Blockchain Workshop Position Statement

Author: Gladis Filchtiner (Mobile Technology Team)

I'm Gladis Filchtiner, a Team Member at Mobile Technology Team. I'm a UI/UX Designer and Content Developer. The Company is a provider of customized iPhone/Android solutions to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer vertical markets.

Topical Idea for Workshop Development:

Create an asset repository for use cases of digital currency projects with the objective of illuminating:

  1. what would be optimal use cases of blockchains technologies;
  2. the business and technological ecosystems required to further the development and deployment of such technologies;
  3. identify policies and technical safeguards with respect to “smart-contracts” (general purpose programs that autonomously intermediate transactions) regarding their implementation, as well as, the possible emergence of “criminal smart-contracts” (in the virtual world like theft of cryptographic keys and theft/leakage of confidential information, to street-level crime, such as personal and property injury, terrorism, etc).

The ultimate goal would be the creation of a “repository clearinghouse" of curated information on issues related to digital currency projects and their related ecosystems.