Blockchain Workshop Position Statement

Author: Denis Nazarov (Mediachain)


Denis Nazarov ( is a Project Lead at Mediachain, an open, universal media library.

Mediachain provides a protocol stack for collaborating on information about creative works.

Mediachain offers:

The project is open source under the MIT License.


Connecting creators and audiences directly through media in the browser: Automatic image attribution via perceptual search and a blockchain-based metadata library


Every day billions of images are shared online, but they quickly lose connection to their creator or any information about them when reposted. As a result, creators get no credit and have no idea where their content is being used. Likewise, audiences cannot express gratitude, learn about what they're looking at, or find out who made it because the image has been severed from its origin


Image recognition built in to the browser will allow an image to be automatically resolved to related metadata. This metadata is retrieved from a decentralized, blockchain-based metadata repository.

Imagine if a user could right-click any image in their browser, and know who made it instantly. They would be able to connect with them, send them a micro-payment, see where else this image was used online, see more of their works, etc. A user would also be able to let the creator know where they found the image, giving the creator more insight about where their works are being used online.

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