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Meeting: SVG Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 06 July 2016
18:02:48 [Brian]
Amelia and I are on the call right now. We can see you in there, but can't hear you
18:06:37 [fesch]
we don't have a big agenda
18:06:44 [fesch]
can Rich chair?
18:06:55 [fesch]
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zakim, who is here?
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Present: (no one)
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On IRC I see RRSAgent, fesch, Brian, AmeliaBR, Rich, chaals, MichaelC, shepazu, nikos, trackbot
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I will try that
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scribe: AmeliaBR
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TOPIC: Publishing specs
18:30:11 [AmeliaBR]
Amelia: We have a resolution from SVG WG:
18:30:29 [AmeliaBR]
Fred: Rich, can you add this to the ARIA agenda this week?
18:31:07 [AmeliaBR]
TOPIC: Updates on SVG 2
18:31:28 [AmeliaBR]
Amelia: We are trying get SVG 2 to CR, ASAP.
18:32:14 [shepazu]
agenda+ telcon time
18:34:54 [AmeliaBR]
Amelia: One important change I'm currently working on is making <use> element compatible with Shadow DOM.
18:35:30 [AmeliaBR]
... This may result in allowing interactive content inside the shadow DOM (consistent with web components), which would mean the shadow DOM would need to be fully accessible.
18:36:19 [AmeliaBR]
... This is a change from what's currently in SVG-AAM, but it shouldn't block publication of the new WD, because we do have a very detailed issue description related to this question that is currently in the spec.
18:37:13 [AmeliaBR]
Fred: Would this change the name & description calculation?
18:37:45 [AmeliaBR]
Amelia: It would for <use> element. Instead of having special rule to get name from the re-used element, the cloned element would actually be child content.
18:39:41 [AmeliaBR]
TOPIC: Telcon Time
18:40:22 [AmeliaBR]
Doug: My schedule has changed: going forward, I will only be available on Mondays or Tuesdays
18:40:48 [AmeliaBR]
... I know we did this not too long ago, but I'll have to set up another poll to find a new time.
18:42:27 [AmeliaBR]
Fred: We've had some other people who haven't been able to often make this time slot, so that is maybe just as well. Can you set up the poll, Doug?
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chair: fesch
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