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13:03:35 [kaz]
Meeting: MMI
13:03:45 [kaz]
present+ Debbie, Helena, Kaz
13:03:49 [kaz]
scribe: Kaz
13:03:52 [kaz]
scribenick: kaz
13:04:03 [kaz]
13:04:09 [kaz]
regrets: Dirk
13:04:56 [kaz]
kaz: SCXML workshop is listed:
13:05:11 [kaz]
topic: actions
13:05:27 [kaz]
-> actions
13:05:39 [kaz]
13:05:39 [trackbot]
action-441 -- Kazuyuki Ashimura to Submit bullet points on mmi to the wot landscape document on github -- due 2016-06-13 -- OPEN
13:05:39 [trackbot]
13:05:58 [kaz]
kaz: submitted the text to GitHub
13:06:09 [kaz]
... and am waiting for the approval of my pull request
13:06:29 [kaz]
close action-441
13:06:29 [trackbot]
Closed action-441.
13:06:53 [kaz]
topic: use cases
13:07:04 [kaz]
ddahl: Dirk is not here today
13:07:26 [kaz]
... put a couple of comments for the automotive use case
13:07:55 [kaz]
-> Use Case wiki
13:08:27 [kaz]
ddahl: comments on UC-12 Smart Car Platform
13:08:33 [kaz]
-> smart car platform
13:08:56 [kaz]
ddahl: added comments to the "Description" section
13:09:53 [kaz]
... Dirk said he would add some more text to this Use Case
13:11:14 [kaz]
... any news on the automotive work?
13:11:35 [kaz]
kaz: the Automotive WG is discussing two portions
13:11:44 [kaz]
... JS API and network interface
13:13:17 [kaz]
ddahl: online/offline processing?
13:13:27 [kaz]
kaz: related to location information
13:13:39 [kaz]
... probably need smarter mechanism than the gelocation api
13:17:01 [kaz]
... automotive wg has restarted their LBS (location-based service) work
13:17:14 [kaz]
... think we need to have some datamodel to handle location information
13:17:27 [kaz]
ddahl: what about the work of the geospatial group?
13:17:30 [kaz]
kaz: not sure
13:17:40 [kaz]
... maybe good timing to see their work again
13:17:44 [kaz]
ddahl: ok
13:17:55 [helena]
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13:17:58 [kaz]
... Helena, do you have any comment on the Use Case 19?
13:18:16 [kaz]
-> Use Case 19
13:18:51 [kaz]
ddahl: anything to be updated?
13:19:09 [kaz]
helena: the idea of complex model
13:19:58 [kaz]
... a MC has an IM itself
13:20:11 [kaz]
... remote orchestration work
13:20:20 [kaz]
... independent of controller
13:20:37 [kaz]
ddahl: more like a requirement?
13:20:48 [kaz]
helena: think this is a requirement
13:21:28 [kaz]
... also multiple IMs for one application
13:21:39 [kaz]
... how to handle that?
13:21:52 [kaz]
... how they communicate with each other?
13:22:16 [kaz]
... similarity of clusters
13:22:41 [kaz]
ddahl: do you think we need to have some new mechanism?
13:22:53 [kaz]
helena: a way to handle a cluster
13:23:10 [kaz]
... with a high-level IM
13:23:34 [kaz]
kaz: would like to agree
13:23:41 [kaz]
... similar to the WoT Servient model
13:24:27 [kaz]
... like ants and the queen ant
13:24:52 [kaz]
helena: maybe each MC doesn't have global view and just concentrate on their own task
13:25:25 [kaz]
... and like the orchestration use case, they might have a high-level manager
13:26:53 [kaz]
kaz: maybe we could create a guideline Note on how to use the MMI Architecture for this kind of use cases
13:27:42 [kaz]
ddahl: we could publish a Note on detailed description on each use case
13:28:08 [kaz]
... architectural examples for the MMI Architecture implementations
13:28:13 [kaz]
kaz: right
13:28:27 [kaz]
ddahl: had a smart hotel room use case
13:28:40 [kaz]
... and a smart car example
13:28:48 [kaz]
... and this millions of MC example
13:29:02 [kaz]
... we might want to pick up another one
13:29:42 [kaz]
... any use cases from the WoT viewpoint, Kaz?
13:29:53 [kaz]
kaz: smart home and smart factory, etc.
13:30:08 [kaz]
ddahl: have accessibility use cases too
13:30:43 [kaz]
kaz: might want to categorize the use cases from that viewpoint?
13:31:30 [kaz]
ddahl: the use cases are not high-level enough
13:32:50 [ddahl]
s/not high-level enough/too high level
13:33:31 [kaz]
kaz: think it might be useful to add "viewpoint", e.g., industry, accessibility, to the use case description
13:34:17 [kaz]
helena: can add some analysis to the use case
13:34:26 [kaz]
ddahl: perfect
13:34:44 [kaz]
... also we can ask the group for specific use cases
13:35:10 [kaz]
s/analysis/analysis from TPAC 2015/
13:35:37 [kaz]
s/"viewpoint"/specific "viewpoint"/
13:36:52 [ddahl]
action: helena to write up the use case of millions of images from TPAC and send to the group list
13:36:53 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-443 - Write up the use case of millions of images from tpac and send to the group list [on B Helena RODRIGUEZ - due 2016-06-27].
13:38:12 [kaz]
ddahl: we already have description, motivation, dependencies, etc., for the use case template
13:38:18 [kaz]
... and we could add "viewpoint" too
13:38:56 [kaz]
kaz: yes
13:39:13 [kaz]
... for example, industry requirements, accessibility
13:39:39 [kaz]
ddahl: maybe "specific industry" like home use/everyday use
13:40:18 [kaz]
... factory, hospitality, etc.
13:40:54 [kaz]
kaz: yeah
13:41:29 [kaz]
... and motivation or merits could be also described from several viewpoints, e.g., customer's viewpoint and provider's viewpoint
13:41:30 [kaz]
ddahl: ok
13:41:35 [kaz]
(updated the template on the wiki)
13:42:08 [kaz]
-> use case template
13:42:31 [kaz]
helena: would you characterize your use case by online shopping?
13:42:43 [kaz]
s/helena:/ddahl: Helena, /
13:42:46 [kaz]
helena: retail
13:43:15 [kaz]
ddahl: adding retail and automotive too
13:43:35 [kaz]
... would be a good idea to publish specific examples
13:44:16 [kaz]
... the other thing is vocabulary
13:44:31 [kaz]
topic: discovery and registration
13:45:00 [kaz]
ddahl: have you been working on that?
13:45:34 [kaz]
helena: we decided some new names
13:45:41 [kaz]
... not in the minutes
13:45:49 [ddahl]
13:46:05 [kaz]
ddahl: put the link above
13:46:34 [kaz]
... are you still waiting?
13:46:53 [kaz]
... anything to do before publication?
13:47:39 [kaz]
... good to have the description on what the video controller would do
13:47:59 [kaz]
helena: not sure if the video controller use case would be the best
13:48:29 [kaz]
ddahl: do you want to redo the description with other use cases like the millions MC?
13:48:53 [kaz]
helena: ok
13:49:20 [kaz]
ddahl: we might want to integrate state management and vocabulary
13:49:40 [kaz]
... but good to have this description first
13:49:48 [kaz]
... is this GitHub version the latest one?
13:49:56 [kaz]
helena: no, will update it
13:50:07 [kaz]
ddahl: ok, I'll give feedback to the new one
13:50:39 [kaz]
... helena should redo the description on the vocabulary document
13:51:03 [ddahl]
action: helena to revise the vocabulary document with a new description
13:51:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-444 - Revise the vocabulary document with a new description [on B Helena RODRIGUEZ - due 2016-06-27].
13:51:20 [ddahl]
action: helena to update vocabulary document in Github
13:51:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-445 - Update vocabulary document in github [on B Helena RODRIGUEZ - due 2016-06-27].
13:51:35 [ddahl]
action: debbie to review updated vocabulary document
13:51:35 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-446 - Review updated vocabulary document [on Deborah Dahl - due 2016-06-27].
13:51:55 [ddahl]
action: kaz to review updated vocabulary
13:51:55 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-447 - Review updated vocabulary [on Kazuyuki Ashimura - due 2016-06-27].
13:53:04 [ddahl]
action: debbie to check on status of APA review of state management
13:53:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-448 - Check on status of apa review of state management [on Deborah Dahl - due 2016-06-27].
13:53:27 [kaz]
topic: WoT
13:53:28 [kaz]
ddahl: any update?
13:54:38 [kaz]
kaz: working on the updated IG charter
13:54:41 [kaz]
... sent to the AC
13:54:51 [kaz]
... now working on 4 documents
13:55:16 [kaz]
... Use Case/Requirements, Architecture, Tech Landscape, Current Practices
13:55:32 [kaz]
... people are interested in Architecture and Current Practices
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13:56:13 [kaz]
-> WoT Architecture
13:56:29 [kaz]
-> Current Practices
14:00:58 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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Chair: Debbie
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