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Meeting: Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 08 August 2016
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regrets: Deborah Dahl
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agenda: this
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agenda+ review actions, and timelines
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agenda+ wcag SC rewriting : and Issues include: testing, evidence and what needs to be done now
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agenda+ Tables
15:48:31 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ What have we missed for issues page
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agenda+ be done
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-> Draft template for SC
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Scribe: KurtM
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Thaddeus present. Will have to leave on the half hour
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16:14:34 [KurtM]
Deadline for Success Criteria draft language is December 1
16:14:49 [KurtM]
reviewed existing action items
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next item
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no items to close
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no items to close
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next item
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16:19:28 [KurtM]
Two similar templates for new Success Criteria, existing new SC need to be re-written into a template by December 1
16:20:30 [KurtM]
clarification, existing new means new SC from ongoing COGA work
16:23:37 [KurtM]
WCAG WG request for new Success Criteria content represents a lot of work which needs to be completed to make the 12/1 date (e.g. adding evidence of user benefits content)
16:24:36 [KurtM]
Looking for additional information from WCAG WG meeting on 8/9/16 to clarify the request
16:25:09 [KurtM]
Goal is to avoid having a SC rejected due to misunderstand request from WCAG WG
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next item
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I need to leave on the half hour. Feel free to assign and action item to me. I will be on the tables call tomorrow morning
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16:37:25 [KurtM]
Assistance with writing Success Criteria information in template format may be provided by putting the information into a Word or .txt doc, however use of GitHub is preferred.
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Now that I see 3 formats for "present" I don't know which is correct. Rich?
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16:54:07 [KurtM]
WCAG 2.1 may have new Guidelines as well as new or extended Success Criteria
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present +EA
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present +Thud
17:00:38 [KurtM]
Content format (template) used to present new Success Criteria may not survive WCAG WG process, hence content is what matters most
17:01:25 [KurtM]
List looking to provide a means for group to know who is working on which COGA Success Criteria
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been KurtM, MichaelC, Thaddeus, JohnRochford, Rich_Schwerdtfeger
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