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01:23:24 [Florian]
Meeting: Browser Extension CG ad-hoc teleconf
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01:31:03 [Florian]
Chair: Florian
01:33:50 [Florian]
Scribenick: mikepie
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01:36:59 [Florian]
topic: WebIDL conventions
01:37:56 [kmag]
01:38:07 [Florian]
Scribenick: Florian
01:38:18 [Florian]
kmag: this link is what I plan to send
01:38:31 [Florian]
kmag: there's basicaly to options:
01:38:55 [Florian]
kmag: one use the check any permission attribute, and one that breaks it down and specifies it in words
01:39:55 [andrey-r]
The IDL looks good
01:39:59 [Florian]
kmag: I can walk you through this
01:40:08 [Florian]
mikepie: please do
01:40:32 [Florian]
kmag: there's a top level interface call extension-global
01:40:44 [Florian]
kmag: it has one property, "browser"
01:41:47 [Florian]
kmag: [... describes the content of the mail pasted above ...]
01:42:44 [Florian]
mikepie: I like this model a lot
01:42:56 [Florian]
mikepie: it is a clean way to extend window
01:43:11 [andrey-r]
I agree a little more details would help for anyone on mailing list
01:43:19 [Florian]
mikepie: it can work for dynamic capabilities, added during execution
01:44:01 [Florian]
kmag: that's the way it is done in webapps for the navigator property, saying this must only be exposed in certain context
01:45:16 [Florian]
andrey-r: more details would be good, people on the mailing list will have a hard time understanding
01:45:31 [Florian]
andrey-r: but I like the proposal
01:46:07 [Florian]
Florian: where will you send it? both lists?
01:46:16 [Florian]
kmag: Ok
01:46:17 [andrey-r]
both list would be good
01:46:28 [Florian]
mikepie: any thoughts about the events object?
01:46:45 [Florian]
kmag: would have to give a different name, "tabs" is a terrible name
01:47:15 [Florian]
kmag: Call it broadcaster or something?
01:48:16 [Florian]
mikepie: if we can move forward with this, I can use it in drafts
01:48:43 [Florian]
mikepie: might be some push back, so don't want to rush into using it
01:49:02 [Florian]
kmag: the only push back could be about using attributes that aren't part of the spec
01:49:11 [Florian]
Topic: Top level object name and protocol name
01:50:20 [Florian]
mikepie: can go with browser or navigator.extension, and prefer browser, but Opera was preferring the other one.
01:50:35 [andrey-r]
I am ok with both
01:50:45 [Florian]
kmag: for the protocol, browser-extensions:// feels too long
01:51:06 [mikepie]
How about browser-ext:// ?
01:51:15 [andrey-r]
browser-ext:// - Yes
01:51:31 [Florian]
Florian: is browser:// too short for the protocol name?
01:51:51 [Florian]
mikepie: Microsoft people expressed concern about extension://
01:51:58 [Florian]
Florian: browserext:// ?
01:52:04 [Florian]
kmag: Happy eitherway
01:52:24 [Florian]
mikepie: I think browserext:// is good
01:52:32 [andrey-r]
01:52:41 [Florian]
Florian: and just browser for the object?
01:52:41 [mikepie]
And browser.* for object
01:53:32 [Florian]
Florian: Opera proposed "nex", do we want to to follow that?
01:53:54 [Florian]
mikepie: it does make sense, but I prefer what we just said
01:54:04 [Florian]
kmag: I'd be ok for the top level object, not the protocol
01:55:05 [Florian]
Florian: Seem there's no objection either way, but a preference for browser, browserext:// Should we resolve on that?
01:55:41 [Florian]
mikepie: want to loop in Shwetank
01:55:49 [Florian]
Florian: resolutions during meeting are provisional anway
01:56:25 [Florian]
RESOLUTION: use "browser" as the top level object, and browserext:// as the protocol name
01:56:41 [Florian]
Florian: do we need to register that protocol?
01:56:45 [Florian]
mikepie: I can do that
01:56:59 [Florian]
ACTION: mikepie to register browserext://
01:57:44 [Florian]
Topic: How to identify functions/properties/events under the objects we've identified
01:57:54 [Florian]
mikepie: how do we do that? should I prepare something for the next meeting
01:58:32 [Florian]
Florian: Set it up as a github issue, and we discuss there?
01:58:43 [Florian]
mikepie: Sounds good.
01:59:09 [Florian]
Florian: once we have that and the IDL, we can make a spec that looks like one
01:59:14 [Florian]
mikepie: yes
01:59:21 [Florian]
Topic: TPAC
01:59:30 [Florian]
Florian: what do we want to do there?
01:59:33 [Florian]
andrey-r: meet
01:59:46 [Florian]
Florian: I've requested a time slot
02:00:01 [Florian]
mikepie: First time for CGs to meet at TPAC right?
02:00:09 [Florian]
Florian: yes
02:00:30 [Florian]
mikepie: should we try and have a more complete spec to review?
02:00:37 [Florian]
andrey-r: yes, hard to be productive otherwise
02:01:21 [Florian]
mikepie: should native messaging be together?
02:01:27 [andrey-r]
Native messaging is very important topic
02:01:57 [Florian]
Florian: we can only book for the CG
02:02:08 [Florian]
andrey-r: is this going to be madness again, with stickers on the board
02:03:02 [andrey-r]
02:03:09 [Florian]
Florian: madness is the wednesday unconference, we should get a sane time slot
02:03:16 [Florian]
Florian: I'll follow up
02:03:31 [Florian]
ACTION: florian to check if we got the time slot requested
02:03:35 [andrey-r]
I was saying that I would prefer to meet as early as possible, but if thursday is best for most that's fine
02:05:44 [Florian]
Florian: Houdini shows that you can have productive meetings for high level discussions, but in our case having concrete things to discuss would indeed be better, so let's try to have a draft spec
02:09:30 [Florian]
Topic: next meeting
02:09:48 [Florian]
Florian: would be good to have topics ahead of time, please file github issues or ML threads
02:10:11 [Florian]
mikepie: when do we meet next
02:10:16 [Florian]
andrey-r: anytime
02:10:24 [Florian]
Florian: not next week, but anytime
02:10:33 [Florian]
mikepie: June 29, same time?
02:10:52 [Florian]
RESOLUTION: next meeting June 29, same time
02:11:56 [Florian]
Present: andrey-r, kmag, mikepie, Florian
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RRSAgent, make log public
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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RRSAgent, bye
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