5: Serve a broader ranger of disabilitites than just the ones known by the working group.
14:25:55 [jeanne]
... Broaden the scope of applicability so Silver is more inclusive of disabilites and technologies.
14:26:12 [jeanne]
... Silver content is more diverse.
14:26:39 [jeanne]
... the process needs to support that goal.
14:27:07 [jeanne]
Goal 6: User community and stakeholders are committed to success
14:27:17 [jeanne]
... we need engaged stakeholders
14:29:20 [jeanne]
Goal 7: Establish clear milestones, so we can track progress throughout the effort.
14:32:04 [jeanne]
SL: The inclusive goal needs to also include different languages, so that the survey can get input from people in other language.
14:33:26 [jeanne]
action: jeanne will set up a survey and draft an email to the WCAG WG
14:33:48 [jeanne]
action: Sarah will get the Process document ready to start work on Friday
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