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Meeting: Browser Extension CG teleconf
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Chair: Florian Rivoal
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The hangouts link doesn't seem to be working for me.
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Weird, it does for me. Let me try and invite you
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I just get a black screen
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Calling you.
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Present: Florian Rivoal, Kris Maglione, Andy McKay
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Scribenick: Florian
01:49:28 [Florian]
Florian: Given the limited attendance, this will be a short meeting.
01:49:55 [Florian]
Florian: I presume there wasn't a long enough notice for people to set aside time to join
01:50:09 [Florian]
Florian: and Mike had a last minute conflict
01:51:12 [Florian]
Florian: There's just two points I'd like to briefly touch on anyway.
01:51:19 [Florian]
Topic: Native messaging
01:51:59 [Florian]
Florian: There have been discussions on the Mailing list about whether and when we should look into Native Messaging.
01:52:29 [Florian]
Florian: Given dependencies on the rest, which isn't specified yet, it is a bit tricky to specify already.
01:53:01 [Florian]
Florian: but at the same time, Mozilla is starting to implement
01:53:50 [Florian]
Florian: What we could do is start a separate spec/repo under the CG, that depends on the main one.
01:54:24 [Florian]
Florian: At first it would only be a dumping ground for issues and questions, but it could get fleshed out progressively
01:54:57 [Florian]
Florian: But that only makes sense if someone, presumably from Mozilla, is willing to maintain in, and if other people are interested in discussing it.
01:55:12 [Florian]
kmag: I think it should indeed be a separate spec
01:56:25 [Florian]
kmag: and I believe that Andrew Swan would be willing to maintain it.
01:57:22 [Florian]
Florian: sounds good to me. I can brief him on how to be an Editor.
01:57:59 [Florian]
Florian: one thing being that he should only accept pull requests from members of the CG for IP reasons.
01:58:33 [Florian]
kmag: He isn't a member of the CG himself. We'll look into Mozilla's process for having him join.
01:58:45 [Florian]
Florian: Well, at least Mozilla is a member.
02:00:18 [Florian]
Florian: Let's record a tentative resolution about getting the draft started, with an editor from Mozilla, and we can see later if he joins or if someone else picks it up
02:00:22 [Florian]
kmag: sure
02:00:39 [Florian]
Andy: OK
02:01:37 [Florian]
RESOLUTION: Start a new separate draft for Native Messaging, with an editor from Mozilla
02:02:16 [Florian]
kmag: One thing that will need to be in the main draft rather than the native messaging draft is how to deal with Ids and registration
02:02:19 [Florian]
Florian: why?
02:02:36 [Florian]
kmag: because it affects more than just native messaging.
02:03:40 [Florian]
Florian: We can record an issue in the Native Messaging draft saying that it is needed, but should be defined elsewhere.
02:03:46 [Florian]
kmag: makes sense.
02:03:57 [Florian]
Topic: Next meeting
02:04:38 [Florian]
Florian: 2 weeks from now, same time same day of the week. Would that work? Hopefully that gives a long enough notice that interested people can join.
02:04:45 [Florian]
Andy: works for me.
02:04:51 [Florian]
kmag: works for me.
02:05:06 [Florian]
Florian: Anything else you want to talk about today?
02:05:25 [Florian]
kmag: There would be if we had more people on the call, but we don't.
02:05:43 [Florian]
Florian: Meeting adjourned then.
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