Blockchain Workshop Position Statement

Author: Ryan Shea (Blockstack Labs)

About the Author

Ryan Shea is Co-founder of Blockstack Labs & co-creator of Blockstack, an application stack for decentralized, server-less apps secured by the blockchain.

Onename, a consumer identity app built on top of Blockstack, was one of the earliest non-financial blockchain applications and remains the largest by transaction volume.

Areas of Interest

Blockstack Labs has produced and has been iterating on a variety of protocols in the areas of cryptography, identity, and blockchain technology, and has been collaborating with other individuals and organizations (including Consensys and Microsoft ƒin order to move them closer to becoming widely accepted standards.

We are interested in collaborating with others on developing standards and have published protocols in the following areas:

To date we've worked with the following standards, either by (a) incorporating them in their original form, (b) extending them or (c) by using them as inspiration for our own protocols:

We are also interested in the following areas:

Workshop Goals

Our goals for the workshop are to: