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logging to
16:12:22 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda: this
16:12:23 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ review actions, and timelines
16:12:25 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ with michael - do we publish supporting documents ?
16:12:26 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ Iso update (Andy Heath)
16:12:28 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ What have we missed for issues page,Emma, globish etc
16:12:29 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ Tables
16:12:31 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ kurts email
16:12:32 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ Next ftf
16:12:34 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ be done
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present+ Rich_Schwerdtfeger
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present+ Janina
17:01:43 [Lisa_Seeman]
scribe: JohnRochford
17:03:17 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: We have 3 thing I would like to do today.
17:03:51 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: 1) Dependent docs. Need stable URIs.
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17:04:44 [JohnRochford]
2) ISO issue Andy wants to raise.
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17:05:10 [Lisa_Seeman]
kurts email
17:05:12 [JohnRochford]
3) Kurt's email
17:05:34 [Lisa_Seeman]
next item
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17:06:37 [JohnRochford]
Michael: Lots of links to Wiki and raw git. We can't use raw git
17:07:09 [JohnRochford]
Michael: We need to publish the issue papers alongside the gap analyses
17:07:31 [JohnRochford]
Michael: Option: Remove all refs to raw git and Wiki
17:08:14 [JohnRochford]
Michael: These are structural issues.
17:08:17 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:08:49 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: The issue papers and the techniques docs are all mature.
17:09:38 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: I think the issue papers should be published as working drafts.
17:09:48 [Mike_Pluke]
Can't get audio connection via Webex, keep getting the spinning wheel and "Connecting". Tried Chrome and Internet Explorer!
17:10:16 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:10:59 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: We could publish a 2nd working draft of the user-research module
17:11:29 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:11:39 [EA]
I am having the same problem
17:12:20 [EA]
Sorry Webex not wanting to connect despite closing and trying again. Watching on this channel
17:12:32 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:12:33 [JohnRochford]
Michael: Publishing these docs will add at least 2 to 3 weeks to the timeline
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17:13:27 [Lisa_Seeman] and
17:13:39 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: It's worth waiting "a little bit"
17:14:35 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Does anyone want to take out the references so we can publish this week?
17:16:18 [JohnRochford]
Rich: Does 3 weeks hurt us?
17:16:35 [Lisa_Seeman]
call for conciseness to take to first working draft and
17:16:38 [JohnRochford]
Michael: No
17:16:57 [Lisa_Seeman]
and all the dependent documents
17:17:35 [Lisa_Seeman]
all the issue papers
17:17:43 [Mike_Pluke]
17:17:48 [JohnRochford]
17:17:51 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:17:55 [KurtM]
17:18:09 [ddahl]
17:18:14 [EA]
17:18:39 [MichaelC]
17:18:54 [janina]
17:19:32 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:19:50 [Lisa_Seeman]
action: lisa to ask the list if there are any objections
17:19:50 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-154 - Ask the list if there are any objections [on Lisa Seeman - due 2016-02-29].
17:20:32 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: John Kirkwood is a new member.
17:20:35 [Lisa_Seeman]
next item
17:21:39 [JohnRochford]
John K: Internet realm since 1996, on W3C many years ago, have a cognitive disability myself (since 2002), want to make the world better for people w/ CD
17:21:56 [Lisa_Seeman]
welcome John! delighted to have you
17:22:44 [Lisa_Seeman]
iso sc35
17:22:51 [Lisa_Seeman]
user needs
17:23:07 [Lisa_Seeman]
(used to be 2938)
17:23:08 [JohnRochford]
KurtM: Worked with a couple of W3C TF groups before; I work on a number of accessibility standards, including SC35
17:23:22 [Lisa_Seeman]
john this is andy heath
17:23:33 [JohnRochford]
17:23:50 [Lisa_Seeman]
no problem :)
17:24:21 [JohnRochford]
Andy: SC35 has taken over the work, and the needs have expanded tremendously
17:26:04 [JohnRochford]
Andy: A good thing to do would be to have you (COGA TF) go through a couple of user-needs docs
17:27:33 [JohnRochford]
Andy: We should capture as many user needs as we can for both our groups
17:29:30 [JohnRochford]
Andy: Will send the docs, which are not online
17:30:28 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Andy, will you write an email about that?
17:30:35 [JohnRochford]
Andy: Yes.
17:31:06 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:31:43 [JohnRochford]
Mike: Are these updates to the 2009 docs?
17:31:47 [JohnRochford]
Andy: Yes.
17:32:31 [JohnRochford]
Andy: I'm working outside SC35 in the commercial space
17:33:33 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Harmonization perhaps should be our goal
17:34:27 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: In Israel, law is based upon WCAG with one or 2 exceptions
17:35:38 [KurtM]
Lost audio
17:36:07 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Can we do something similar for COGA, in which every need we come up with is included?
17:36:13 [JohnRochford]
Andy: Yes.
17:36:25 [EA]
Sadly I have lost sound again but I wanted to ask about harmonisation and BS 8878 news to get the broader picture?
17:36:29 [KurtM]
Dialed in on phone
17:36:53 [JohnRochford]
q+ for EA
17:37:00 [Lisa_Seeman]
great now i lost audio
17:37:14 [JohnRochford]
I have lost audio
17:37:35 [Kirkwood]
lost audio, too
17:38:03 [andy]
mine too
17:38:13 [janina]
Looks like we lost Lisa!
17:38:13 [Mike_Pluke]
That makes all of us?
17:38:19 [janina]
Ah, here she is!
17:38:49 [Lisa_Seeman]
we are weighting for people to call in
17:39:15 [Lisa_Seeman]
john is back
17:39:28 [Kirkwood]
17:39:48 [janina]
present+ Janina
17:40:15 [andy]
tried calling in on audio again but no joy - should I leave the webex and start it again ?
17:40:21 [Lisa_Seeman]
kurt, John R, John k,
17:40:22 [janina]
Yes, Andy
17:40:23 [ddahl]
i'm back
17:40:39 [Lisa_Seeman]
you should just be able to conct via the phone or skype
17:40:51 [Lisa_Seeman]
if not leave and rejoin
17:41:03 [janina]
\Or, you can
17:41:06 [JohnRochford]
lost audio again
17:41:18 [KurtM]
Kurt agrees with MichaelC
17:41:27 [Lisa_Seeman]
or webex can call you
17:42:02 [andy]
still no joy with audio
17:42:10 [janina]
Andy, do you have sip?
17:42:22 [Lisa_Seeman]
maybe login again
17:43:15 [Lisa_Seeman]
does anyone have a problem with the aim of harmanisation
17:44:02 [EA]
No problem with harmonisation just one with technology!
17:44:03 [Rich]
17:44:25 [JohnRochford]
+1 to harmonization
17:45:07 [JohnRochford]
-1 to no audio
17:45:11 [andy]
my audio just won’t connect now
17:45:25 [Lisa_Seeman]
have you asked webex to call you
17:45:55 [andy]
don’t have a landline - can it work to cellphone ?
17:46:05 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:46:28 [Lisa_Seeman]
ea can you hear me?
17:47:07 [EA]
No sorry - I can access via Skype if necessary
17:47:20 [Lisa_Seeman]
or ask webex to call you
17:48:16 [Lisa_Seeman]
We will revisit this is two or three weeks
17:48:17 [JohnRochford]
I'm trying with WebEx, but it just asked me to pass a CAPTCHA, which I cannot see.
17:48:40 [JohnRochford]
No audio alternative
17:48:57 [Lisa_Seeman]
EA can you send us an email
17:49:36 [JohnRochford]
I give up. I look forward to talking with and hearing you next week.
17:49:53 [Lisa_Seeman]
john text me your phone number
17:49:59 [Lisa_Seeman]
we will try and call you in
17:50:35 [JohnRochford]
I can't do that, Lisa, but I appreciate the offer.
17:50:55 [KurtM]
Scribe now Kurt
17:50:59 [Lisa_Seeman]
scribe: kurtM
17:51:16 [KurtM]
resume discussion on harmonizing user needs
17:55:01 [KurtM]
Doc EA has mentions cognitive impairments, but is broader than cognitive, includes process for accessibility
17:56:26 [KurtM]
Lisa question - should TF keep list of docs to be considered for Harmonization?
17:57:54 [KurtM]
MichaelC - Judy prefers to be involved in harmonization efforts from a WAI perspective
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17:59:53 [KurtM]
Lisa will obtain docs from Andy, distribute to group, all docs need to remain private
18:00:45 [KurtM]
Lisa wants to finish first working draft prior to harmonization efforts
18:01:13 [KurtM]
Target 2nd working draft for incorporating harmonization bits
18:03:28 [KurtM]
Lisa will wrap up minutes
18:03:41 [KurtM]
Thanks Lisa, some day I'll know how to do that
18:03:45 [Lisa_Seeman]
rrsagent, make logs public
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rrsagent, create minutes
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I have made the request to generate Lisa_Seeman
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zakim, please part
18:04:34 [Zakim]
leaving. As of this point the attendees have been janina, Rich_Schwerdtfeger
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rrsagent, create minutes
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