Blockchain Workshop Position Statement

Author: Juan Benet (IPFS Project)

Your background in blockchain or Web technologies

I am the leader of the IPFS Project, which involves many important Web and Blockchain-related protocols. IPFS is next generation distributed web technology, and it is in heavy use by many blockchain applications. To find out more about IPFS and its relationship to blockchains, watch this talk:

Though not a blockchain itself, IPFS is highly relevant to Blockchains. It is used by blockchains and blockchain applications, and its subprotocols (libp2p, multihash, IPLD) can be extremely useful for blockchain standardization.

I am also the inventor of the Filecoin protocol, which is a blockchain storage currency.

I am a participant in the recent WebOfTrust effort, which is producing lots of work related to identity -both standards and technology. This effort involves significant work in how to abstract across different blockchains and similar systems (e.g. store identity, or make identity claims on both bitcoin and ethereum).

I am a developer in the js-ipfs effort, which is producing technology for blockchain applications to work directly in browsers.

What topic you would like to lead discussion on, including concrete ideas on how this topic relates directly to the Web or browser-facing features

Links to related supporting resources

Any other topics you think the workshop should cover in order to be effective