Blockchain Workshop Position Statement

Author: Nitin Gaur (IBM Blockchain Labs)

Topic Proposal:

Considering blockchain for Enterprise?

Blockchain technology can be used to record virtually anything of value - your identity, a will, a deed, or almost any type of secure transfer of information. But in many respects, Blockchain is lacking some critical capabilities to make it ready for widescale adoption by business. This session on IBM Blockchain attempts to uncover the promise of blockchain for enterprise, which goes beyond its role as an industry disruptor. It also has tremendous potential to improve existing business processes, as well as to improve efficiencies in existing transaction systems, leading to exponential cost saving for the enterprise and the end consumer. Disintermediation and disruption is the investment magnet for blockchain-related ideas, riding on the success of the business and underpinned by peer-to-peer and crowdsourcing models Blockchain technology promises a similar explosion in trade, ownership, and trust, as the tenets of both technologies rely on principles of distributed governance and rules established for a time-tested protocol. Focus on Enterprise adoption including KYC, AML, Logging, audit and standardized protocol/technology stack including Hyperledger and other competing frameworks.

My Bio:

Nitin Gaur, currently serves as Director of IBM Blockchain Labs - serving to device industry standards, use cases and working towards making blockchain for enterprise a reality. Prior to this role he was working in capacity of CTO, IBM Mobile Payments and Enterprise Mobile Solutions. Nitin lead the Application Infrastructure Portfolio of IBM Middleware before taking on MobileFirst Solution portfolio. In his 16 years with IBM he has achieved various industry-recognized certifications. As a technical leader Nitin has been involved in many enterprise project implementations and technical paper presentations at internal and external conferences . The range of the topics presented by him span from software architectures to improvement of management processes. Nitin, has been focused on staying close to customer and providing IBM clients with Solution to realize Digital Strategy with IBM Bluemix and IBM MobileFirst Portfolio.

Nitin holds MS in Management Information systems and MBA in Finance from University of Maryland.