Attribution, Licensing and Archival of the Cultural Commons

Authors: Trent McConaghy (Ascribe / BigchainDB)

Here’s the problems I want to fix:

I think the pieces of the solution include:

I believe that discussions in the W3C can help, in particular for IP standards, data formats, media archival, and media discovery; such that browsers have direct support for these.

Workshop Questions

Q: Your background in blockchain or Web technologies?

Q: What topic you would like to lead discussion on, including concrete ideas on how this topic relates directly to the Web or browser-facing features?

I believe I can help wrt IP standards, data formats, media archival, and media discovery. Each of these could have direct support via a browser, which would be a win for creators, connectors, and collectors alike. I’d be fine if we just covered just a subset this time around.

Q: Links to related supporting resources?

Q: Any other topics you think the workshop should cover in order to be effective

Just the list above (IP standards etc).

Q: A focus on technical issues, not process or platform preference. We plan to talk about the what, not the how.

Sounds great!