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present+ Dave_Raggett
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[ so far: Chao_Ma, Claes_Nilsson, Hoan_Quoc, Katsuyoshi_Naka, Kazuaki_Nimura, Michael_Koster, Takuki_Kamiya ]
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scribenick: dsr
13:06:47 [dsr]
chair: Johannes
13:07:02 [kaz]
-> agenda
13:07:12 [dsr]
meeting: APIs and Protocols Task Force
13:07:14 [Claes]
present+ Claes_Nilsson
13:07:44 [dsr]
Johannes introduces the agenda.
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13:08:46 [kaz]
13:09:18 [dsr]
Topic: Introductions
13:09:40 [dsr]
Johannes invites the new members to introduce themselves.
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13:10:48 [kaz]
chao_ma: from CETC
13:11:01 [dsr]
Chao Ma: I am new and from the CETC in China. I have a few colleagues who should be able to join on future calls. I have experience with sensor networks and am very interested in thing descriptions for interoperability.
13:11:16 [kaz]
s/Chao Ma:/Chao_Ma:/
13:11:29 [kaz]
s/chao_ma: from CETC//
13:12:30 [dsr]
Topic: Finalization of the AP chapter in the tech landscape document
13:12:41 [dsr]
13:13:10 [dsr]
This document is split into several chapters which will be provided by the different task forces.
13:13:54 [dsr]
Some of these are currently in different GitHub documents, but we plan to merge them into the main document.
13:14:40 [dsr]
The IETF Core WG have already provided some info on REST etc. We’re missing material on Web Sockets and a few other areas.
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13:15:35 [kaz]
present+ Dan_Romascanu
13:15:35 [dsr]
Johannes: I’ve chatted with the inventors of the telehash protocol and hope to get them to a future call
13:16:09 [kaz]
johannes: AMQP?
13:16:17 [kaz]
dsr: can find somebody
13:16:30 [kaz]
... we can update the document
13:16:53 [kaz]
johannes: we have several basic bullet points and can update the description later
13:16:53 [dsr]
Regarding STOMP, we may drop that it it isn’t deemed relevant.
13:18:10 [dsr]
We need content for AMQP.
13:18:22 [dsr]
Johannes asks Dave if he has some contacts for that?
13:18:39 [dsr]
Dave: I could dig into that, but could provide some initial text myself.
13:19:03 [dsr]
Johannes: I want to drop entries with no text to them.
13:19:51 [dsr]
Dave: it would be better to leave them in with “to be provided” to show that we are aware of a technology and looking for input.
13:19:56 [dsr]
Johannes: ok
13:20:19 [dsr]
I still need to copy in the ECHONET contribution.
13:20:31 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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13:20:52 [dsr]
Regarding the scripting APIs, we have some contributions already.
13:21:08 [dsr]
Johannes asks Kaz in respect to the geolocation API
13:21:14 [dsr]
Kaz: working on it
13:21:31 [dsr]
ditto for vehicle API
13:22:23 [dsr]
Kaz has asked Mozilla Japan to provide content for the Physical API
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13:23:02 [dsr]
Johannes has reached out to the johnyfive project maintainers for their contribution,
13:24:08 [dsr]
We should provide something that describes the differences in API styles across node.js, Arduino, micropython, nodemcu etc.
13:25:11 [kaz]
s/geolocation API/geolocation, NFC and Bluetooth/
13:25:26 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz
13:25:35 [dsr]
Johannes thanks everyone who has contributed or plans to contribute.
13:25:56 [jhund]
13:26:15 [dsr]
Topic: WG charter items
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13:27:47 [kaz]
-> WG items
13:27:50 [dape]
13:28:58 [kaz]
present+ Nan_Wang
13:30:24 [dsr]
Johannes explains the bullet point on security model and policies.
13:30:41 [Yingying]
present+ Jason_Lv
13:31:02 [dsr]
and likewise for the earlier bullet point on security handling
13:31:40 [dsr]
We want to define an abstraction that covers existing frameworks where practical.
13:35:12 [dsr]
Dave: one concern is that the scope may be too broad and this will create problems for companies to review their patent portfolio and the IPR commitments for participating in the working group.
13:35:17 [kaz]
present+ Zice_Xiong
13:36:06 [dsr]
Johannes asks for help with how to refer to work items.
13:36:46 [dsr]
Dave explains that Recommendation track work items vs Notes for guidelines and primers
13:37:07 [kaz]
13:38:57 [dsr]
Dave: bullet points may not be sufficient, as we need to provide enough information to be completely sure what is intended.
13:39:04 [kaz]
ack k
13:40:06 [dsr]
Kaz: the normative sections in W3C specs are covered by the patent policy. However the patent policy doesn’t constrain informative sections within specs.
13:42:33 [dsr]
Johannes: we had a deadline for initial comments of last Friday. Is anyone aware of something for us to discuss now?
13:47:04 [kaz]
[ fyi, there is a template HTML for daraft charters: ]
13:47:05 [kaz]
13:47:06 [dsr]
Dave: charters are normally prepared by the W3C Staff with input from the groups. We need to decide whether the current descriptions are ready for handing over to the staff to create a formal draft charter.
13:47:12 [kaz]
ack k
13:48:20 [dsr]
Kaz: we should use the new HTML5 charter template
13:48:45 [dsr]
Dave: yes, I started with that last year and we can indeed use it.
13:49:16 [dsr]
Kaz: Dave, Yingying and I can work on that.
13:49:40 [dsr]
Johannes: I will report back to Joerg.
13:49:45 [dsr]
Topic: Topics / Open day contributions for next Face2Face
13:50:09 [dsr]
Johannes: the next F2F is in Montreal on 11-13 April with Monday 11th as an open day.
13:50:15 [kaz]
13:50:40 [dsr]
We would like to invite people from outside the IG to present in the open day.
13:52:04 [dsr]
Kaz: I was wondering about the preparation day which was very useful for previous F2Fs
13:52:52 [dsr]
Dave: I have an action on that. I am reaching out to our host, but it is possible that we will need to find a different room, perhaps in a hotel.
13:53:40 [dsr]
Johannes: we’re looking for topics for the open day and themes for the plugfest.
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13:55:07 [jhund]
13:55:21 [kaz]
s/http/-> http/
13:55:29 [dsr]
Link to the document used for the last plugfest
13:55:43 [kaz]
s/html/html Best Practice document/
13:56:48 [kaz]
13:57:58 [dsr]
The aim is to have a single document covering all aspects for the next plugfest.
13:58:41 [dsr]
Johannes invites suggestions for what we should cover for Montreal.
14:01:01 [dsr]
Dave asks for contacts in the Montreal area for people we can invite to the open day.
14:02:08 [dsr]
Johannes: we’re looking for topics for the AP task force session in the Montreal F2F, people interested in giving talks in the open day or participating in the plugfest.
14:03:46 [dsr]
I encourage everyone to review and contribute to the TF-AP chapter of the landscape survey so that it is ready for external review.
14:04:14 [dsr]
If you have any comments regarding the charter work items, please provide them as soon as possible.
14:04:49 [dsr]
This especially includes addressing any concerns over scope in relation to IPR.
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present+ Peiyun_Liu
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14:06:42 [dsr]
Our next TF-AP meeting is in two weeks time.
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14:07:23 [kaz]
tx, jhund!
14:10:27 [kaz]
present+ Chao_Ma, Hoan_QUoc, Katsuyoshi_Naka, Kazuaki_Nimura, Michael_Koster, Takuki_Kamiya
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14:10:53 [kaz]
14:10:54 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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14:11:57 [dsr]
okay, we can now circulate the link, or should we leave that to Johannes?
14:12:25 [kaz]
rrsagent, stop